• Rally calls for Robredo’s ouster


    THOUSANDS trooped to Rizal Park on Sunday afternoon to demand the resignation or impeachment of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, with some of President Rodrigo Duterte’s most die-hard supporters taking turns bashing Robredo for supposedly ruining the country’s reputation before the international community.

    The “Palit-Bise” (“Replace the Vice President”) rally tagged Robredo a ‘traitor” and a “shame” over her video remarks criticizing the President’s anti-drug war in a side meeting of a United Nations anti-narcotics conference last month.

    ‘PALIT-BISE’ Thousands of supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte demand the resignation or impeachment of Vice President Maria Leonor ‘Leni’ Robredo in a rally at Rizal Park on Sunday, for supposedly besmirching the country’s reputation before the international community. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

    Robredo, who left the Cabinet last December over differences with the President, criticized the administration for widespread killings and the deaths and arrests of families of drug suspects who had refused to turn themselves in to authorities.

    Pro-Duterte blogger RJ Nieto warned the rallyists Robredo’s impeachment could be blocked by her powerful allies, and urged the President’s supporters to drum up public support.

    “Of course, Vice President Robredo has all the gall and will not resign. She sees herself so beautiful. The other way is impeachment, and an impeachment complaint needs at least 100 signatures for it to be directly sent to the Senate for trial. PDP-Laban has more than 100 members of the House, so her impeachment [in the House]is certain. But our foes who have a lot of money control the international media,” Nieto claimed.

    Duterte supporter Mocha Uson joins the ‘Palit-Bise’ rally at Rizal Park on Sunday. PHOTO BY RUSSELL PALMA

    PDP Laban is the ruling party led by President Duterte.

    “In the event that Leni is impeached, these international media will make Duterte look like a dictator. Impeachment is delicate so we have to make it clear that the people want to impeach Leni,” Nieto said.

    Duterte has refused to throw his support behind the Palit Bise rally and had assured Robredo that he did not want her impeached.

    A Robredo spokesman, lawyer Ibarra Gutierrez, called on the President’s supporters to appeal to the President, not the vice president.

    “Its clear that during their last encounter, the President and the vice president are focused on doing their jobs and they respect each other’s mandate,” Gutierrez said in a statement.

    “The supporters of the President who don’t share his sentiments should explain themselves to the President instead,” Gutierrez added.


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    1. Ang problema sa atin ngaun ay di tayo maka move on sa past between pro yellow at pro marcos iba talaga nagagawa ng kapangyarihan humahawak nalilimutan na kung bakit sila naluklok sa pwesto wag sana mamana ito ng susunod na generation nag iiba na ang kulay pag politika at power na involve. Kaya nahahati ang pinoy dahil dyan. At mapa hindi maka dilaw at maka marcos at gusto maka move on na presidente nadadamay. Sana isipin nalang na pinoy tulungan un kapwa pinoy hindi puro reklamo gumawa din ng aksyon. Tuwa tuwa un ibang bansa sa atin kaya sila nanghihimasok dahil weak un unity natin kung usapang politikal. Pagnanakop na un iba bansa sa atin marami na pilipino namatay pero mga politiko at eletista mag dedebate pa kung makikigyera tayo hay pilipinas ko san tayo paparoon

    2. This Rally shows a warning, not only to Leni but to fake news media primarily PDI and ABS-CBN, that there are intellectual people watching their kind of news release every day.

    3. florendo abad on

      lahat kayung mga Haters at ignoramus ngak ngak kyo ng ngak ngak meron ba kayung inaasahan na mag babago ang takbo ng gobyerno naten. Gumising kyo ang mga politician naten puro yan corrupt. ginagamit lng kyo niyan. magtrabaho kyo ng mabuti para sa inyung sarili para kyo umasenso. Wlang tutulong sa inyo kunde ang sarili ninyo.wag ninyung asahan ang gobyerno bulsa lang na mga yan ang iniintindi nila. Our Government has cancer and it is terminal and cannot survived. Tignan ninyo since Marcos up o today is there’ any change.. NADA corruption is all over the country. If you think Duterte can change that you’re insane , His cabinets are now fighting for powers due to money.He may not be corrupt but Do you think His cohorts or Cabinet or the Senators and congressman are not…..They run for office because of money and power , their salary is nor even enough for them.

      • I beg to disagree to your belief that people who are shouting for change are relying with the government. These people have a descent job and self reliable. They are willing to contribute their time and resources for the sake of our country. They are not concerned for themselves but for our less unfortunate countrymen…they can take care of themselves and their families but who will take care for those who can’t? They are shouting for them and maybe for you too. I shared my part but I do not expect anything that the govt will pay me back…at least for you and the rest of the Filipinos that need help most.

