• Quezon constructor, a ‘king maker’

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Rumors has been circulating in Quezon province these days that a certain constructor from Mulanay town has already been preparing his local bets for the 2016 election this early.

    A certain Domingo Garcia, a known big time constructor in the province, is also reported to be deeply involved in local politics from the provincial all the way down to the baranggay level.

    The same story says that most, if not all, of Garcia’s political bets have won by landslides or run uncontested since their opponents surprisingly withdrew from the race at the last minute.

    Here’s how he operates according to my moles in Quezon: Once Domingo sees that his bet will most likely lose to his opponent, a meeting is arranged between him and the winnable candidate at a famous nightclub or ktv bar in Quezon City.

    Once there, this big time constructor reportedly orders booze and women for his guest or guests before asking them how much will it cost for them not to run in the upcoming race.

    The same source said so far all of those whom Domingo allegedly spoke to did back out from the race eventually in exchange for several millions of pesos.

    Not only Domingo’s invited guests happy that night for they allegedly go home with them oodles of money, but also the female guest relations officers or GROs in that room, particularly his partner, for they reportedly get hefty sums in tips from Domingo.

    I wonder if his wife and conservative church knows about this?

    Aside from being a “king maker.” Domingo is said to be building an empire in the province by allegedly buying a radio station and a local newspaper company, not including yet the construction of several buildings for commercial purposes.

    Well, that’s another story for the next issue, folks.

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    Bidding anomalies in DPWH Bicol Region?
    Public Works Sec. Rogelio Singson should start looking into reports that biddings in the regional and district offices of DPWH in the Bicol Region are being rigged and full of anomalies.

    A Manila Times reader sent me an e-mail Friday, in reaction to my column about a favored lady contractor in the area, claiming anomalies in DPWH biddings in the region, and requesting that officials of the said agency there and members of its bids and awards committee (BAC) be subjected to a lifestyle check.

    The same letter confirmed that a certain Susan Burce, and not Zusan Durce as reported, corners almost all juicy contracts of the said agency.

    Burce, it says, was a casual employee of a lawmaker before. She is now considered a multi-millionaire and owns one of the biggest construction firms in Bicol, the Sanro Construction.

    The letter sender, who calls himself Disgusted Taxpayer, wants to have a certain Atty. Oliver Rodulfo investigated and subjected to a lifestyle check for allegedly calling the shots in rigging the bidding in DPWH Region 5.

    “Bidding in this office is a farce, they are just rotating the winning bidder which is already a cartel.” the letter says.

    It adds that BAC members “are almost millionaires even if they are just casual employees.”

    I hope Sec. Singson will immediately look into this complaint.

    * * *

    BIR now looking at Sanro’s tax payments
    Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares vowed to look into the income tax payments of Bicol constructor Susan Burce following reports that she has cornered all the juicy projects of the DPWH and the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) in the region over the years and may have failed to declare her correct income.

    Henares explained that constructors should pay their taxes based on the total amount of projects they were awarded for that tax year less the expenses incurred for the projects, not including of course the “SOPs” or bribes.

    Sources within the DPWH and NIA said Burce, through her company, Sanro Construction, surprisingly have been awarded most of the hundred million peso projects of the said agencies during the past few years.

    Suspicions by fellow constructors that Burce may not have been paying the right taxes after she reportedly turned into an instant multi-millionaire in a few years time after being an ordinary casual employee of a legislator.

    The BIR should really go after constructors. It will surely make billions in revenues from them.


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    1. Totoo po yan, Mr. Tulfo dito sa DPWH regional office in Bicol grabe ang corruption. Dapat lahat ng engineer’s dito mag under sa lifestyle check. Lantaran dito ang nakawan. Itong si atty. rodolfo ay dapat makasuhan na matagal na iyan balasubas mahilig sa night lifes pero lahat gastos ng contractors.