• Rappler and DFA traitors’ leak of Trump-Duterte call damages PH’s image irreparably



    NEWS website Rappler’s release of the transcript of the phone conversation last April 29 between US President Trump and President Duterte—leaked by Yellow moles at the Department of Foreign Affairs—is such an appalling betrayal of our country’s welfare we should be outraged over it.

    While Trump praised Duterte profusely for his war against illegal drugs, the US President disclosed such highly classified information as the US having two nuclear submarines with “a lot of firepower” ready to retaliate against North Korea. Because of this, Western media has been in a frenzy over Trump’s revelation of such a military secret, with news outfits all over the world even posting the facsimile of the actual DFA memorandum that had the transcript.

    However, Rappler’s scoop has damaged the country’s image irreparably. It has made us a laughingstock of the whole world, with people saying that we have a government that can’t keep state secrets, according to my diplomatic sources who are shocked at the reports. (I do have such sources: I was an ambassador from 2005 to 2010.)

    “How can any head of state now talk to your President frankly, when his talk with the world’s most powerful head of state, who has his own strict protocols for confidentiality, was released to the world, word for word?” a high-ranking foreign diplomat rhetorically asked. Because of this leak which became ammo for his many critics, I’m sure Trump will never talk to Duterte again.

    Never has such a confidential conversation between heads of state been made public. Even the infamous Wikileaks website managed to disclose only reports written by diplomatic staff, and not transcripts of such confidential talks. Never in our modern history has such a document of the highest level of confidentiality been publicly released.

    KILLER? Rappler sister company The Intercept’s report on the Duterte-Trump conversation.

    Even the recent reports by The Washington Post and The New York Times regarding Trump’s controversial remarks in his meeting with Russian diplomats as well as FBI Director James Comey’s memorandum, didn’t contain the actual transcripts or memo, with the two papers reporting that the contents of these were only read to their journalists.

    Even the memorandum
    By contrast, Rappler and its accomplice the American news website intercept.com even posted the facsimile of the memorandum on the transcript written by acting assistant secretary Marshal Louis M. Alferez of the DFA’s Office of American Affairs. The memorandum was addressed to the undersecretary for civilian security and consular affairs, whom I was told was Ariel Abadilla, through the undersecretary for policy Enrique A. Manalo.

    The National Bureau of Investigation or the National Intelligence Coordinating Authority should investigate these officials and everyone who had access to the document—and subject them to lie-detector tests—to find out the source of such an embarrassing leak that has been so damaging to the country. It is a crime: the unauthorized release of government confidential information is penalized with five years of imprisonment under the Civil Service Code. The same penalties are imposed on private individuals involved in such crime.

    Rappler editors may have known that the leaking of confidential government information is a crime that it claimed that it didn’t get the transcript directly from the DFA but only through the US-based website The Intercept, which subtitled its report on the Trump-Duterte conversation, “A Call with a Killer”.

    The DFA memo cover page and first page of transcript of Duterte-Trump conversation released by Rappler

    This is such a flimsy excuse. The Intercept is financed by E-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar who in 2015 made a substantial investment of about P50 million in Rappler, making the local website a sister company of The Intercept. This American news site even posted the transcript at the same time that Rappler did.

    But the egoism of Rappler’s editors is such that they still wanted to get credit for such a scoop: The Intercept’s report had the prominent note “In partnership with Rappler”, with the website’s logo conspicuously displayed (see image).

    Rappler thinks we are gullible fools by claiming that The Intercept has such deep, and extensive sources in the Philippines’ foreign affairs department that it could get such a sensitive, and confidential information.

    DFA security-conscious
    However, the DFA in fact is one government agency that is so conscious of the security of its documents that it routinely attaches the pro-forma cover sheet with the word “CONFIDENTIAL” displayed at its top and bottom to most of its inter-office documents. Only the Office of the President and our national security agencies use such a cover sheet. DFA courses at its Foreign Service Institute have modules devoted solely to the importance of confidentiality and security.

    I don’t think even Rappler itself got the document through its sheer investigative skills, which have been mediocre. The DFA is such a security-conscious institution that it takes years, even decades, for a reporter to develop sources in it who would leak confidential information (but never actual documents).

    And of course, since even the slightest derogatory information—suspicion of leaking some information to media, for instance—on a staff endangers his or her chance of promotion, and most importantly, of being assigned to a juicy post overseas, the dream of nearly all DFA staff.

