It is Ramos who should apologize over Martial Law ‘abuses’



IT is hypocritical, and plainly wrong, for former President Fidel Ramos to ask the Marcos family to apologize over martial law and its abuses—on three dimensions.

First, Ramos was one of the main pillars, even the strongest pillar, of the Marcos dictatorship, since he headed the national police, called the Philippine Constabulary from 1972 to 1981, that enforced martial law. Shouldn’t he apologize for that, instead of asking Marcos’ widow (what wife would testify against her husband?) or his children who were in their teens at that time to do so?

Second, if he wasn’t really in control of the PC, and wasn’t responsible for its alleged human rights abuses, then why didn’t he resign early during the dictatorship, which would have sent the message to the world that Marcos was bad? That could have hastened Marcos’ fall and spared the country the political-economic crisis of 1983 to 1985 which is the real cause of our underdevelopment for a decade. Shouldn’t he apologize for that?

Thirdly, if the extent of alleged human rights abuses were actually exaggerated, the product of communist propaganda that demonized Marcos as a fascist in order to ally the people behind their hidden goal to establish a one-party dictatorship, then why hasn’t Ramos—the best living witness of the martial law years—told us what really happened? He has published perhaps two dozen books containing his speeches, and yet has not written a single article on alleged human rights abuses during martial law, what he witnessed in that era.

Shouldn’t he apologize for our difficulty in having an accurate, balanced picture of that crucial period of our history, and even worse, for supporting the communist narrative versus Marcos? If Ramos just revealed what he knows, we would be able to decide conclusively whether or not the alleged human rights victims were, in reality, casualties of a war that the communist party chief Jose Ma. Sison himself declared as the “people’s war” to topple what he called then the US-Marcos regime.

Guess who? In these rare photo are the two living people who should apologize, if really needed, for Marcos’ strongman rule and its alleged human rights abuses.

Guess who? In these rare photo are the two living people who should apologize, if really needed, for Marcos’ strongman rule and its alleged human rights abuses.

Of course, Ramos had kept silent on this as it would have made him appear sympathetic to the strongman, so that Corazon Aquino wouldn’t have anointed him as her successor to the presidency in 1992. If he had talked about martial law, the anti-Marcos activist candidate Ramon Mitra or the fiery Miriam Defensor-Santiago would have roundly defeated him by labelling him with the Marcos camp, along with Eduardo Cojuangco and Imelda Marcos. Shouldn’t Ramos apologize for his political opportunism?

It was the PC, and not the other four services of the armed forces, that was Marcos’ network for enforcing martial law. Not only was the armed forces legally banned from dealing with civilians, but it was tied down during martial law fighting the Malaysian- and Libyan-supported Moro National Liberation Front in Mindanao.

Nearly all of the human rights abuses Marcos has been accused of were undertaken by PC units, especially through its national network of “Constabulary Security Units,” whose heads reported directly to Ramos. The most dreaded (or successful) of these was the Manila-based 5th CSU, credited with capturing most of the Communist Party leaders, including Jose Ma. Sison and the Manila-Rizal Regional Committee which I headed.

Cruelest case

The cruelest case of human rights abuses during martial law that the Left always presents to media as its Exhibit A against Marcos was student activist Liliosa Hilao’s torture, rape and murder, with her sister Marie also sexually abused while in detention. But the unit Hilao’s sister Marie herself said was responsible for this was the PC’s dreaded Constabulary Anti-Narcotics Unit, the CANU, which was even worse than the death squads killing drug pushers all over the metropolis now.

Were the CANU officers, and Ramos who had command responsibility over the crime, charged? No, the American lawyers cleverly indicted Marcos, as hundreds of millions of pesos compensation could be extracted from him because a Swiss bank account he allegedly owned had been confiscated, and was in government hands already. I doubt if they could have extracted a centavo from Ramos or the CANU offices.

I find it astonishing that two top communist cadres almost every year on the anniversary of martial law’s declaration seem to relish giving media details of their torture (one that his penis was electrocuted, the other that a tingting was inserted), and then condemning Marcos for their fate. Yet they seem to be afraid to mention that it was PC units, over which Ramos had command responsibility, that were responsible for their torture.

