QC opens second bite center


Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has opened a satellite animal bite treatment center in Barangay Batasan to boost the city’s campaign against rabies.

There are now two animal bite facilities maintained by the city government. The other bite center is located right inside the City Hall

The Batasan center provides at least four free post-exposure treatments to those bitten by animals.

The city plans to set up an animal bite center at the QC General Hospital and at the Novaliches District Hospital.

While rabies may not be seasonal, city veterinarian Maria Ana Cabel said more animal bites are expected during summer.

People who suffered animal bites should immediately wash the wound with soap and water and then apply antiseptic. They should proceed to an animal bite center for anti-rabies shots.

The animal should be observed for 14 days. If it dies within that period, the dog maybe rabid, Cabel said.


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