    So, how did Rappler get that highly classified document that has damaged our country’s reputation? I have my suspicions.

    Del Rosario
    I have gotten several emails from my DFA contacts which allege that former Foreign Secretary and Yellow-Cult hard-core Albert del Rosario has maintained a small core of DFA officials loyal to him—and anti-Duterte—in the department’s headquarters here and abroad. My DFA sources claimed that partly because of these anti-Duterte officials, the department has done practically nothing to correct the country’s image in the West that there have been massive human rights violations because of Duterte’s war against illegal drugs.

    Del Rosario appears to have been close to Rappler which has written so many pieces praising him and almost routinely quotes extensively his views that are invariably critical of Duterte’s foreign policy, which he termed a “national tragedy.” Rappler was the only news outfit that reported that del Rosario recommended that then acting foreign secretary Enrique Manalo be appointed permanent DFA head, based on his experience of working with him for five years.

    After Alan Cayetano’s appointment as DFA head, Manalo has returned to his post as undersecretary for policy. The memorandum containing the Trump-Duterte transcript was coursed through him.

    I’m sure it would be very easy for the NBI—by tracing everyone who had access to the memorandum and subjecting them to lie-detector tests—to determine who leaked the confidential transcript, and to whom.

    How can such a weak nation like us that had three American lackeys as presidents in its recent history, reassert its independence from its former colonizer and its Western allies if traitors in the DFA in collusion with the Yellow Cult leak to the world confidential documents?

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    1. Mr. Nieto of Thinking Pinoy reveal this leakage of Rappler a week ago. I’m not weighing much the gravity of this exposure not until Mr. Tiglao expose it now. I consider Mr. Nieto’s analysis is much deeper than the analysis of other writers here and other news I read. I may say similar with Mr. Tiglao because they both have documents on hand to prove.

    2. You were hacked, stupid! It’s so easy to break your IT networks.

      It’s so funny to see though the level of stupidity of Duterte die-hard supporters. To all those people are right to vote is a crime against humanity.

    3. The yellow syndicate in government must be rooted out and prosecuted. These people are corrupt and traitors. There are yellow crooks in the DFA, DENR, DSWD, CHED, DepEd, DoE, and DOJ.

    4. victor arches on

      It is not far-fetched that Rappler’s Maria Ressa INTENTIONALLY published the “leak” sourced from her DFA yellow.mole (Manalo?), precisely to embarrass the Duterte administration, as well as place Pareng Digong in a bad light in Donald Trump’s eyes.

      This woman— who looks and sounds like a man—is a known supporter of the Yellow.kind, who still cannot accept the unexpected, embarrassing loss of her candidate last May 2016. She uses her news-outfit wannabe to push her (and her fellow cohorts’) agenda to create and generate dissatisfaction with the current administration, in order to install Landi whom, like PeN0t PaN0t, they can easily manipulate like the puppets that they are.

      Boy, how I would love to see Ressa in handcuffs, her mugshots taken just like DeLi b0G, and to keep the latter company in Camp Crame for 5 years.
      But before all that, should we expect another Senate circus lasting a month, where Ressa will divulge her yellow.moles inside the DFA?

      • arrest the moles….Simple as that………..Moles destroy the images of good government plan……Those mole are consider traitor and should be arrest or be detained…….

    5. Sir Cayetano, sir Tiglao, even a non-informed rookie like me can see that the Deep State is looking for ways to exert influence in our affairs, ergo, render damage to Tatay Digong. However, even postmodern theologians will agree that all prayers of all the Filipino people is needed at this time. Harinawa.

    6. They should idetify who these yellow traitors are and isolate them out of reach of sensitive and classified information. Transfer them to Sulu and Badilan and just give them the passort stamping job if they cannot be fired due to civil service rules.

    7. I dont think it makes any difference weather the leaks came from the yellows or anyone else. That secret information was leaked & whoever leaked it may be classed as a traitor. We all want america on our side & if this leak in anyway has damaged relations with america someone has to pay for that. Leave no stone unturned in finding the person or persons guilty. Get the right person & name & shame them & jail them for a long time. Traitors i believe should be executed. Our country should come first before any individual. Im english but my wife is a filipino & im fully supportive of the philippines in finding those responsible for this & dealing with it in whatever way they think is necessary. Good luck

    8. Yves Boquet on

      Trump and Duterte are the real blabbermouths. Journalists are just doing their job.