Take my case. I was arrested together with my wife Raquel and most of the party’s Manila-Rizal Regional Committee, and we spent two years in Marcos’ prisons. Who arrested us, and beat up many of my comrades? The PC’s 5th CSU. I was sent to the 5th Military Intelligence Group only for a few days, for interrogation aided by an injection of sodium pentothal.

That was it though from the military intelligence guys—no beatings at all, no psychological torture. I was also sent to the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, headed by Gen. Fabian Ver, where I was interviewed by bored-looking civilian bureaucrats, who looked more frightened of me than I was of them.

I don’t think Marcos ever heard of me. After Sison, Kumander Dante, and renegade Army lieutenant Victor Corpus,   I don’t think he even knew of the names of other communist leaders. But I’m sure Ramos knew me by name. My father, a lawyer, after he was told I was arrested by the PC, wrote probably a dozen letters to the PC chief Ramos asking for my release, pointing out that I had not been charged in court. Ramos didn’t bother to reply.

All in the family: How Marcos and Ramos are cousins.

All in the family: How Marcos and Ramos are cousins.

Only when my exasperated father decided to write Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile did he get a reply from Enrile himself (or maybe he just signed a pro-forma letter) explaining that Proclamation 1081 had given the state the authority to arrest anybody without charges.

It was only when we were released two years later that I learned that it was Ramos who issued the so-called ASSOs (Arrest, Search, and Seizure Order) against me and for all political detainees.

Shouldn’t Ramos apologize for that?

Those who didn’t participate in the anti-dictatorship movement, or didn’t care what was happening at the time, are unaware of Ramos’ crucial role for Marcos to rule as a strongman for 13 years.

His hold on the PC was as strong and indisputable as his loyalty to Marcos for one major reason: He was Marcos’ cousin. His grandmother,Crispina Marcos, was the sister of Fabian Marcos, the strongman’s grandfather. While that may seem a distant link, it is nearly being brothers among the clannish Ilokanos. Did that embolden the PC to commit human rights abuses?

Ramos’ father was also one of Marcos’ most trusted diplomats, whom the strongman appointed as his foreign secretary when he won the presidency in 1965.

Marcos trusted Narciso Ramos so much that he was his representative in negotiating with the Americans the reduction in the tenure of military bases from 99 years to 25. Nationalists should applaud that Marcos-Ramos feat, as the new treaty, called the Ramos-Rusk Agreement, shortened the lease that originally was to expire in 2046, so it would end in 1991 —when the Senate voted to junk it. Narciso was also Marcos’ representative in the founding of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Bangkok in 1967. Ramos’ sister, Leticia Ramos-Shahani, followed in their father’s footsteps, and was appointed ambassador to Australia in 1981.

Because of his blood relationship to Marcos and his never-contested hold on the PC, Ramos was perceived during martial law as the regime’s most powerful man, next only to Marcos.  Defense Secretary Enrile was Marcos’ official Martial Law Administrator only since the strongman wanted his dictatorship  to be portrayed as built on solid legal grounds.  But Enrile was just the legal justifier; it was Ramos who was the muscle, his PC the organization that made the country follow the dictatorship.

The myth Ramos probably deliberately disseminated was that it was Gen. Fabian Ver, the commander of the Marcos Presidential Guards and head of the National Intelligence Security Authority, who was the storngman’s cousin, who ran his security apparatus.  

But Ver wasn’t related at all to Marcos but was just a Sarrat townmate, and from an unimportant clan. Ver was just Marcos’ chief bodyguard who had no business outside of securing Marcos.  Even Ver’s sons, PMA graduates Irwin and Rexor were limited in their roles as commanders in the PSG, assigned nowhere else. The NICA was, as it has been through the years until today, a weak agency run by  civilians with hardly any muscle nor brains. Ver or his NISA hasn’t been accused of any human rights abuses by even the most vitriolic critic of martial law.

Other than his being Marcos’ cousin, Ramos had another strength. He was perceived to be the closest to the US military establishment, having studied at West Point, with many of his classmates becoming the top brass of the American armed forces.

