Quezon City restaurant robbed


Robbers struck at the Kenny Rogers Roasters branch at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Scout Albano Street in Quezon City early Sunday. Police said the two men entered the restaurant as it opened, pretending to be customers. They grabbed the security guard’s gun and tied him up. The suspects also tied up the restaurant’s crew and other employees and herded them into the back of the restaurant. They also grabbed the valuables of a family who had just entered the restaurant and took the recording from the establishment’s security cameras.


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  1. apolonio reyes on

    As per radio/tv report, the thieves in Kenny Rogers were Riding-in-Tandem with their wheels no plate number except ” For Registration ” so the PNP have no means of finding who is the owner of this two wheels.
    Why don’t the PNP imposed the policy of the late DOTC Sec. Angelo Reyes ” NO PLATES-NO TRAVEL POLICY ” and arrest all vehicles/motorcycles running in the streets with ” For Registration “plates after 4:00 pm as the LTO is already closed and during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. This will not only prevent crimes but also accidents where many motorcycles are involved.
    Here in Paranaque, it is not only the motorcycles and private vehicles that runs with ” FOR REGISTRATION ” PLATES BUT ALSO TRYCYCLES/KULIGLIG and the driver of these motorcycles disobey all kinds of traffic rules and regulations by driving w/o safety helmets and using slippers and tricycles/kuliglig running in main roads like West and East Service Roads and Sucat Road etc. BAKIT ITO HINDI HULIHIN, ANG LAGAY MALIIT NAMAN BA?

    • In Australia nobody can drive without plates . car dealers can apply for a trade plate for unregistered which are about the price of 1year reg,which they put on the back for test drives or going to LTD or inspection or repairs,and their not easy to get . no reg or plate no drive . even if got plates can’t drive if not registered

    • Well you can blame the authorities for that, they don’t do their job and implement the laws . jeepney drivers can do as they like stop any where,middle of the road no regard for any body dirty feral scumgs any other country it’s not allowed