      • Arline Hernandez on

        Presidents were voted into power through the normal democratic processes and deserve everyone’s respect. Many need to be reminded that their candidates may not always win but that is the rule by majority. At the same time some civil laws violate natural moral law and lose their moral authority over the people. ?

    9. Trisha Reyes on

      I don’t understand why there is an automatic assumption that the leak came from “Yellow Moles”? Why are you so obsessed with keeping this country divided by assuming that there is your side and the wrong side. We’re all Filipinos here and this leak creates problems for ALL Filipinos not just those you deem to be on the Yellow side. I am admittedly one of those who did NOT vote for the President but I am a Filipino and I exercised my right to vote and when my chosen candidate did not win I chose to respect that as well. You’re article would have been more credible had you not chosen to be so one sided and critical of those who you think oppose you.

      Maybe as a journalist and as you mentioned former ambassador (which should make you even more adept in being civil and tactful) you should use your space as a way to get your message across while UNITING the county instead of furthering your hateful agenda.

      Good day sir.

      • who else would have leaked it then? someone who supports the president? apparently not. if you read the article, it was released through the Intercept who also supports Rappler who in turn is so biased and against the President. didn’t you know that Maria Ressa of Rappler is so proud to say that she saw nothing wrong with the release of this ‘confidential’ document? this article meant to let us know how we are seen in the international platform. the convo between the 2 presidents did not need to be disclosed publicly you know.

      • You’re right, Trisha.

        I read your column once in awhile, Mr. Tiglao. I think you will have more credibility if you stop branding the Yellows as enemies. You sound lik a whiny child.

    10. It is possible that the leak came from USA. We all know President Trump is not a likeable man and yet to be seen if he would be a likeable President. He has many enemies even that of President Duterte. It is therefore possible that, upon Philippines Govt sharing the transcript to US Govt, whether during exchange or once received, someone from US Govt decided that a “Confidential” document, ie. not Secret or Top Secret, would not pose substantial damage t the country but enough to embarrass Trump and Duterte.. at the same time. It’s not a secret CIA doesn’t like both Trump and Duterte but we could only speculate.

    11. Digong is the only reason why we have become the laughingstock of the world. Blaming the media for doing their job well is stupid.

      • Afons Huber on

        You should know that DU30 has more supporters here in europe than you can even immagine. Don’t think we all follow the official human rights agenda. People who don`t care about humen rights like rebels, terrorists or drug dealers don`t deserve to be trated according to human rights. Ist like a treaty, both sides have to agree, then everything should be fine.

    12. DFA and NBI should conduct an investigation regarding this mess because this is a matter of National Security. We will never prosper as a nation if we have yellow moles in the government in collaboration with RAPPLER who obviously sold their souls to the devil for money. These traitors should be punished accordingly.

    13. Are you sure they are yellow moles? How about the inner circle of this “Pasikat” administration? Or probably even the center of the circle itself?

      • “Blaming the media for doing their job well” are you farking kidding me? spilling INTEL for all the world to see is A JOB WELL DONE? this is political sabotage, plain and simple. as Mr. Tiglao himself expressed earlier, even Wikileaks do not present whole transcripts on their reveals.

        this is an attempt to dismantle a legitimate government. people of your kind had been hemming and hawing about MUH RUSSKIES and MUH HUMAN RIGHTS with no proper solutions to offer lel.

    14. Amnata Pundit on

      We need a Counter Intelligence Agency led by a clone of Fabian Ver to make sure that everybody in government especially in the DFA is loyal to nothing else but the flag only. I remember during Martial Law one needed a NISA clearance first before he can be hired as a telephone operator in PLDT’s central exchange. Ver was way ahead of his American counterparts when it came to domestic spying. Is it possible that Amerika’s NSA got their ideas from him, I wonder?

      • in one video of Ninoy Aquino in America, he said that Marcos gave an order that those plotting to commit crime/terrorism can be jailed by the Philippine government. Ninoy said that “imagine, mag-iisip ka pa lang mangaliwa sa asawa mo ay kulong ka na agad ni Marcos.” tawanan naman agad iyong mga audience niya. bilib na bilib sila kay Ninoy.

