Ramirez admonishes NSAs to perform better


Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez said non-performing national sports associations (NSAs) should look for their own funding.

“I will talk with them after this week and I will really tell the NSAs – ‘you perform because if you don’t perform, look for your money,’ said Ramirez on Tuesday during the weekly Philippine Sportswriters Association forum at Shakey’s Malate.

Ramirez was quite disconcerted on how far Philippine Sports have gone since the establishment of the PSC in 1990.

“Because the people, the Philippines, the House of Representative, the Senate and many others are asking; after 26 years where are we now?”

PSC chairman William “Butch” Ramirez PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

PSC chairman William “Butch” Ramirez PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

“If you would hear sometimes from the House or Senate, it’s so humiliating,” he said.

Ramirez stressed that NSAs are obligated to deliver good results because they are using taxpayers’ money.

The PSC through the Philippine Institute of Sports, headed by Mark Velasco, will closely monitor every NSAs practice sessions.

“If you have a very good head master and you have a very good teacher, you will produce very good students. If you are a very good NSA leader, if you have very good coach, you will produce very good athletes.”

“If the coach does not deserve, we will really recommend to the NSA that their coach, based on the observation, should be revisited. That’s why we have investigative supervisory visiting power to look at that,” Ramirez concluded.


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