Questionable timing

 Junjun Binay

Junjun Binay

Ombudsman orders Mayor Binay’s dismissal days before election season starts

The Binay camp questioned the Ombudsman’s decision dismissing Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay , saying the timing was suspicious since the filing of certificates of candidacy starts next week.

Lawyer Claro Certeza, the mayor’s counsel, said the Ombudsman’s order was an indirect way of attacking and destroying the credibility of the Binay familys.

Makati City Rep. Mar-Len Abigail Binay, the mayor’s sister, said they already saw this coming and they would not be surprised if their father would be the next target.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales announced the order to dismiss the suspended mayor in connection with a complaint over the allegedly anomalous Makati City Hall Building II project in an ambush interview with reporters on Friday.

The order is immediately executory but Binay may appeal the Ombudsman’s decision.
Certeza, and Rep. Binay, who is also a lawyer, said they will appeal the decision.

The criminal aspect of the complaint is still under preliminary investigation.

The case stemmed from a plunder complaint filed by Renato Bondal and Nicolas Enciso with the Office of the Ombudsman.

Ombudsman investigators later filed a complaint accusing Vice President Binay, Mayor Binay and 22 others with malversation, falsification, graft and violation of the Government Procurement Reform Act.

Morales said Mayor Binay will be dismissed for grave misconduct and dishonesty, as there were “irregularities in the services and contract for the construction in several phases of the parking building.”

The Ombudsman also recommended that the 38-year-old son of Vice President Jejomar
Binay be prohibited from serving in any government position.

“We have promulgated our resolution. I ordered the dismissal of Mayor Binay for grave misconduct and dishonesty. What goes with it is perpetual disqualification from holding public office, forfeiture of retirement benefits,” Morales said.

She said it is “up to the authorities” if they will allow Binay to file his certificate of candidacy (COC) for the 2016 elections.

“It’s up to the authorities if he files a COC and still be honored, that’s no longer my concern,” Morales added.

The mayor was accused of involvement in the allegedly anomalous bidding and construction of the P2.28-billion Makati City Hall Building 2 that was undertaken from 2007 to 2013.

Also ordered dismissed from government service were Binay’s co-respondents: Marjorie de Veyra, Pio Kenneth Dasal, Lorenza Amores, Virginia Hernandez, Line dela Peña, Mario Badillo, Leonila Querijero, Raydes Pestaño, Nelia Barlis, Cecilio Lim 3rd, Arnel Cadangan, Emerito Magat, Connie Consulta, Ulysses Orienza, Giovanni Condes, Manolito Uyaco, Gerardo San Gabriel, Eleno Mendoza Jr. and Rodel Nayve.

A statement released by the Office of the Ombudsman said “the strong evidence presented during administrative adjudication remained unrebutted.”

His father’s successor
The younger Binay became Makati City mayor in 2010, succeeding his father who lorded over Makati since 1986.

The younger Binay was groomed by his father to succeed him in politics. Junjun started as chairman of his village’s Sangguniang Kabataan (SK or Youth Council) and became Makati’s SK federation president and ex-officio member of the city council from 1992 to 2001. He went on to become a city councilor and served three consecutive terms.

In 2010, he ran for mayor as his father sought the vice presidency. Rep. Binay said her brother was supposed to seek reelection in 2016.

The mayor was initially suspended in March in connection with the allegedly anomalous construction of Makati City Hall Building 2 but managed to get a temporary restraining order to stop his suspension.

The Ombudsman issued a second suspension order against Binay in connection with another case involving the construction of the Makati Science High School building. After holding out for a few days in June, the mayor decided to heed the order and was replaced by Vice Mayor Romulo Peña Jr.

Peña was the running mate of former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado in the 2010 elections.
Mercado, a former ally of the Binays, was one of the whistle-blowers in the alleged anomalies involving the Binay family.

Peña refused to comment on the development, saying he wants to read the resolution first.
Malacañang advised Mayor Binay to abide by the dismissal order.

“We respect the decision of the Office of the Ombudsman, being an independent office from the executive. In undertaking its constitutionally-mandated role, it is incumbent on all parties to abide by the decision and to avail of the legal remedies provided under law,” Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said.

Substitute candidate
Rep. Abigail Binay said should her brother be barred from running in next year’s elections, she will file her candidacy for mayor.

“In a worst case scenario…tatakbo ako [I will run]. If my brother cannot run, I most probably have to run for mayor. I don’t want to run [in 2016]. I don’t want to run for senator, I don’t want to run for Vice President…di ho ako nagpepresinta kasi may isa pang term ang kapatid ko pero kung kinailangan na tumakbo ako dahil hindi puwede ang kapatid ko [I am not presenting myself because my brother can still run for one more term, but if the circumstances call for it, I will be forced to run],”she told reporters.

Binay said since the deadline for the substitution of candidates is on December 10, her brother could still join the race if they get a favorable decision on their appeal.

The Vice President Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, also assailed the Ombudsman’s decision.

“Budget Secretary [Florencio] Abad who is allied with the Liberal Party was also accused of involvement in the illegal disbursement of P72 billion in DAP [Disbursement Acceleration Program] funds yet he was not suspended while undergoing preliminary investigation.

“But Mayor Binay who is from the opposition was immediately suspended and is now being kicked out of service even if the [Court of Appelas] had issued an injunction and even if the Supreme Court is still deliberating on the issue. The Ombudsman is busted.

They’re trying to rush the order because the filing of COCs will start on Monday. The mayor has not even received a copy of the order. It’s a dismissal by press release,” Salgado’s statement said in Filipino.

