• Randalf Dilla opens ‘Germanophile’ exhibit


    Thirty-one-year-old artist Randalf Dilla opened his exhibit “Germanophile” on November 17 at the Mezzanine of the Makati Shangri-La. Dilla was a recipient of a two-month artist residency grant in Bruchkobel, Germany in 2014.

    Randalf Dilla at work

    Randalf Dilla at work

    Still on a “high,” his current works are drenched in a dreamy and nostalgic lyricism of that travel. A work such as “Early October” is a veritable Oktoberfest with beer literally flowing, even as the lush leaves of the overhanging trees shelter the happy crowd of revelers.

    A work of stark contemporary social reality is the painting titled “Refugees,” a sad, disturbing depiction of the
    uprooted people migrating from war-torn countries, risking lives, on board symbolic paper boats tossed by a raging sea.

    The treatment of the title piece, “Germanophile,” is a bow to surrealism, with its various layers of confounding realities, as the artist, his back to the audience, paints a pretty fraulein or single German-speaking woman on a canvas in his studio, the sight shifting from the field of flowers, and back again to the studio with its overhead lights.

    ‘Refugees’ Oil on canvas, 2016

    ‘Refugees’ Oil on canvas, 2016

    ”Germanophile” recently received the Best Trompe l’oeil runner-up award from the most prestigious realist art competition in the Americas, the International Arc Salon in New York.

    Organized by Hiraya Gallery, Germanophile exhibition runs until November 27.


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