Was it coincidental that he abandoned Marcos when the US military establishment and President  Ronald Reagan  as well—who had been firm supporters of the strongman — bowed to the  State Department’s lobbying to jettison the dictator in February 1986?  Was it coincidental that Cory Aquino, who was backed by the US and even saved by US Phantom jets in the 1989 coup, unexpectedly picked Ramos as her successor, instead of Ramon Mitra who was her party’s choice?  Was it coincidental that Ramos became so critical of President Duterte after he announced a policy of separating from the US?

All this tells us of our sad penchant for condemning somebody out of power— preferably dead— and praising those who are in power one way or another,  no matter how they got there, and alive to fight back.


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  1. john c. jacinto on

    bobi, fvr already apologized to the filipino people by leading the edsa mutiny that toppled marcos. is there an apology more contrite and sincere than that?

    • FVR is an opportunist, he wasn’t at EDSA until people converges there on the calling of Cardinal Sin. Had EDSA failed, FVR will not be there but arresting those on the other side of the fence.

  2. sayang nw lng lumabas ito, sana nun pa panahon man lng ni cory or noynoy..dapat talaga si mirriam ang naging presidente eh.d si ramos

  3. Alexander Demetria on

    Indeed, it was FVR who was the “bedugo”during the Martial Law years, he is the Torquemada of that time. Kudos Mr. Tiglao on your great article. I can not understand why these so called human rights victims (alleged) kept on complaining. I was 12 years old during the declaration of Martial Law. What I recall was the discipline of the Filipinos. These AHRV (alleged human rights victims), prior to the declaration of Martial Law, kept marching and shouting “Makibaka Huwag Matakot”. When MLwas declared, they went underground. And when they got caught and questioned by the PC, human rights violation. You were trying to overthrow the government. Also, there was the looming threat of communism at that time not only in the Philippines, but also in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia. Now Riza Hontiveros is distributing books, peddling lies. Activist, when she was doing stage plays…WTF, is she saying. Again, Sir Bobbie, many thanks..

  4. i don’t get why you all are still pointing the blame to others

    you’re saying that ramos should take the blame because he is the head of police back then but didn’t do anything… and by your logic.. that will just make marcos more bad and the one to be blamed… why?
    maybe because he is the president at the time he is the one who gave the police so much power that they abused it!
    1. if he was such a great leader why didn’t he just lift up the martial law to atleast reduce the number of victims??… martial law was on for 9 f*cking years don’t tell me there are no chances on how he’ll not know about the human rights violation
    oh there’s one he shut down the media … why because why not?? why not hide your secret right..
    2. why not destroy the thing that will give people their voice out… right??
    3. if martial law was for the communist then… is it hard to just put a special task force or perhaps a death squad to hunt down the necessary persons that controlled and supported the npa???
    4. if he was such a great leader like everyone is telling me …. why did this blood bath happened on this regime??
    please don’t answer the infrastructures that he built us … that gave us too a humongous amount of debt
    5. i agreed on putting the philippines on martial law but why didn’t he stop when there was so much human rights violation?

  5. Ask Ramos what happened to the early days of February 1986. Ask him also why he was the first defect during what they call EDSA (CIA) Revolution.

    According to the secret book that I have read (from Europe and given to me by a friend) during the early days of February 1986, President Reagan sent his CIA Director together with two other persons to negotiate with FM for him to provide 72000 MT of AU for their Rainbow $$$. It says that they offered FM 20% cash and 80% debt instruments but FM wanted 80% cash and 20% debt instruments but they have not reached an agreement and the director angrily told FM that he has only two weeks (???).

    Ask Ramos if he knew beforehand that FM will be kidnapped and be brought to Hawaii? Does he knew of the barges
    that was loaded with AU during that time and was brought to Subic?

    Defecting, I believe, was his only way out from the people’s anger of what he has done during the Martial Law period. I also believe that he was part of the CIA’s sinister plan to remove FM from power when the latter did not gave in to their demand. Does he knew why FM was kidnapped by the US (for them to recover from him the voluminous amount of AU stashed by Yamashita during WWII. Take note that the CIA have been and still working on this since the end of WWII).

  6. yes tama ka sir Tiglao c FVR talaga ang mgexplain sa mga ginagawa nya noon Martial law hindi ang mga marcoses. In other words c FVR ay C.I.A agent. Kung matatandaan nyo may sinabi c DU30 na may plano ang CIA na i assasinate cya cguro plano yan ni FVR…..Mabuhay kayo sir

  7. How quickly people forget the real henchman of the Marcos era – Gen. Fabian Ver. We should listen to the testimony of President Fidel Ramos regarding this. Maybe Ramos and his family were hostages to Ramos’ staying and providing legitimacy to the Marcos dictatorship.

