Quezon City enforces ‘one strike’
policy vs illegal tricycles


THE Quezon City government has announced that it has started its “one strike” policy against illegal or “colorum” tricycles in the city.

Under the policy, the city’s Department of Public Order and Safety Tricycle Regulations Unit will confiscate illegal tricycles on the first offense and their drivers meted a P3,000-fine. These tricycles will then be brought to the impounding area at Roces Avenue to destroy the sidecar part.

The ordinance was made available in 2014, but the implemeting rules and regulations were only finalized in July 2017.

The anti-colorum operations were faced with resistance from drivers, according to the city government.

There are about 5000 illegal tricycles in the city while 26,400 tricycles have franchises, according to the local government. REICELENE JOY IGNACIO


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