QC minority leadership squabble


A squabble for the minority leadership of the Quezon City Council is brewing after the current minority floor leader Eufemio Lagumbay of third district was ousted while he was on leave.

Lagumbay said he had an authority to travel.

He pointed out that the council session “instead of tackling the main agenda on continuing matters left before the break engaged on a squabbling for the minority leadership” during his absence.

Installed minority floor leader was Councilor Franz Pumaren of the same district.

“They should have waited for me to return and not take up the issue without me around,” Lagumbay told the Times adding that the council rules or procedures must be followed always by his colleagues.

Other minority block members, meanwhile, explained that they had to install Pumaren because they learned of the majority bloc’s plan to seize three important committees from them, the energy, games and amusement and markets.

The election issue must be over by now. The minority decides on its own interest. But the majority bloc also wanted to dip its hands on the minority bloc’s affairs, namely the appointment of (minority) committee chairmanship, said one neophyte councilor.

Lagumbay said he will invoke the rules and procedures in today’s session and if he finds he no longer has the required number of supporters, then he will yield in the proper way.

The Minority Leader enjoys a new office, staff and has automatic membership in every committee of the council.

Observers say that aside from being money-wise, the minority leader also has a say in every controversial issue or measure.

The city council has an additional 12 new councilors as members, bringing the total number to 36 councilors from the former 24-member council, excluding two honorary members representing as the Barangay Chairman’s League president and SK.

Of the 36 councilors, 12 had opted to be members of the minority block besides Pumaren and Lagumbay.

These include Councilors Jessica Daza of district four the first assistant minority leader, Councilor Allan Francisco of district five, the second assistant minority leader, members Councilors Jaime Borres of district three, Jose Mario de Leon of district three; Allan Benedict Reyes of district three; Donato Matias, of district six, Alexis Herrera of district one Marvin Rillo and Bayani Hipol of district four, and Ramon Medalla of district two. Newly elected Karl Edgar Castelo of district five has reportedly joined the group.


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