Quevedo seeks help for typhoon survivors


Mindanao’s first Cardinal-Elect Orlando Quevedo on Thursday asked for continued assistance to the survivors of Typhoon Agaton that has affected at least three barangays in Cotabato province.

Quevedo hoped that Cotabato would be extended the same aid given to the victims of last year’s calamities in Bohol and in Eastern Visayas.

Meanwhile, Marble Bishop Dimualdo Gutierrez urged the government, the Church and the lay people to learn to read the “signs of the times,” following the natural calamities that occurred in the country in the previous year.

Gutierrez believed that the people will know the reasons why these calamities are happening to the country if they only know the “signs of the times.”

He warned that abuse of nature is causing natural disasters.

“For many years we abused nature through logging, mining, chemical factories, coal-fired power plants and smoke belching vehicles,” he said.


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  1. What a difference living 70 years ago than at present. Living away from the barrio with few neighbors to talk to, because everybody is busy surviving, there was less visiting. Had not heard or asked for any hand out from government, or from the church’s help asking the government to help us for our difficulties . I do believe, the mean function of the Catholic church is to evangelize in the hinterlands, where majority of the people lives. We survive with God’s grace with no help from the church. The Catholic church must follow Pope Francis vision for the clergy to evangelize where the people live. Filipinos are very resilient, strong and independent minded. They do not want any government to meddle in their affair. Majority of Filipinos are baptized Catholics, therefore it is the responsibility of the church to spread the Gospel to them, specially the school children in form of catechism, for them to grow strong, knowing and believing in Jesus, if a Christian. The church must avoid politics at all cost. The church and State have different responsibilities to its people.