• More rage against ‘insensitive’ PNoy


    NETIZENS were not the only ones dismayed over President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s decision to attend a wedding party while Typhoon Seniang battered the Visayas and Mindanao.

    Dante Jimenez, chairperson of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), on Friday  said Aquino’s showing up at the wedding of actors Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera on December 30 was further proof of the President’s insensitivity.

    According to Jimenez, the President should be held liable for conduct unbecoming a public official after he chose to party with select people than attend to the needs of thousands of calamity victims.

    “We have a very insensitive President who relies on the popularity of her actress-sister,” the VACC leader said, referring to Aquino’s sister Kris.

    Political analyst Professor Roland Simbulan also expressed disappointment over the President’s actions.

    Seniang left 54 people dead and 40 injured, based on the latest report of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

    At least half a million people from seven regions were affected by the storm that also left damage to agriculture estimated at P4.9 billion.

    But another political analyst, Ramon Casiple, came to the President’s defense.

    Aquino should not be faulted for attending the wedding at the height of the storm since he is not part of the first responders, which is the job of local government units (LGUs), Casiple said.

    He added that the President might also be monitoring the situation in the affected areas while he was at the wedding.

    But Jimenez insisted that while it is true that Aquino is not part of the first responders, he should be with, if not, in contact with the people in distress.

    “To be publicly seen in an extravagant wedding of actors and watch movies of your nephew and sister are signs of hypocrisy and insensitiveness of a leader,” he said.

    At the time the typhoon was battering the Visayas and Mindanao, the President went out to watch a movie with his nephews Joshua and  Bimby, children of sister Kris, who had joined them.

    In a text message to The Manila Times, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the accusations against the President were “illogical.”

    Aquino’s top priority was the safety of affected residents in Western, Eastern and Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Eastern Luzon, Coloma said.
    “There is no logic to the accusation,” he added.

    The Manila Times reported also on Friday that netizens lambasted Aquino for partying with celebrities while Typhoon Seniang destroyed houses and leveled farms.

    Memes of Aquino with newly-wed Dantes and Rivera and the people affected by the typhoon were circulated in the Internet, drawing negative comments from netizens.

    “So it is more important for the President to attend the royal wedding [really now!]of Dingdong and Marian than attend to what was happening in the Visayas and Mindanao reeling from Seniang. That’s terrific leadership! That’s the President. Bravo!” said a netizen in his Facebook account.

    Another said: “I hope that the President filled himself up at the royal-wedding reception even as people affected by Seniang went hungry.”

    In his twitter account, Tonyo Cruz said: “Visited a gun store, a house in Boston, Jollibee Singapore, GGV, a ‘royal wedding’ but did not visit Tacloban.”

    Militant youth group Anakbayan also posted memes of Aquino in “happy moments” with the celebrity couple and the typhoon victims.

    Anakbayan national chairman Vencer Crisostomo lambasted the President for being insensitive for partying while some provinces are being pummeled by Seniang.

    He said Aquino, being the head of state, should have given priority to monitoring and directing disaster-mitigating efforts instead of merrymaking.


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    1. Pres. Noynoy is in the top position of the gov’t and it is already a common knowledge of the population that he is weak, relying only in the mind of people around him, the so-called thinktank. Any situation and happening in the country is nothing for him. he’s childlike, he could not give ideas and order to department managers as he has no brain power as already experienced by netizens. in the earthquakes, Yolanda, that until now there’s sufferings. Now it happens again on typhoons, Queenie, Ruby and Seniang with so many damages in infrastructures but during that time he prefers more to laugh and be happy with the wedding occasion without listening to the problems of the visayas & mindanao. Attention alipores stop telling the president guapo ka that flatters him. Inform him that Cagayan de oro, Agusan to Davao inaccessible also the southern part of Cebu and additional damage in Samar & Leyte. Your expertise in solving the problem could be appreciated by the people. the attention & expertise of DBM Sec. Abad,,DILG Sec. Roxas & DPWH Sec.& other gov’t agencies is seriously needed – required by LGU concern.

    2. P-Noy is not so sensitive…………to help the poor and the helpless. All he cares is what people think of him as righteous, lover of justice and revenge, egocentric, and fashionable. He is not the person who wants to dirty himself with the problems of the Filipinos. He thinks that if his governancy brings in more investors, raises our ratings with foreign banks, brings criminals into jail, that is enough. I personally see that
      with all the calamities which struck the country in the past three years, P-Noy could not be remembered as a leader who has moved mountains to alleviate the poor. Instead, he allowed population control as his major solution to solve the long-term and immediate problems of the country such as poverty, lack of education, unemployment, and no clear cut policy on housing for the poor. He knows these too well. He wants to retire as being revered as the only President who brought political
      and economic saboteurs into prison. That’s commendable. But that is not enough!

    3. While most government employees of some government agencies were specifically forbidden from celebrating xmas parties and posting them on social networks during typhoon Ruby (this was by virtue of direct orders from their agency heads/cabinet secretaries under instruction from the President himself), PNoy contradicted his own orders just to attend that celebrity couple’s wedding during typhoon Seniang. If you ask those employees (whom some still held their parties at a mellowed/toned down conduct), where’s the consistency in that? Still,some employees even cut short their long weekends with their respective families to prioritize disaster response & monitoring on typhoons Ruby & Seniang. To top it all, here comes Aquino as ninong in a wedding, all smiles. He does not need to be in d places hit by disaster as he can monitor it wherever he is given that he has delegated authority to member agencies of the NDRRMC down to the Barangay DRRMCs and yet he should not be seen rubbing elbows in a wedding. Delikadeza naman.

