• QC restricts well drilling


    Quezon City residents were reminded by the city government that digging water sources, which they may be tempted to do owing to the lingering effect of El Niño and the scorching summer weather, is prohibited without a permit. Ordinance SP-1682, series of 2006, as amended by Ordinance No. SP-2016, series of 2010, “Regulating the use of groundwater in Quezon City” covers all types of proposed or existing projects that involve drilling or excavation of wells, whether for residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational purposes, except for places used exclusively for religious purposes. Drilling or excavation of wells is only permitted in areas which are not served by the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage System (MWSS) or any of its concessionaires – Manila Water Corporation (MWC) and Maynilad. “Unregulated digging of wells can affect the city’s groundwater supply and cause sinkholes,” warns City Administrator Aldrin Cuña. Violators face the penalties ranging from P5,000 and/ or 3-months imprisonment to P5,000 and one-year imprisonment.


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