• Quiboloy shakes off raps, urges followers ‘to spread love’


    Amid reports that he was held briefly at the Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii after US Customs agents discovered $350,000 cash in his private plane bound for Manila, Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on Sunday made a veiled denial of the accusations hurled against him.

    The self-proclaimed “Son of God” told thousands of followers in a prayer rally at the Ynares Center in Antipolo, Rizal that instead of listening to the reports, they should spread the “spirit of love.”

    “Why did I become the standard, my brothers? Because I have no evil intentions in my heart. If you do not recognize this, you are a community of evil-doers,” he said.

    Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

    “God will say [to you]…what you did to him is what you did to me. [He] is the standard. We cannot do anything about this. What happens in my life has a purpose because the steps of a righteous man is ordered by the Lord,” he added. “When this trial came, I was coming back to the Philippines. But I saw the many millions of children who love the son [of God]. Persecution of the good and false accusations will not win over the spirit of love. ”

    “Kill your enemy with love. Do good to them [who]hate you. Bless them [who]curse you. When you bless them [who]hate you, they cannot take it because they want you to react… I will assure you that evil intentions…will not win over the spirit of love,” Quiboloy said.

    A few days after Quiboloy returned to the country, reports said he was held briefly in Honolulu when US Customs agents discovered $350,000 cash or P18 million in his private plane.

    Charges were filed against his “loyal follower” Felina Salinas, who was on board the plane.

    Salinas, a US citizen, declared that she was carrying $40,000 and P1,000, but authorities found thousands of dollars “neatly bundled” in $100 bills inside socks.

    Israelito Torreon, Quiboloy’s spokesman, maintained that Quiboloy was not detained, charged, or deported.


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