• Ramon Tulfo’s advice to Rodrigo Duterte



    RAMON Tulfo, the TV personality, radio show host, and columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, thinks he has hit upon the solution to ridding the country of its age-old problem of corruption. In a recent column http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/858783/on-target-use-extreme-measures-against-most-corrupt, he dispensed the following advice: “If the President is dead serious in drastically decreasing corrupt practices in government, he might want to adopt the unorthodox method he has employed in his war on drugs.”

    In Tulfo’s view, what could be simpler than to apply the same murderous methods—instilling fear, intimidation, committing violence and killing—to corruption, another bane of the Filipino citizenry?

    After issuing them with ‘warnings’, which are, let’s be honest, indistinguishable from death threats, utterly corrupt officials might be made to disappear or assassinated [sic]by motorcycle-riding gunmen. That’s it, Tulfo thinks, cheap, efficient, no mess, no fuss, simple and effective. That is a sure-fire way the President can minimize, if not totally eliminate corruption in the government, he writes. Furthermore, and best of all, there would be no court trials that take far too long, presided over by judges and magistrates who will have been bribed. Indeed, the corrupt judiciary, he argues, would benefit from the same treatment as corrupt bureaucrats. Assassinate the most corrupt or make them disappear and the fear will be so great bribe-taking and stealing of public funds will no longer take place in government, he reasons. Is Tulfo just being provocative? Indulging in hyperbole? Or does he really mean what he says? It’s hard to tell nowadays.

    With his influential and long-running radio and TV show, Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo, which purports to deal with complaints made by the general public against officials, including the police, Tulfo has, for the better part of two decades, cast himself as some sort of people’s advocate, a self-styled “good Samaritan” who speaks up for small, ordinary folk. In a country where the system is skewed against the weak and powerless, where procedures are quite frankly useless and go absolutely nowhere—a member of the public who attempts to complain about an abusive or petty-minded official, or to get their grievance heard, or to obtain formal redress, will be wasting their breath.

    So, the big man who bats for the little guy—and Tulfo literally pictures himself gripping an immense baseball bat on his website—projects a powerful figure in the public imagination. The image of Kuya Mon, or elder brother Mon, as he also likes to be known, who listens, cares, and uses his position to get something done, is a brilliant creation which Tulfo embodies with great showmanship and flair. Tulfo’s Kuya Mon persona is cut from the same manly, maverick cloth as the action heroes in the movies once played by Fernando Poe,Jr, and Joseph Estrada. Tulfo is gun totin’, a sharpshooter and proud Glock pistol owner to be precise, a martial arts black belter, and ladies’ man. He has sired 16 children by four different women and, apparently, has managed to support them all.

    One of 10 siblings, and raised by a devout Catholic, half-Japanese mother who ardently prayed for and punished her children in equal measure, Ramon, along with three of his brothers, Erwin, Raffy, and Ben, carved out a high-profile career in the media. Most recently their sister, Wanda Corazon Tulfo-Teo, further burnished the Tulfo name with her appointment as tourism secretary. She was the owner of a travel agency in Davao, a thriving business to be sure, but strictly local in status. She caught the President’s eye, it seems. With his propensity to reward friends, longtime associates, and avid fans, with Cabinet and civil service posts, Duterte credited Teo with making Davao a tourism hotspot and promptly promoted her to the national stage.

    Celebrating his 70th birthday last year, Kuya Mon looked pretty satisfied. Surrounded by his many offspring, and so very many of the scurrilous, the shady, the speckled, and the slimy, that make the nation’s political scene so colorful and sordid, he could sit back, relax, feel content in the thought that he can say whatever he damn well pleases, protected as he is by powerful friends with whom he shares the same mindset. Duterte, his most powerful Padron, turned up at the birthday bash several hours late as was his prerogative, to lead the raised fist salute, which has become so discomfortingly ubiquitous these days.

