• Radio host pays back showbiz media friends



    “By the sweat of thy brow, thou shalt eat bread,” the Scriptures admonish man about industry. This means one has to labor in order to eat and enjoy the earth’s bounty.

    In hindsight, this aptly describes the back story of Ahwel Paz, one of DZMM’s teleradyo talk show hosts, “Mismo.” He does hosting chores for ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC) events around the globe as well.

    To colleagues, his life has been an open book. Raised solely by his mother during his formative years, they were living almost on the crumbs of the streets. Caveat can testify to his early rite of passage watching him as one the street kids nurtured under the tutelage of UNESCO-Philippine Center for International Theater Institute (ITI) through its founder Ramon Magsaysay awardee for public service Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.

    Veteran theater pedagogues Frank Rivera and Mars Cavestany were his tutors at Dreams Academy under Cecile’s advocacy, also a winner of the coveted UNESCO Artist for Peace Award in Paris.

    Ahwel further grew up with “Balintataw,” the production and TV show hosted by Cecile, acknowledged as one of the pioneering and longest-running drama anthologies on Philippine television. His involvement with Dreams eventually paved the way to his earning a college degree through the scholarship program for the poor but deserving students under the term of Cory Aquino.

    This early training no doubt explains why Ahwel has turned into a multi-media artist in his own right, a part-time actor for TV and films and as sought-after eventologist.

    Ahwel’s backstory of extreme depravity, with the support of his devoted mother, has turned into an awe-inspiring life story to emulate, almost akin to the life story of popular talk show host Boy Abunda.

    In honor of his mother and family, Ahwel has formed a foundation called I Love My Family. As his way of paying back, in his most unobtrusive way through said foundation, Ahwel has recently conducted free medical mission for his peers in the entertainment media. This he does annually falling on the occasion of his birthday to skew him from the usual lavish and sinful celebration which he could well play host if he wanted to considering that he has his own exquisite bar resto Dong Juan’s along Mother Ignacia.

    Now on its fourth year, Ahwel’s empathetic partner in said annual project is the Delos Santos Medical Center at E. Rodriquez, Quezon City thru the imprimatur of its benevolent President and CEO Raul Pagdanganan, Vice-President for Medical Affairs Nilo delos Santos, and Assistant Vice-President for Marketing Carlos Marcillus Funelas.

    The mission covers general consultation and check-up on blood chemistry, CBC, urine test, X-ray, ECG, dental consultation under Oasis Dental Care, derma, EENT conducted by the doctor-volunteer specialist who surprisingly was Vice Ganda’s sister, and comprehensive optical check-up plus complementary eyeglasses from Ideal Vision Optical Center.

    Ahwel’s mom and family members were all about the place making sure that his media friends were treated to a cornucopia of mouth-watering home cooked food cum exquisite choices of kakanin fabulously prepared by his mom.

    Right after the medical mission, the energetic personality flew to Austria to host the “Global Tawag ng Tanghalan” and “DZMM Global Pinoy Singing Idols” there with special guests Matteo Guidicelli and Yeng Constantino in partnership with The Filipino Channel. A smart way to get the much-needed breather that Ahwel owes to himself indeed.


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