• Rally RAV4 prepares to attack Oregon Trail


    E3---RAV4-Rally20160503A well-rested Toyota-Millen RAV4 team is preparing to take on the Oregon Trail rally in Portland, Oregon this weekend. A lengthy, grueling three-day rally awaits the durable and capable RAV4.

    The team has rallied after facing challenges at the last event at 100 Acre Wood, and is coming back stronger than ever with their eye on the prize of collecting the championship.

    “I’m really proud of how this team has responded,” said Ryan Millen. “We worked a ton of hours and changed out almost everything. We’ve basically built a new car.”

    Not only has the team risen to the occasion to thoroughly prep the car and re-engineer a few critical bits, they’ve also shaken the RAV4 down. It’s always reassuring to have time on the vehicle’s clock before heading to the next event after serious work.

    Navigator and fiancée, Christina Fate, has been making sure all the logistics and details are buttoned up. Her key role in and out of the car makes her an indispensable part of the team.

    “We’re excited to get to the event to get a chance to redeem ourselves,” said Fate. “It’s exciting to get back in and move forward.”

    One interesting fact about the Oregon Trail event is that there is a stage that is full tarmac. The team will attempt a slightly different setup to cope with the additional grip afforded by the surface.

    A diverse field awaits the team in the 2WD Class, and includes entries from brands such as BMW, Mini, Volvo, Subaru and Ford.

    “We’ll have our work cut out for us,” said Millen. “We’re still looking at the big picture. Championships are about putting points on the board, and we are ready for just that.”


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