Quinta Market vendors stage rally to oppose privatization plan


Hundreds of vendors at Quinta Market in Quiapo, Manila on Thursday staged a rally, calling on the city hall to stop the privatization of the public market. “We are opposing this renovation because there is no assurance that we will be retained as occupants of our stalls. We fear also that rentals will be raised,” Edith Santos, 56, vice president of the Quiapo Public Market Cooperative said in Filipino. Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada has yet to issue his answer to the demand of the vendors as of press time.


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  1. David M Meyer on

    One has to ask ..Who is behind this privatization –Who will be on the board of companies that are involved??
    If there is privatization there will be fees levied –That means prices going up –Those Vendors at the market –Will have to put prices up –To cover themselves
    The poorer people shop at these markets..They will be the ones hardest hit ..
    Our esteemed mayor ran on a mandate to help the poor..Did he keep his promise to the aged people ..
    Our mayor will not be standing for office??…
    One has to ask the question will he be involved in the companies running the markets??
    Have to wonder does he change his spots ?? After been given a second chance ..it appears that his answer to if the poor have no bread –is “Let them it cake”
    David M Meyer