    4. Actions speak louder than words. If victims of prior calamities do not get relief, why on why do we continue to expect preparation and monitoring. We are As sorry lot , led by incompetent selfish men and women.

    5. Dionisio R. Luna on

      Coloma is wrong when he commented against the people who criticized Aquino for being insensitive to those affected by typhoon “Seniang”. Yes, I agree that Aquino should instead refrain from attending the said wedding ceremony to show sympathy to Filipinos who were greatly affected at that time.

    6. pnoy is a selective prez. he is not a president of tacloban but only of guian and dolores. he is also not the prez of some areas of mindanao and visayas. you will know which areas of pinas he is prez. just see where he goes. by the way, saan si palengke boy at si diabetes boy?

    7. President BS Aquino is the new Nero. Nero was playing with his
      harp while Rome was burning. Aquino was socialing (attending
      a celebrity wedding and watching movies with his nephews)
      while the people in Mindanao and the Visayas regions were
      dying and property damages, including agriculture, from floods,
      landslides and falling trees cause by typhoon Seniang.

      • If Nero actually did play a stringed instrument—and there’s no evidence that he did, whether during the burning of Rome or otherwise—it was probably a lyre or cithara. But what the heck!

    8. Not only we have President,we also have Governors and Mayor,your responsibility is not just to collect jueteng money but also to your province and municipality specially wit h disaster.

    9. Disagree. Why in the world would Netizens ask the President of PH to monitor Typhoon Seniang!!! Don’t we have various agencies that monitors the various disasters and its effects in the country?? Please don’t blow smoke.

      • are you high? he is the leader of our country. the president, the chief executive. pasweldo, pakain natin. isang “public servant. tapos, agencies ang dapat na pagrelayan natin? HE IS “ELECTED” TO BE THE HEAD OF STATE. Tapos, aasahan ang lgu? ang agencies? are you high on something?

      • i agree. these Pnoy haters will not stop attacking the president.
        give me a break. every movement he makes being watched and criticized.

        they ignore to see the other good side like modernizing your meilitary hardwares and others you name it….

        they don’t attack and criticize the marcoses, revillas, estradas, others esp. the priests molesting little boys.

    10. Why are we stuck with an inept and corrupt President like BS Aquino III? Because we have legions of ignorant and gullible voters who vote for candidates based on their popularity and not based on their integrity and competence.

    11. So aquino was just a guest alright? While aquino was merrily partying at the wedding of a newly recruited LIEberal party ally, typhoon seniang too was merrily partying in the visayas and mindanao region. What a daft defense from a lapdog malacanang mouthpiece. This makes me vomit.

    12. What’s with this Coloma? What a bobo he is! Why is he looking for logic in the accusation against the ILLEGITIMATE president? Logic has nothing to do with a simple judgment. It’s obvious this stoooopid Coloma desn’t know his “Acts of the Intellect”, which are (a) Simple Apprehension (where concepts result), (b) Judgment (where a proposition results) and (c) Reasoning (where the mind moves from one proposition to the other as in a syllogism). Error occurs only in (c). Hence the judgment of those critical of the Abnoy attacking his insensitivity cannot be in error. It is simply a statement of a sentiment and a factual judgment. Logical reasoning has nothing to do with it.

      Now, we discover the depth of Coloma ‘s mind. He has no depth at all. All along I thought he was a college instructor. Yun pala, he is a mere charlatan whose intellect is utterly mediocre. Saan nahuhuli ang isda? Pity the Abnoy has a DUNCE AND A BLOCKHEAD for a spokesman.

    13. Rafael Toledo on

      Again, bashers should stop. Pres Pnoy should not be expected to go the areas of calamities, as they occur. It will be dangerous to put our Philippines President to those areas. If Pres Pnoy dies, then VP Binay or Senate Pres Drillon takes over, which will put the country in a worst situation. Verbally attacking Pres Pnoy on a daily basis, by his detractors (more than likely non-believers of the LP platforms), does not help the administration properly govern the Filipinos. Again, Pres Pnoy has the head of each cabinet in the administration responsible or overseeing on what is happening in the country. These Heads then recommend to Pres Pnoy what options/actions are available.

    14. Well, we cannot blame PNoy for his behavior. Recall that when he was campaigning and already President, he announced that he will be exactly different from his predecessor, meaning Aling Gloria. We know too well that during her term and calamities and disasters like the Yolanda, Ruby and now Seniang happens, the small lady is always in the top of the situation physically or closely monitoring because she knows it is part of her job. Until now, one is afraid, that PNoy does not know that it is part of his job, regardless that Gibo Teodoro was in charge of the national disaster office.

    15. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      Does Coloma know “logic” as far as being one who wants to be called “Ama Ng Bayan” responsibilities are concerned? One big problem of being ‘stressed’ causing psychiatry problem is not being true to oneself; lie even for others in order to fool many more others. If I were him, I’d rather resign than just be paid to be a “clown”!

      • If you benefit in millions of pesos, in cash and in kind, will you not take the role of a clown?

      • Muriel Magtanggol on

        Kung maganda ang ginagawa, bakit hindi pupurihin. Kung pangit, talagang mapupula. Sa talagang kulang sa compassion at sensitivity yung tao-unfit talaga to be president. Kahit tatay niya sinabi ngang walang ka drive drive! Ikaw na… Maki brushing elbows with people in showbiz!!!

    16. sonny dela cruz on

      I cannot stomach those people around pnoy, they are still defending their boss just to hold on to their position. They too have no compassion to the sufferings of the people. They are all anti-Filipino. What a change to the Filipino culture.