    4. The problem with Leni Robredo is she is farting through her mouth and nobody in LP nor in her Yellow minions stops her. This impeachment problem on her is of her own making. She cannot hide under the shield of freedom of expression. She is a responsible public official next in line to the President and should know better the consequences of shaming the country you are serving. Firstly, those in the UN, EU nor ICC cannot transgress into a sovereign country which has its own set of laws as embodied in its constitution. The intrusion of these international organizations will have to undergo processes. During these processes, lobbies of certain countries are expected and those lobbies coming from permanent members of the UN security council carries more weight because of their veto power. Horse trading is very common in this Geopolitical lobbies and it so happen that this current administration has improved the country’s relationship with China and Russia which are two of the permanent members of powerful UN security council with veto power. Does these LP’s nor the Yellow minions think these two countries will not lift a finger in case Duterte is beleaguered? These oppositions should remember that DU30 is talking and dealing directly to the Presidents of these two countries and not through channels whereas Leni and company has to go through channels before reaching the decision makers. My Gosh! this is the problem with the LP and the Yellow minions who went into international forums as their battlefield without any experience in Geopolitical warfare.

    5. “Its clear that during their last encounter, the President and the vice president are focused on doing their jobs and they respect each other’s mandate,” Gutierrez said in a statement.

      HA! they respect each other’s mandate? who is this guy sending this message to? kindergarten students?

    6. hindi po sila paid hacks.. Crowd sourced po ang pondo.. nag patak patak po ang mga taong ito para sa pag usad ng rally.. kung yung mga yellow apologist nag oonsehan sa pndo na binabayad sa kanila kami po hindi.. mga patay gutom nga po kami pero sino kayo para humusga?..

      • Ah may fund raising. Sina Floreindo, Alvarez at Aguirre maraming nakukuha sa gobyerni hingan. Dapat Lang kahit man Lang Sa rally madistribute natin pera ng bansa

      • Sarah Musker on

        You underestimate the supporter of Duterte. They are not after money, they want their country reformed. And Duterte was the only one of the presidential candidate in the past who promised it. I am living abroad I support Duterte and we are synchronizing our support for Duterte. The people who have lived abroad recognize the problem in our country when they compare how our country is run with that of the advanced countries in Europe. We need to strengthen our system. It is what the Filipinos abroad want for our nation. Ang mga tao na nandyan hindi nila makita ang deprensya sa Pilipinas kasi subsub sila sa PH araw araw. Kami na na sa labas alam na alam kung bakit hindi umuusad ang PH.

    7. We must FORCE Robredo to take back or atleast clarify what she said to the international community

    8. Im pro admin and I hate leni, but I dont support her impeachment.

      I echo what the President wishes.. But I also respect the rallyists.

      The world needs to know that there are shady people who are malining our nation…

    9. How about a thorough clean up of the government? Bkit si Leni Robredo lang paalisin? Para ba pumasok si BBM?

    10. Si Leni nagsabi Lang ng totoo, sino ba ang naglagay ng kahihiyan sa buong mundo sa Pilipinas di ba si duterte? Sino ba nagmura Kay Pope, Obama, UN, Catholic Church including the bishops and priest, now EU! Yung inutusan nyang patayin si Espinosa tapis ngayon papalayain nya mga pumatay, yung pagpayag nya sa China to explore Benham rise without the knowledge of DFA and the military DI ba pagtataksil sa bayan? No one is above the law and the law must apply to all! Hindi porke presidente ay may blind fanatics ka eh pwede mo ng gawin lahat ng gusto mo Duterte!

      • Pope, obama, catholic, and now eu. Are they clean? I’m not pro du30, I didn’t even vote him, hell I hate his curses but I think he is much better than the other people who is portraying themselves as good lambs.

    11. Sino ba naglagay ng kahihiyan sa Pilipinas sa buong mundo? Di ba si Duterte? Minura nya si Pope, si Obama, UN, Catholic Church including the bishops ang priest. At totoo namang may EJK yung pumatay Kay Espinosa sya nag utos at ngayon gusto palayain mga pumatay! Yung pagpayag nya sa China to explore the Benham rise without the knowing of DFA and military ok Lang? Ah blind fanatics!

    12. Leopoldo Mayo on

      Barry Gutierrez, the supposed spokesman of VP Leni Robredo, is so simplistic he sounds like an outright buffoon in the same way as that Georgina what’s her name now? Apart from being clueless herself, Leni is so “malas” to get such incompetent spokespersons!

    13. matinong pinoy on

      The whole world is watching and we have proven once again, that we Filipinos, are so stupid and divided by partisan politics. When the press, television networks, human right groups around the world, first broadcasted the news about extra judicial killings and the number of casualties because the President’s war on drugs, no group of this magnitude rallied to express their anger and frustrations against the press and tv networks. However, when the Vice-President said the same thing to the U.N. Conference, a huge group of “paid” morons went to rally demanding the ouster of the Vice-President. To low IQ Filipinos like myself, think that somebody had bank rolled or financed this event because some personality, a male, and now a female Mocha Uson, will not appear in any type of event for free. He needs to make money and enhance his popularity as well.

      This group is asking the Congress to impeach the Vice President by disagreeing with the President? or is it now the good opportunity to put Bongbong Marcos in her place? The line of succession to replace the Vice-President are the President of Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives, in that order. Here is the bottom line: Politicians should agree to disagree because this is a good sign of democracy, and would bring out the best for the country. Kaya lang, marami pa kasing politicians na gago, swapang, at mga magna-nakaw ng pera ng bayan, pangsuporta sa pangalawang asawa at mga gelprens..

