• Quezon City to arrest violators of ban on plastic and styrofoam


    AFTER nearly a year of testing the ban on plastics and styro packaging materials in stores and commercial establishments in the city, Quezon City Hall will start this month imposing fines and issuing notices of violation to those who will defy the ban.

    Starting this month, notices of violation shall be issued by the Quezon City government, through the city’s Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), to those who use plastic and styrofoam as packaging materials within the city hall complex.

    City Ordinance SP-2127 prohibits the use of plastic within the city hall premises, plastic bags and “labo” plastic as packaging materials for goods purchased within and outside the Quezon City Hall complex and serving of food and beverages in plastic/styrofoam during meetings.

    City hall employees caught violating provisions of the ordinance shall be dealt with fines and penalties. First and second-time offenders shall be issued warnings while third-time offenders shall be fined P2,000 and a reprimand from the city’s environmental protection and waste management department from the head of office or department where the employee is assigned.

    The ordinance—signed by Councilors Gian Carlo Sotto and Jesus Manuel Suntay—also covers such prohibition on visitors and those transacting business with the city government.

    For visitors and those transacting business with City Hall, first offenders shall be issued warnings, second offenders will be fined P500 and third offense carries a P1,000 fine.

    EPWMD personnel shall be deputized to apprehend would-be violators.

    The Quezon City government also prohibits the use of plastic and styrofoam at Novaliches District Center, Quezon City General Hospital and Novaliches District Hospital. The fines and penalties shall also be implemented in these places.

    There is a continuing effort of Mayor Herbert Bautista’s administration to reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic wastes in the city under the Quezon City Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance in 2012, which has resulted in the reduction by some 1.3 million pieces of plastic bags from the landfill based on the quarterly monitoring reports submitted by commercial establishments.


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