  8. Mr. Tiglao…Ikaw na!!!! salamat sa napaka-maliwanag na mga katotohanang ito. Tunay na ang totoo ay hindi maitatago kaya dapat talaga si Ramos ang magpaliwanag at mag-sorry sa mga karahasang nangyari noong panahon ni Presidente Marcos.

    • Sir why now lang nimo inilabas to sana noon pa nong galit si Ramos sa mahal naming Presiendte Duterte para sampal sa kanya ito napaganda ibinahagi mo sa amin na mangmang sa kayutuhan noon pangyayari sa bansa natin sa regimen Marcos pero ganon pa man Sir saludo ako sa tapang mo na ibinulalas mo ito sa taong bayan ngayon lang kami naliwanagan at sa tutuo lang diehard Marcos din ako Siir at nasaisipan ko mula noon hanggang ngayon si Pres. Marcos malinis ang adhikain niya sa bansa natin upang umangat tayo malaki ang paniniwala ko na wala siyang kasal-anan dahil ang tanging hangad niya umunlad ang bansa natin at ang mga mamamayan natin ay umaasenso. ang nakapaligid lang sa kanya ang nagpapasama sa kanya ng dahil sa personal interest nila. Mabuhay ka Si pagpalin ka nawa ng ating Panginoo Maykapal. Samat Sir.

  9. the philippine colonial history has been revised and accepted like it’s ending which was not jjuly4,1946 but earlier then that. now,it is high time that they start revising again how their independent philippine political leaders were only being made possible thru the blessing of their former colonizer. let us start from president rosax.magsaysay,marcos,aquino;,ramos and the current president duterte. a lesson can be made that they are not truly an independent country.

  10. Take care Mr. Tiglao! You are becoming too dangerous for their Agenda! The young generation needs your insight for historical truth and perspective!

  11. Better accuse Marcos, Imelda can provide money. You cannot get any money from Ramos. Ilocano kasi.

  12. Thank you so much, Mr. Tiglao for your article! I’m your avid reader since the 90’s. I hope other readers of the post- Marcos era be enlightened by your articles. Thank you, Manila Times, for having Mr. Bobi Tiglao as one of your journalists


    • fernando suarez on

      Ramos should not only ask forgiveness or say sorry, but he should be tried for crime against humanity, then hang in public plaza.

  14. Yes!!!That’s really the truth and why those people are not aware on this? They were blinded with Money..It was Ramos are the one Ruling the Martial Law and not Marcos..I am not a Marcos loyalist but I want to be prove who are the culprit during that time because it was abuse by the Philippine Constabulary headed by Ramos. Now all failure was thrown to Marcoses? It’s unfair Ramos should be blame…

  15. This article is an eye – opener. Indeed, truth prevails & shall reveal itself in time. This is a revelation & an awakening.
    Thank you, Mr. TIGLAO for this valuable information revealing who is truly behind those human rights abuses. “Silent water runs deep “

  16. This is the most accurate and most credible of all Martial Law accounts so far. Sec. Tiglao, thank you very much for giving the time to write it.

    I am a living witness of the abuses of the Philippine Constabulary in the countryside, e.g. dragging women in public places, throwing taped grenades in front of people just for fun, 8pm curfew, forced disappearances, etc.

    Ramos is deliberately following the CIA doctrine of Low Intensity Conflict, where terror is sustained to create the need for an increased military budget and the introduction of US troops beyond the expiration of the military basing agreement in 1991.

    He should also be made to explain about his involvement in the establishment of the Abu Sayyaf terror group, which is not the handy work of the MNLF, nor does it share its principles, and still sowing terror in the South.