      • Mario Subaru on

        We are afraid of the truth that is if we lose this fight, the KAMPON ng KADILAWAN will be back to foist their incompetent and plunderous ways on us hapless Filipinos aided by the oligarch, the church, the drug lords, gambling lords, yellow media, and people in general who always sit on their brain. We don’t want a return to the old ways of Aquino, Roxas, De Lima, Abad, Drilon, and all the rest of the diarrhea gang members. We have barely began to breathe in this present administration and we want it to succeed for love of country and the Filipinos.

    14. Over 250,000 now who cry: oust Robredo! This is a serious warning to Robredo to stop it! Stop the image destruction of the Philippines under the Duterte administration, stop the economic sabotage, stop plotting against the country’s beloved leader. Robredo’s image of being inefficient and self centered is bad enough, her fraud tainted election questioned by millions, the people are clearly telling her to keep off Duterte’s back who is doing the changes the people want.

      Since Robredo, like all LPs will not know how to listen to the citizens’ cry, i presume she will be ousted in the coming months.

    15. Filipinos esp the OFWs were out of the street to express their support to impeach Leni Robredo..For months that she served as VP, she has done nothing for the Nation but criticize and destabilize the country. Robredo Shamed the President and the Philippines not just twice. Her video to the UN irked the Filipinos esp the ones living abroad…

      • To be replaced by the son of a dictator. One dictator Marcos is enough. Fruits won’t fall far from the tree.

    16. Robredo’s CRIME – ruining the country’s reputation before the international community by denouncing the president and his war against Drugs which has left to date almost 8,000 dead.

      IF the messenger of the bad news should be punished – how should the perpetrator(s) of the crimes be dealt with?
      Mukhang itong mga taong nagrarally ay medyo bulag at bingi.

      • CriticalThinker on

        Hah. Parang ikaw ang bulag at bingi kung hindi mo alam kung gano kalaking paninira ng “fake” rob/redo di lang sa Pilipinas pati mga Pilipino.

        Kita mo ngayon ang nangyayari, export ng produkto papunta sa EU pinagtangkaang pagbawalan dahil sa propagandang walang basehan ng “fake” rob/redo/Kultong Dilaw. Pati mga Pilipinong nainirahan/nagtratrabaho sa ibang bansa sigurado maapektuhan din.

        Ba’t hindi muna dinaan sa Senado/Konresso/Korte Supremo na mga kataas-taasang ahensya ng gobyerno! Yung ginawa niya ay gaya kay traydorllianes na nakipagbackdeal sa China 16x pabalik-balik ng hindi nagpapaalam sa Senado/Korte Suprema.

      • Paid hacks I guess. Can’t blame them. Mahirap ang buhay at maraming patay gutom. Mas mabuti na ang umattend ng rally at libre ang sandwich may baon pa kesa mamalimos Sa kalsada. All our leaders are always guilty of exploiting the poor. Sila ang unang inuuto tapos pag kailangan magshow ng support hinihimas. Sila din ang pinapatay ng walang awa kasi wala silang means to fight. Parating victims

      • I bet you haven’t even cared to ask any of those victims’ relatives why they were killed. It’s a can of worms you conveniently tucked behind the refrigerator. The relatives know that it’s dirty cops who killed their loved ones to keep them from pointing to the bigger fish. They know it. I wonder if you’ve been hiding under a rock covered under your oh-so-warm blankee since you’ve been pointing at the wrong person- the person who’s cleaning up government right now so the whole engine will run smoothly and we could all travel to a far brighter future that all us Filipinos don’t even deserve. I shake my head at these my comments all the time for how out of touch with reality they seem to be.

      • Lhuv Alvarez on

        do you have any evidence that the president ordered those so called 8000 deaths? you are the one that is blind and deaf.. LET ME JUST LEAVE THIS HERE:

        Jan.- Dec. 2015 = 82,751
        Jan.- Dec. 2016 = 49,613

        Jan.- Dec. 2015 = 49,845
        Jan.- Dec. 2016 = 35,796

        Jan.- Dec. 2015 = 31,741
        Jan.- Dec. 2016 = 21,217

        (Source: PNP Annual Report 2016)

        PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT: 2010-2015

        Murder & Homicide:
        2010 – 12,352
        2011 – 11,864
        2012 – 11,506
        2013 – 16,160
        2014 – 13,105
        2015 – 12,481
        [Source: PNP (Philippine National Police) Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management.]

      • sundalong kanin on

        IF the message is accurate/real. The problem with this so called messenger of truth is that her report is based on media made figures. That is why most of the Filipino people are angry with your messenger.

    17. If they want to throw out politicians why not include the pork barrel thieves protected by team PNoy, De Lima and the Ombudsman.

      20 senators on the Napoles list
      100 house reps on the Napoles list

      3 opposition senators arrested.

      Also include the PNoy appointees to Comelec and the congressmen committing adultery.

      That should clean up the government a bit.