Quezon City approves half-cup rice ordinance


The Quezon City council has passed an ordinance requiring the food industry in the city to include a half cup of cooked rice in every default serving order.

Default serving refers to the preset selection of meal combinations offered by food service providers, except when altered as in value meals, student meals, combo meals and economy meals and similar combinations.

The local food service industry includes businesses, fast-food chains, schools, caterers, and other establishments responsible for any meal prepared and served outside the home.

The half-cup rice ordinance invokes Section 16 of the Local Government Code which provides that every LGU must exercise powers necessary, appropriate or incidental and which are essential to the promotion of general welfare.

Authored by Quezon City Councilor Allan Butch Francisco the ordinance was in support to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) report that the country wastes at least P23-million worth of rice per day or P8-billion worth of rice a year, which is enough to feed P4.3 million people.

To reduce rice wastage, IRRI has started an awareness campaign called “Eat your rice right and save lives.”

Under the ordinance, violators face with fines of up to P2,000 and a month’s suspension of their license or permit to operate.


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