    Since he took office, President Duterte’s blood-soaked anti-drug campaign which has given free rein to police, and emboldened paramilitary and vigilante groups to kill, has resulted in mass carnage: over 6,000 people from the very poorest classes, drug pushers and users alike, and unfortunate innocent bystanders, many of them children, have been murdered. Police say they have killed 2,000 people in what they spuriously claim to be self-defense shoot-outs. This is the most vicious, barbaric, and sickeningly savage counter-narcotics crusade to have ever been launched in the history of the country.

    Duterte asserts that the violence, fear, and killings are justified and vows to continue along the same merciless path, brushing off the criticism like so much pesky langaw. There are many names for leaders like him. Walden Bello, the left-wing economist, has called the nation’s commander-in-chief a “fascist original” [http://www.rappler.com/thought-leaders/157166-rodrigo-duterte-fascist-original] whose attributes include charisma, authoritarianism, the unrepentant tendency to violate and disregard basic human, civil, and political rights, and hell-bent on opposing the values of liberal democracy.

    Kuya Mon thinks it’s a good idea to widen the President’s deadly strategy. With the exception of those who enjoy close ties to Duterte, or who have pledged fealty to him, obviously, all corrupt officials should be killed, Tulfo says. Such advice, which is only possible when the normal constraints of civilized society have been removed, should be strongly condemned for what it is: incendiary, dangerous, and demented.



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    1. Yonkers, New York
      10 January 2016

      Psychotic Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte, who is by his own admission also the country’s No. 1 Drug Addict, has already imposed a REIGN OF TERROR on the Filipino people with his specious lawless and blood-thirsty Drug War.

      I am surprised that RAMON TULFO should suggest that Mr. Duterte should deal with systemic CORRUPTION the same way he is now lawlessly dealing with the drug problem!

      And I am flabbergasted that Manila Times columnist RACHEL A.G. REYES should unqualifiedly support Mr.Tulfo’s advice to President Duterte, which is a descent into BARBARISM.

      Does Mr. Tulfo and Ms. Reyes realize that we are already in the 21st Century, where societies no longer are expected to abide by the LAW OF THE JUNGLE, where might makes right?


      • You are so in love and preoccupied with the term , REIGN OF TERROR. Well , do you know where this REIGN OF TERROR emanates , and who is the One who has that REIGN OF TERROR?

        You do not know? It is CHRIST! , yes , you read it right. In truth , that REIGN OF TERROR that you despised is the Spirit of Christ.
        When a good man is possessed by that Spirit , terror reigns in his heart because that Spirit is intrinsically angry with evil , and naturally hostile to all forms of lawlessness.

        As I have been telling everybody , in the time of peace , Christ is a man of peace , but in the time of war , Christ is a man of war.
        When lawlessness comes over and assumes power , Christ transforms himself into a MAN OF TERROR , A MAN OF LAWLESSNESS to combat and destroys lawlessness. In the time of lawlessness , Christ reigns with so much terror because he utterly hates the lawlessness of the devils which is gripping the whole world now!
        Now is the time of that transformation.

        That is why he must REIGN WITH TERROR to annihilate the lawlessness that is besieging the whole world!
        All the other leaders are cowards and they cannot reign for they are cowards. They must possess from within them a respectable degree of that REIGN OF TERROR to reign and terrorize the devils , otherwise , they will be the ones terrorized by the evil devils of our society.

        Bear in mind that the only people who will feel and receive the brunt of the REIGN OF TERROR of Christ are the sinners and criminals themselves , not the righteous—the reason why you are feeling it!
        What the righteous feel when that REIGN OF TERROR reigns in their hearts and minds are the natural animosity towards evil.

        And , is it not proper that we have someone in the person of Duterte to serves as sign and portent of the coming of Christ in our own time—the time of lawlessness , to REIGN WITH TERROR over these lawless individuals who do not know Christ?

        Read your bible , and it is profusely written , that REIGN OF TERROR is from The Lord , and it is His Spirit. If you are angry and hate that REIGN OF TERROR , you therefore hate The Lord!
        And you know who are the haters of The Lord—they are called demons and devils or otherwise called the reprobates.

