QC mayor vetoes ‘dash cam’ ordinance



Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista has vetoed a proposed ordinance requiring the installation of dashboard cameras in marked police vehicles.

Bautista said he rejected the ordinance “on the ground that it violated the rule which provides that all funding requirements should pass through the budgeting process.”

Under the ordinance, funding for the dashboard cameras “shall be taken from any available funds of the city, otherwise unappropriated, or from the grants and subsidy account of the Office of the Mayor.”

“The authority granted to the chief executive to procure such equipment through negotiation, if such is permissible, can also be validly done in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 9184 otherwise known as the Government Procurement Reform Act” which requires public bidding as a preferred mode of award, the mayor said.

He added that the proposed ordinance also “failed to provide the rules in the appreciation of evidence gathered by these devices.”

As provided under the Rules on Electronic Evidence, “Audio, photographic and video evidence of events, acts or transactions shall be admissible provided it shall be shown, presented or displayed to the court and shall be identified, explained or authenticated by the person who made the recording or by some other person competent to testify thereof.”

The mayor said the proposed measure also did not comply with the provisions of Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and does not provide the prescribed minimum standard or specifications for the procurement or installation of dashboard cameras.

The proposed ordinance, principally authored by Councilor Gian Carlo Sotto, underscores the need to equip law enforcers with state-of-the-art monitoring devices to beef up the city’s anti-crime drive.


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  1. Corruption… It’s not YOUR money sir.. It’s the CITY’s money. It is NEVER YOURS. the CITY means the people in the city.