• QC teachers slam non-release of allowances


    THOUSANDS of Quezon City Public School Teachers Association (QCPSTA) members on Wednesday rallied in front of the Quezon City Hall to press for the immediate release of their local allowances. QCPSTA President Dr. Pricilla Ampuan said “with the transfer of our local allowance from the administration of the Land Bank of the Philippines, the release was stopped. We are very much disappointed with the city government of Quezon City for continuously ignoring our demands for the immediate release of the local allowance of the public school teachers.” She said that in June this year, the local allowance intended for all public school teachers of Quezon City was transferred from the management of the Land Bank of the Philippines to the private firm BPI Globe Banko which requires the teachers to buy a Globe simcard and purchase the network’s load in order for them to make use of the system.


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