QC regulates children riding on motorcycles


The Quezon City government is now enforcing an ordinance prohibiting motorcycle riders from transporting on the city’s roads a child back rider unless allowable under the new measure.

Ordinance SP-2395, S-2015, which was approved by Mayor Herbert Bautista on April 15, seeks to ensure the safety of every child back rider on motorcycles, by providing that young passengers must be wearing a standard protective helmet, can rest his/her feet on the footrest of the motorcycle, can hold on and embrace the waist of the motorcycle driver, and is mentally capable appreciating the need to hold on to the rider-driver.

The measure points out that small children should be discouraged from riding on motorcycles if this would be very dangerous for them.

According to Councilor Melencio “Bobby” Castelo, Jr., principal author of the ordinance, a motorcycle ride is a relatively unsafe mode of transportation for riders, most especially for small children.

He cited a study conducted by Safe Kids Philippines, a non-government organization working to prevent child injuries, that said at least 35,000 Filipino children are victims of road accidents each year, most of which are caused by motorcycle mishaps.

Castelo said a small child can hardly reach the motorcycle pegs and has short arms that cannot wrap the waist of the driver, resulting in an unsafe and uncomfortable ride.

To prevent the occurrence of road accidents involving children, the city must regulate the transporting of children by motorcycle.

Any person who will be found violating the ordinance will be fined P1,000 for the offense, P2,000 for the second offense and P5,000 for the third and succeeding offenses.


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  1. I keep complaining in my subdivision that not only are children on the back of motorcycles they are also encouraged by their parents to actually ride them. My filipina wife says i shouldnt say anything. We argue about things like this as i say if that child hits another child its partlyt our fault as we saw that child doing wrong & did nothing, she sees it the complete opposite that its not our business. I always tell her thats partly the reason the philippines is such a shambles of a country as none of you care what others do until it affects someone you know or love or care about. It is only the foreigners in my subdivision who complain of these things.
    & as i end up saying well when things go wrong you filipinas deserve what you get as you woint do anything about it until it affects you.