  17. Hi Mr. Tiglao,

    Thank you for your wonderful insight and report. This should be given attention by the government and whatever hawk-groups out there who are interested in pursuing real justice. Also, maybe you can convince Enrile – who is now at death’s door – to spill the beans on Ramos and the cold hard facts on Martial Law. I watched one of his recent videos…defending and justifying ML as well as sanitizing Marcos. If he really wants to pursue that angle, then he should crucify Ramos once & for all. There’s also talk that Ninoy Aquino and Marcos were fraternity brothers in UP Law, close enough not for Apo nor Imelda to have killed but for Ramos, with orders from CIA, to order his assassination and pave the way for the ouster of Marcos. For Ramos being the lapdog of Uncle Sam, would delightfully betray his cousin and set him up to his doom.

  18. Hope Risa Hontiveros reads this! She wrote a book and peddling it to the students! What does she know????

  19. Even before I read this article, I already knew and even telling others that ramos did a big role on human rights violation and not Pres.Marcos, as he was then the head/chief of the philippine constabulary. I was in high school when 1081 was proclaimed. God knows who was Judas. about ipp, read the investigative journalism articles.

  20. In a few years from now when FVR passes into the great beyond, will there also be protest questioning if he is worthy to be buried at the LNMB for his role in martial law just like Marcos?

    What is the position of the so called anti-martial law/Marcos activist on this?

  21. Yes..FVR keep silencing himself of his wrongdoing..Your right Mr. Tiglao..FVR and JPE..must reveal some thruth of
    their involvement to the people..who are deadma to the fact..and to reaveal the truth. To eventually, Mr. Marcos cbe bury to his desired appointed resting place…

  22. Aside from being the Martial Law administrator, for which he should be apologetic and per his standards disqualifies him from burial at the LNMB, he should also atone for his sins like CAUSING THE HIGHEST ELECTRIC RATES IN ASIA upon the Philippine nation, and , FAILING TO MODERNIZE THE ARMED FORCES TWENTY YEARS AGO !!

  23. Ignacio Balbutin on

    Its hypocrisy in the highest degree, Ramos should be the one to apologize to the people for all the abuses that they made. Marcos knows nothing about it, FM valued the lives of the filipinos. When Gen. Ver suggested to Marcos to bomb camp crame Marcos declined because he is afraid of the civilian casualties. Mr. Ramos, you should apologize now or the people will condemn you

  24. The Illuminati pointman FVR – in charge of Regime Change, sold his soul for a few pieces of silver and a promise to make him President. One of the richest man in Asia with a net worth of $15.5 billion.

    By Jose Ramon Villanueva

  25. Indeed, I was right all along that if there is anybody, who should apologise for the alleged excesses of ML, it should be Fidel Viajero Tabako y Talakitok y Ramos as these abuses were illegal or unlawful & could not be considered as the acts of FM as President & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. For the principle enunciated under the Command Responsibility rule covers only legal or lawful acts of the Commander-in-Chief. It’s sickening that the yellows could not include Fidel Viajero Tabako y Talakitok y Ramos in their yellow charge sheet. when he wielded so much power during that ML period that he could even issue ASSO—Arrest, Search and Seizure Order without the need of him going to FM for this. Something is reall wrong why Fidel viajero tabako y talakitok y Ramos remains untocuhable and clean before this anti’s. ANd Fidel viajero Tabako, y Talakitok y Ramos demanding from FM’s heirs forgiveness for the alleged abuses that he directed is indeed, hypocritical and plainly wrong.

  26. We do not expect a FIDEL who is in reality an INFIDEL to apologize … the same is true to a certain JUAN who allegedly plundered the hard-earned taxes of poor Juan dela Cruz .

  27. An excellent report from a very good reporter. Perfect. Sir, magandang companion piece nito yung Ninoy Aquino Murder.

  28. Thank you MR. TIGLAO for you honesty and truthfulness. I strongly believe to what you have said. Pw’ede po ba na isalpak sa pagmumuka ni RENE SAGUISAG yang article na yan ng matauhan. Sana po lahat ng article ninyo ay mabasa ng mga kabataan na nilason na ang kaisipan dahil sa mga maling sinasabi o itinuturo sa kanila. God Bless po!

  29. You have to wonder why, countless interviews after interviews, nobody in mainstream media, for the last thirty years, ever asked him about his part in the alleged human rights violations. But bash Marcos every single opportunity they did. Even the so-called victims, they would rather excoriate Marcos who is long dead, curse him to the highest heavens that he may burn in hell forever and ever, but with FVR, boy, not the slightest whimper. Mabangis at matapang sila sa patay, bahag ang buntot sa buhay?

