• Questions: Now And Then


    1. What good is a brilliant question,
    If it could not be answered now?
    Of what use is an inchoate answer,
    That begs the essential question?

    It is the cat catching its tail, a snake
    Swallowing itself, it is the circle
    That will not break, a spinning gyre
    Spitting back unanswered riddles.

    Is not time past after all the now
    We worry for an answer? Is it time
    To be anxious for, when tomorrow
    Has not gone past the hurdle Now?

    A condemnation by circuit pulses,
    Is always an unanswered curse.

    2. That is precisely the imprecision
    That presides over the fate of man
    Who must answer for a finitude
    He did not want nor grovelled for.

    Why must time past be time future,
    When there is no now save a passing
    Passion for all that looks beautiful
    For just a little while, a vanishing
    Vision—a grand mansion of thought,
    A perishing still point, a broken
    Promise of eternity he cannot know,
    Nor understand for its briefness?

    He will ask all the bright questions,
    But they cannot be answered now.


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