With Catherine S. Valente, Michael Joe T. DeLizo and Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. Binay the greediest mayor of makati. ibalik mo ang lupa sa comembo na kinamkam mo. ilabas mo si limlinglam kung buhay pa sya. ibalik mo pera ng makati para sa maraming mahihirap sa makati. Walang forever sa corrupt na tulad ni binay at family

  2. rene catalasan on

    Questionable timing!! Who cares? as long as justice is served for the common good of all Filipinos, except of course… for those corrupt public officials.

  3. I dont understand why the defenders of Binay , and the press continue to complain about the firing of Binays son. What difference that it makes if the election is coming. I think politicians that are corrupt, and are crooks should be taken out as soon as possible regardless of timing. Continue your good work Madame Conchita Carpio-Morales you are one of the best filipinos
    Regarding Bongbong Marcos candidacy I hope filipinos will not be fooled of a devil in sheeps clothing. He does not qualify to be one of the leaders of our country. He will do what his parents has done. Kong ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga. Remember Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos nuber one bullshit in Philippine history.

  4. To respond to Franks comment, so Frank yu think Morales is so corrupt. She is in a high position & she has looked at t evidence, which I doubt very much you have. We have all seen much of the evidence in the press & yet you choose to take his side, I wonder why. It was like CJ Corona when he barred the woman who had a small job working for the government because she didn’t declare her measley earnings from a sari sari store yet he failed to declare P180,000,000 on his SALN & he saw nothing wrong in that. Now his justice was blind justice yet Morales has looked at all the evidence & the evidence I have seen makes me almost 100% sure that man is corrupt. He blatantly broke & disregarded the rules. But would people like you ask why, well I somehow doubt it. Let him go to court & dispute all this evidence I think you will see how very clear it all is & he along with his father will end up in jail where I believe they both deserve to be

  5. Gloria B. Wilhelm on

    Of course, the Binay PR camp would say that timing was suspicious. IT WAS LONG OVERDUE! Now if this ruling of perpectual disqualification from holding public is not honoured at least until after the results of any appeal, and the authorities honour any certificate of candidacy this sorry-for-an-excuse-man Junjun files, I AM GIVING UP ON THE PHILIPPINES. It will just show that laws don’t apply to these rich, corrupt, tainted, dirty people. It really is sad for our justice system.


  6. THIS IS THE RIGHT PATH TO TAKE. Right or wrong, the Ombudsman has done a good job of killing a part of this corruption-ingenious family. BUT WAIT!! Sister said she’d run if he can’t?? Dear Lord, save us. They’re multiplying just as the Abads have.

  7. The questionable here is why only dismisal he should be in jail.The corrupt addict father should be next.

  8. on

    This is the result of ABNOY’s Daan Patuad, politics of vindictiveness. Don’t get me wrong I am not a Binay supporter, I am a die hard Duterte supporter. I am only looking at the scenario where ABNOY is like a raging crazy bull. What is happening to our country?

    • Arturo V. Agudo on

      Pls, avoid using abnoy baka mag boomerang sa iyo!!!! Speaking of abnoy???? Bakit naging star of asia ang philippines ngayon at second to china na tayo !!!! And besides numerous of foreign investors are coming in….??? The trust for Pinoy is highly deserving!!! And o verwhelming!!!!

      Hindi mo ba alam na ang pagsulong paitaas ng Pilipinas ay ngsimula pa sa panhon ni FVRamos at lalong bumilis nuong panahon nio GMArroyo at ang gunggong na hinahangaan mo a nakinabang lang sa ipinunkla ng iba?????

  9. “to everything turn, turn, turn there is a season turn, turn, turn and a time to every purpose under heaven”!
    so, whence the perfect timing? you tell me! anyway this is just another “ISOLATED CASE”!

  10. Obviously Ombudsman Moral-less is doing all she can to favor the LP party.
    Blind Justice! Well, she was appointed there by BS Aquino for something! The country is being plundered and Justice seems to have another meaning for BSAquino /LP Party.
    I hope that she also should be investigated and be charged for her Moral-less decisions.

  11. What wrong timing? This decision has longed overdue. People have been waiting for more speedy action. The usual practice to dismiss a case is for insufficiency of evidence and our Secretary of Justice was smart enough to send truckloads of it.There are matters in our social life where our leaderss are notorious, and people of good perception need no further proof. Like in court, it would be taken judicial notice without further proof

  12. Morales is so corrupted that I hope she will get it back one day. Binay might be good or bad, but the point here is you have to follow the legal way to serve justice.

    She looks again like a imbecile making favours to the Yellows. Her after life will be in hell.

    • rene catalasan on

      Franck, your impressions about Ombudsman Carpio-Morales are wrong. Ask some intelligent friends and acquaintances of yours.

  13. This dismissal is funny. I agree, why now and why only him. If you’re going to dismiss him, dismiss them all accused starting with A bad, the heads of BOC, BI, DOJ and all the senators involved in DAP

  14. Kung panggigipit ang ginawa ng Ombudsman, yung bang ginawa ni Junjun Binay sa mga Secutity guards ng subdivision ay ano ang tawag doon?

    • Nagsimula ang downfall ng Binay-aran dynasty sa Dasma-gate nang nagyabang si Jungoy at si Nan-sense na para silang royalty.

  15. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    There’s nothing suspicious about this. It just happen that the mountain of evidences merit the dismissal of the family of Binay. Let us continue praying to our Lord to save the Philippines from the Binays.

  16. Rene L. Canlas on

    I fully agree with the Ombudsman decision to dismiss Mayor Junjun Binay from his post as timely because “if not now..when?” His case is long pending with the Ombudsman and I believed the decision was not rushed and the verdict is pure and simple as GUILTY! To all the Binay family fans..wake up and look around you. If the kickbacks they got from all the projects they constructed was shared to poor makati residents, wala na sanang mahirap dyan.