  30. very good analysis. something every filipino should know and pore their thoughts on. every piece of information should be taken critically, not superficially.
    btw: let us also not forget that foremost, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and defense against deception.

  31. Wasn’t it during Cory Aquino’s term that the word ‘balimbing’ came about in reference to political opportunists and turncoats?

    This is what I believe in: There used to be three great manipulators of the masses and guardians of the elite establishment. Two have since departed (thank goodness!) namely Cardinal Sin and Cory Aquino.

    The last remaining evil is Fidel V. Ramos.

    Sana tamaan ka na ng kidlat hayop ka!

  32. kaya nanggagalaiti si ramos sa pinsan niyang si marcos ay ng hindi siya ginawang chief of staff ng afp kundi si ver na trusted niya kaysa kay ramos….. dapat nuon pa kung hindi maganda ang pamumumno ni marcos nagsiwalat na siya ng mga katiwalian samantalang siya ang namumuno sa pc/inp bakit kay marcos niya isinisisi ang human rights abuses nitong huli patalsikin niya ang pinsan niya sa edsa revolution, at alam niya niya na ang pinsan niya (marcos) ay sundalong tunay na tumanggap ng medal of valor, samantalang ang talagang tuta ng kano ay itong si ramos na west pointer hindi si marcos na hindi nagpahawak sa kano tulad ni duterte!!!!

  33. Thank you Mr Tiglao, it’s an eye-opener for the people who hated former Pres. Marcos for a very long time w/out knowing the facts about it, even the new generation doesn’t know it. I hope a lot of people can be able to read this column of yours. FVR when to see Pres Digong the other day at the palace at nag pasikat pa ang GAGONG MATANDA bago umalis. Sana nahulog siya sa SUV nya tawa ko lang.

  34. Ralph Emerson Manlapas on

    Very well said Mr. Tiglao i know all your words are full of WISDOM and COURAGE just continue what you have started clean and substance in every article you shared to us… MABUHAY KA!!!

  35. Another thing Ramos should explain to the Filipino people is what he knows about the Ninoy Aquino assassination. Why was General Fabian Ver singled out for prosecution by the Agrava board when it was PC officers who talked to and fetched Galman from Bulacan and brought him to the airport on that fateful day in 1983. These were PC officers under the command of General Fidel Valdez Ramos whose silence for more than three decades on the Aquino killing has been very deafening.

  36. And we were made to believe Gen. Ver was the bad guy and Ramos was the good one. It was only during the latter’s presidency that I doubted his projection of a good man looking only after the good of his people. For how come the cost of power are being paid by consumers even if it isn’t used? That’s what the IPP, a Ramos creation, been doing. At isang kabalintunaan, after his presidency he has been travelling around the world on speaking engagement as “stateman”.

    • Even during his term he traveled all over the world at the expense of the Filipino people. And with his IPP’s we have the most expensive source of energy all over ASIA instead of making the Bataan Nuclear plant useful. Today if the Philippine gov’t. rehabilitate the Bataan Nuclear plant it will cost us 1 billion US dollar compare to the cost during his term(FVR).

    • Hijo, he was taken by the Carlyle Group after his presidency as the group’s pointman in Southeast Asia. With the appointment, he thought he suddenly have intellectual breadth and academic credentials to talk about geopolitics, security concerns, military strategy and sino-us arrangements when even Mr. Marcos doubts his decision-making abilities. Thats the reason he was always passed by Mr. Fabian in the selection for CS.

    • Edilberto Grata Jr. on

      It is about time that stories on what really transpired during Martial Law be shared especially to the generation of today.

      Well researched Sec Tiglao! You are indeed one of the few columnists who write scholarly.


    • you have a good suggestion. dapat malaman ito ng dakilang yellow. but he will manipulate to high heavens because it is practical to demonized marcos. ang sagisag ng mga yellows talaga!

  37. yes, it is the PC who do the abuses as i have witnessed in our province during the martial law years. i was a teenager at that time. more people have decided to be with the NPA as a result of the abuses committed by the PC’s especially in the remote sitios and barangays in our province.

