• Questions, answers and actions, not just resolutions

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Let’s take off from Pope Francis New Year address.

    Departing from his prepared remarks, Pope Francis explained how moved he was by a letter he recently received from a man touched by personal tragedy. The man asked him why so many terrible things are happening in today’s world: “What has happened to the hearts of men?” the man wrote. The Pope repeated the question, asking the faithful: “What has happened in the hearts of men, in the heart of humanity? It is time to stop! It is time to stop!”

    National Catholic Register writes: Yesterday evening, at vespers and the singing of the Church’s great hymn of gratitude in faith, the Te Deum, the Pope made a point of explaining that the Christian vision of time is linear, not cyclical. The passing year is therefore a “step on the way toward a reality that is to be completed, another step toward the goal that lies ahead of us.” It’s a place of hope and happiness, he added, “because we will meet God, the reason of our hope and source of our joy.”

    The Holy Father invited the faithful to examine their consciences: “Have we used [the past year]mostly for ourselves, for our own interests or did we know to spend it for others, too? How much time did we set aside for being with God, in prayer, in silence, in adoration?” he asked.

    He concluded by inviting everyone to look toward the new year of 2014 grateful for what we have received, repentant for our failings, and resolute to work with God’s grace to better our lives, our communities and ourselves.

    This started me asking questions of myself.

    Also, yesterday, my son and I went to Dr. Ernesto Uy, cardiologist at the Cardinal Santos Hospital. He said that he will not just treat my son’s hypertension based on blood pressure reading (because they are just numbers), but will treat him from Adam and Eve, from zero, which is basically change of lifestyle, not just taking pills everyday for the rest of his life. He started to interview my son about his life history and style, what brought about the spike in his blood pressure and, therefore, how to treat it without my son being dependent on Dr. Uy.

    And that made me even more eager to start 2014 with questions.

    So I am starting my quest for answers and what to do starting this 2014:

    • What is important to me about . . .?

    • What do I want to achieve?

    • What exactly will I see and hear when I get there?

    • What do I get out of doing what I am doing now?

    • How do I measure my success?

    • Where is my present?

    • Where is my future?

    • What resources do I need to achieve my goal?

    • What resources do I already have?

    • Where will I find the resources I need?

    • How far is this goal under my control?

    • What will I be doing to achieve this goal?

    From Emmanuel Hio Jr., Before speaking, we THINK if it is: true? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?

    Our good old Rotary four-way test with a little tweak: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to human kind?

    I have a thousand and one more questions, but I will limit myself to these questions to guide my actions this 2014.



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    1. Similarly, I uttered those words to my friends sometime in December last year, and I said to quote my own words: “Would it be nicer and peaceful if there are no conflicts anywhere in the world today?”

      That was a wishful thinking of course. Hunger and oppression in my opinion can be fought and minimize if we, the inhabitants of this planet Earth would work together harmoniously. I don’t believe that the ALMIGHTY GOD was over exaggerating when He said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” He owns and controlled this planet Earth, and definitely one step ahead with any human being He created.

      The fast moving changes in our society, the uncontrollable imagination of the human brain to invent, search and experiment whatever is acceptable to our fellowmen.

      Wars have been going on from the beginning of time, as we know during the time of Moses when the ALMIGHTY GOD commanded him and his brother Aaron to save the Israelites from slavery.

      Our old tradition of giving respect to the elderly by being bless, though still practice by many is becoming extinct. We were influence by the western tradition of kissing cheek to cheek, and definitely our elders would welcome it again.

      Catholic women also disregarded one of the laws instituted in accordance with the Bible, that women must wear a veil or head covering when praying. Look at those pretty girls when they are receiving their First Communion! I certainly believed that the Church itself allowed all of these changes to materialize without thinking of the consequences it may produce.

      Have you ride the LRT or the MRT lately? Being a clergy, I was totally shocked and speechless when during my short trip from Carriedo to Monumento in Balintawak, this young lady offered her seat to me.

      Pope Francis should be commended for the changes he is making within the Church hierarchy, and definitely deserving to be honored as the Time Magazine Man of the Year.

      Now, just for clarification and nothing personal to scrutinize some of the clergymen. If we uncovered a can of worms in the Philippine Congress as far as corruption is concerned, it will behoove some of our clergies to examine their conscience and lifestyle.

      Definitely, the holy teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ must be adhered to, and live according to the will of God.

      Much have been enumerated here to humiliate ourselves for not being faithful to the Church doctrines. The choice is ours, either we follow or ignore it. AMEN