QC police stop ‘door-to-door’ drug testing


QUEZON City police halted on Thursday its random door-to-door drug testing in Payatas after it drew flak from the public.

Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, QCPD director, said that instead police in the district would assign help desks and conduct free drug tests in barangay halls.

Eleazar reiterated that the people who underwent the drug tests were not forced.

“I don’t see any problem if it was done voluntarily, but we will have an issue if coercion is involved.” Eleazar said.

Eleazar said Quezon City police have not broken any law. He said that police would not have any problems if residents would refuse them entry into their homes for random drug tests.

Eleazar said that the results of the drug tests in Payatas were not out yet but added that the residents who would test “positive” would not be sanctioned but only “recommended for further examination”.

Before resuming its door-to-door drug testing, QCPD will coordinate first with local government units and agencies regarding the matter. RJ CARBONELL








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