  38. I was thinking about this last night while reading a write up regarding imee pin pointing ramos on atrocities during ml. And also i remembered about mr tiglao’s editorial a month ago or older than that on enrile ramos as the living witnesses of ml. Its coincidental i believe. Few that is written here is somewhat part of my critical thinking last night. My point is, everyone is now starting to understand that ml is not a one man show. Ramos and enrile must be forced to reveal the truth.

  39. Thank you Mr tiglao
    I love reading your article;;t was long time I want Mr ramps to answer all of this he is the real thief;; traitor and opportunist an American boy.
    He was never a patriot;;is concern is only himself how many he corrupted from our beloved country but no one dare to investigate. How many government owned land he sold and privatised but no one knows where the money goes.
    And this martial law things;;ise has no shame of asking the Marcos children to apologised. Where he was the commander of constabulary then. A total shameful man. For me he is the man with no honor at all its time for the people to ask him to explain,, hat happen then during martial law,

    • oo nga, ano? si enrile din, abt 90 na? at least jpe is now outspelling the lies abt marcos. they are given a long time to repent and tell the truth and still have that chance. they shld be looking forward to eternal matters at this point of their lives. i pray it won’t turn out too late for them.

  40. Why then should the human rights bodies, local and international, give so much time and space to PRRD’s drug on war casualties, but did not mind those of the marital law year’s?
    My personal suggestion: there should be a national body called “Phil Investigative Journalism” that you must lead. You know a lot and know how to put them in a language comprehensible to the common tao. You can train journalists (or plain media) on the three learning domains: (1) Attitude. news-writing is not only to keep one’s keep, but a means to educate readers, (2) Skills. technical writing with 100% accuracy, and (3) Knowledge. imbibe in them, Sir, the passion like yours for building themselves into respectable crusaders (PRRD’s third kind of journalists). Thank you for this article. Like all the rest, is educational. Wasn’t Fort Bonifacio also related to then Pres. FVR?

  41. These articles must be shared to millenials and the youth who seems to have been brainwashed by the yellow cult. Thank you Mr. Tiglao. I will be a senior citizen next year yet I have never met a “real victim” of martial law as I have expressed before during my previous comments.

  42. Why FVR is commenting on the Marcos family and human rights abuses is puzzling. Is he trying to rewrite the past and come out as the “good guy”?


    Yes! I hope you’ll send me privately ( the name of your father who was the stockade master sergeant. He was a really grandfatherly guy, and treated us well. He had an assistnt, a corporal I’d like to know the name of.



  46. Thank you again Mr. Tiglao. I learn a lot from reading your columns. I remember when I was in high school the name Narciso Ramos in our current events. Philippine mainstream media failed to educate the people regarding Martial Law. Your detailed accounts of Martial Law days enlighten us as to what happened. Akala ko tsismis lang na magpinsan sina Ramos at Marcos, totoo palang talaga.

  47. As I recall Fidel Ramos was instrumental in toppling the Marcos regime. During the Marcos regime I recall daily headlines involving FM and the FL but not so much of Fidel Ramos.

  48. Lenia Hetherington on

    Sana ay lahat nang available truth of the Martial Law, specially sa mga taong involved (like Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile) sa mga nangyari noon ay mailalbas na para naman ma-vindicted ang mga Marcos.
    Mr. Tiglao, sana marami pang mga reporter na tulad mo, but very sadly, most reporters now a days are selling their souls for a few pesos, and never think about the reputation of their own descendants that they are living behind.
    Mr. Tiglao, please search more of the Martiasl Law years, write (wether good or bad) and publish them for the world to read.
    Thank you and may the good Lord will bless you abundantly and keep you and family safe at all times.

  49. Herman P. Hondojare on

    Shout it more louder Mr. Tiglao and keep pounding the untold barbaric acts of the Philippine Constabulary under direct command of Fidel Ramos.

    You are the only one who tell the facts and have the courage to breath out from your mind and heart for soo long years of closet fears.

    Mabuhay ka

  50. I hope that in the near future you will also publish an article on the role Francisco Tatad played during the Martial Law years as one of the cabinet ministers of Marcos.

  51. Good point. Ramos was one of the most powerful personalities in the Martial Law era yet as if he speaks as if he is clean. Also its an open secret he pocketed more during his term. What a hypocrite just like the Aquinos.