    2. Mr. Tulfo is probably right, and this is the only way to mitigate the existing problem of corruption in the government. PDU30 should have increased his intelligence fund to finance the activities in getting rid of corrupt government employees. The hell with the due process and he should have started his liquidation program by now, that will serve as an example, and to straighten out several crooks employees in the government.

    3. Thank you for writing this piece on such a divisive and utterly “brainless” so-called columnist. Mon Tulfo is another “Duterte apologist.” Somehow he yearns to be on the limelight just like his friend, Andanar, who is also an “apologist” like him.

    4. Hindi nga ba sinungalngal na ng .45 sa bunganga yan ng tao ni Mr. Leandro nuon dahil sa kayabangan nya? Kayo naman, binibigyan pa ba ng malaking importansya yan. Buti nga at di sya binabaril ng mga pulis na minumura nya.

    5. Violence begets more violence.

      Anyway the first step to combating corruption is to trace it and unmask it’s full extent in gov’t and how do you do that? For starters everyone in gov’t service should declare a sworn compulsory yearly Statement of Personal Official Gov’t Expenditures (SPOGE) aside from the yearly Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

      Circumventing the SALN has become easy, with grafters hiding unexplained wealth under the names of their spouses, children, relatives or friends. At the opposite extreme, honest gov’t employees’ legitimately earned wealth or inheritances listed in their SALN are subject to scrutiny based on mere tips of enemies or envious complainants. It is also suspect that SALN data is being data mined and sold to private companies.

      So unlike the SALN a SPOGE can account in black and white all the yearly expenditures of a corrupt gov’t official/employee by simply following the money. These are the politicos who get the most pork barrel, or gov’t officials who have a suspicious monopoly of commissions, honorarium, bonuses, cash disbursements, reimbursements, un-liquidated expenditures, travel allowances, official use off vehicles & other official equipment and supplies requisitioned, such perks etc… that should be listed individually then totaled at year’s end and screened by the resident COA to red flag the individual big gov’t spenders with poor or suspect justifications, those who are likely to be the top corrupt, can then be investigated and if proven guilty prosecuted.

      That’s how you keep the stealing in gov’t in check, by tracing individual spending in the gov’t by a SPOGE, unlike a SALN which is ineffective since it looks outside of gov’t spending into ones personal finances, scrutiny that can be either circumvented or abused when it is used as a tool for political persecution.

    6. Why the objection? Are you afraid this method will decimate the ranks of the corrupt yellow tribe?

      • Not talking about the yellow tribe. They’re bigger than life. Give it a try and soon, only the MMDA traffic enforcers, the LTO fixers, and the city hall runners would be killed. Just like in the war against drugs, the big fishes – the fat commisioners, cabinet officals, lawmakers, judges, prosecutors and justices would go about scot-free. The pawns would again be decimated by the rooks, the knights, the bishops, the queen, and the king.

      • Move on.. it’s time to retire the old blame-the-yellow-party. It’s time to face reality that people are dying without so much as the benefit of a trial. Hitler once said if you’re a Jew, you must die. Remove Jew and insert drug addict, and justice magically appears? Get a life. Your kind must not be allowed to breed any longer.

    7. The larger the evil then more drastic action is required. The idea is just talk that sounds good.

    8. Marshall Laway on

      Thumbs up! Salamat, Ma’am Rachel Reyes for pointing this out. Mon Tulfo is a frustrated PMAer, just like Raffy Alunan. They are both sorry for themselves for not making it and so they try to make up by playing toughies with guns, acting as war freaks and supporting a thug with a dictatorial tendencies.

    9. Tulfo was manhandled at the airport by a showbiz couple, I guess he did not have his baseball bat, and his boss and padron who projects the image of a macho man but him and his motley crew of tough talking personalities are running scared from three women namely, Leila, Loida and Leni.