• ‘Race between Poe, Duterte’


    Results of the latest Laylo presidential survey show that the presidential race will be between Sen. Grace Poe and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, according to Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian.

    Gatchalian on Thursday said it will be a close fight between Poe and Duterte.

    The survey showed Duterte sustaining his lead, getting 32 percent of the “votes” of the 3,000 respondents. Poe got 24 percent.

    “The numbers of this survey show that Monday’s polls will be a close match between Sen. Poe and Mayor Duterte,” Gatchalian, Poe’s spokesman, said.

    Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd wasin third position with 21 percent and Vice President Jejomar Binay was fourth with 15.44 percent.

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago got two percent.

    Gatchalian said of all the candidates, Poe is the strongest challenger to Duterte.

    “In fact, the details of this survey show that she has already taken back Metro Manila, a key battleground area for whoever will sit in the Palace,” he added.

    Poe got 32 percent in Metro Manila (National Capital Region or NCR) while Duterte’s rating in the NCR is down by one percent at 20 percent.

    “We are very confident that in the last three days of the campaign, more people who are calling for sensible change will consolidate behind the candidacy of Sen. Poe,” the mayor said.

    Best bet

    Poe also emerged as the best candidate to address seven of the 12 issues presented to respondents in a series of six surveys recently conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) for Bilang Pilipino.

    She said this showed her campaign is geared toward platforms and programs rather than petty politics.

    “We have stayed on the path of discussing the things that matter to the lives of the Filipinos and have veered away from mudslinging and other negative campaigns in the last three months,” Poe added.

    “As we head to Election Day on May 9, we hope the voters will keep in mind the candidates who gave them genuine programs, not punch lines,” the senator said.

    The SWS survey showed Poe as the best presidential bet to handle seven of the 12 issues put forward to respondents — lowering of prices of commodities, increasing the wages of workers, health for all, education for the poor, food for the poor, cleanliness of the environment, disaster preparedness and solving the traffic problem.

    On the other hand, respondents chose Duterte as the best presidential aspirant to handle five issues — fighting corruption, fighting crime, defending Philippine territories, peace in Mindanao and solving the traffic problem.

    Poe came in as second choice for four of these issues but was tied with Duterte on the issue of solving the traffic problem.

    The Bilang Pilipino SWS Panel Mobile Survey uses a nationally representative sample of 1,200 validated voters, 300 each in Metro Manila, Balance of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


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    1. When the same 1200 people respond to the same questions for EACH poll there is NOTHING random about any SWS Mobile survey. People were given free phone with free testing and minutes in exchange for favored poll results… Toss ANY SWS Mobile survey to the wind because it is simply USELESS!

    2. Juan T. Delacruz on

      The Binay Troops are already deployed throughout the country, not only to buy votes but some of his deployed personnel will be manipulating DATA that were inputted to the voting machines, before being transmitted to the main server of the COMELEC.

      This is to show that Binay knows the power of the element called MONEY, that can change impossible to a more favorable. He already gave warnings, that do not celebrate, as of yet, because he will surprise the whole world, by winning the election.

    3. Abangan ang sususnod na kabanata sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Sa Lunes, Mayo a-9, malalaman na natin ang mga sususnod na pinuno ng ating bansa. Panalangin lang naman ay un halalang malinis, mapayapa at me kredibilidad na resulta na magpapakita ng tunay na damdamin ng bawat Pilipino. God Bless Pilipinas.

    4. Surveys were conducted only to a few thousands.
      This does not represent the Millions of Voters who have different minds and hearts!



    5. That is the problem in taking surveys. The number is very limited 1500 to 4000 as the highest respondents and divided equally by regions. Why it is equally 300 each region while the voting population is not equally scattered in equal regions. If this region has a high voting turnout, the sample must be higher than a lower voters turnout. Did you follow what I am saying? When I was studying in UP Math 101 , there is a big discussion on picking the respondents on surveys because the picking is the key to generate an equally reliable results.

    6. Poe is much younger than Duterte and is still new in politics. She will have her chance.

      Duterte’s wide lead even without INC’s endorsement is a protest by the people against this stupid and incompetent Aquino Administration. Corrupt and idiots in his team like Alcala and Abaya remain to be untouchables. Since Pnoy took office, have we heard of raids and arrests of jueteng collectors? Erap was accused and even jailed because of jueteng, and here today we see it’s worse than before. Pampanga jueteng lord Bong Pineda and his wife are even supporting LP and Aquino.

      Unless there’s massive cheating by this administration, Duterte’s victory is almost certain. INC’s vote is just an icing on the cake. However, Duterte may not stay long in office because the US and other rightist groups don’t like him. Military is traditionally anti-communist and left. Duterte is very close to NPA and openly close to NPA leader Joma Sison who even plans to return if Duterte gets elected. Add to this is Duterte’s association with Muslim rebels. US has always been against communist groups and Muslim terrorists. US-CIA would make sure Duterte gets eliminated either through US assisted coup or assassination. It happened and is still happening in the world. If despite all the attempts to destroy a candidate he still gets elected, Plan be would be to eliminate him as soon as he enters Malacanang. As usual, conspirators are the Catholic Church, business elite and those with vested interests. A good example was Erap who despite the late Cardinal Sin’s attacks and US’s hatred on him (Erap was also among those who voted against the US bases), Erap still won and got elected. But he had not even stayed long in Malacanang but was ousted. Same may happen to Duterte. Who benefits from Duterte’s ouster especially if assassinated, Bongbong Marcos. That’s why they’re also destroying Marcos even as VP for fear of him replacing Duterte. And once Marcos becomes VP, his becoming president in the future would be easier.

      • The problem w/ Erap he got scared easily when they where about to open the envelope containing the evidence against him. Erap evacuated Malacanang right away not thinking that it could be a bluff and it turns out to be a bluff. Erap is an actor and a coward protraying to look tough. In the case of Mayor Duterte he is the opposite of Erap. Mayor Duterte has the full support of the military.