        Marcos was ahead of his American counterparts. now, the US government can arrest people who are plotting to terrorize the Americans and commit violent crimes. why would you let terrorists actually perpetrate and commit violent crimes when the US government can prevent them from actually happening in order to save lives.

        magaling mag-twist si Ninoy upang iyong magandang idea ni Marcos to fight terrorism and crimes ay maging baluktot sa pananaw ng mga tao at matakot ang publiko sa Marcos government.

        Meron pa ngang kuwento ang ibang critics ni Marcos na noong panahon daw ni Marcos, bawal magkumpul kumpul ang mga tao sa kalye at kapag nakita sila ng Metrocom ay huhulihin sila. ganyan ang paninira na ginawa nila para yung mga kabataan na hindi nakakaalam kung ano talaga ang nangyari noong panahon ng martial law, ay magalit sa gobyerno ni Marcos.

        Makikita mo nga sa youtube, noong panahon ng martial law ay meron pang nagra-rally against the government at pinagsabihan lang ng isang police official ang mga rallyists na umalis na sa kalye at mag-rally sila sa lugar na allowed like Luneta, Plaza Miranda.

    15. Rappler journalists must be jailed.
      Kaso hindi po acceptable na evidence ang lie-detector test.
      Maraming kayang mag-bypass diyan.
      Lalo na ang Rappler journos na inaraw-araw na ang pagsisinungaling.
      Mainstream media talaga ang panira sa bansa.

      • The point here is that one of them must be the traitor, it is impossible for external access of that top secret documents. So all of them must be investigated.

    16. Sec. Allan Cayetano should remove all those loyal with former dfa sec. Del rosario. Allan has the prerogative to replace these dfa staff with his trusted ones. This is the warning that Sen. Lacson to be careful with those existing staff. Rapler, you have to face the legal consequences based upon your deeds. Be ready to defend yourselves including your cohorts media The Intercept which is your sister co. You will put on trial and if the court found you guilty, your senior staff & your ceo, will be imprisoned and closed your establishment acc. to the law. The law will prosecute and punish you once the law found you guilty.

    17. Rappler from the very start has alongside CNN and abs collaborated to deliver news piecemeal to give it malice. This kind of irresponsible journalism has got to stop esp when confidential matters affecting the status of our very country is concerned. A swift judicial sanction or executive order should curb their news casting half truths, esp Rappler and the owner editor imprisoned w/o bail. They can not and should not be allowed to cover under FOI or freedom of the press. Freedom carries w it responsibilities and limits as well.

    18. When we leaned that Maria Ressa was terminated or resigned from ABS-CBN, we already suspected that this woman if a problematic one. Our suspicion became deeper when she organized Rappler with equally suspicious personalities of the journalist group in the Philippines, more so when we learned that the financier of Rappler is from the U.S. who is also practices questionable journalism. Rappler is very dangerous. It is a paid partisan of the past dispensation.

    19. If the DFA is the source of the leak, the department needs to be overhauled to boot out all yellow remnants that could really harm the country’s intelligence-keeping.

    20. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Disclosure of the confidential memorandum may constitute violation of Art.118 of the Revised Penal Code which provides:

      Art. 118. Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals. — The penalty of reclusion temporal shall be imposed upon any public officer or employee, and that of prision mayor upon any private individual, who, by unlawful or unauthorized acts provokes or gives occasion for a war involving or liable to involve the Philippine Islands or exposes Filipino citizens to reprisals on their persons or property.

      The unauthorized disclosure of the transcript of the conversation between Presidents Trump and Duterte may provoke or give occasion for a war involving or liable to involve the Philippines between North Korea, the United States and eventually the Philippines; or expose Filipino citizens anywhere in the word to reprisal from North Korean authorities.

      Reclusion temporal is imprisonment from 12 years and 1 day to 20 years; prision mayor is imprisonment from 6 years and 1 day to 12 years.

    21. Enemies of PRRD’s administration still moving their course undergrounds like ? ? but l could feel their end is coming very soon.

    22. Grabe talaga basta ang media bayaran! Kapag hawak ng kultong dilaw yang mga yan, hindi tatahimik yan kasi kumikita ng pera! mga buwisit ng bayan

    23. Secretary Alan Cayetano must fire out these Del Rosario’s loyalists from the Foreign Affair Office. He is entitled to men and women under him that he can trust.

    24. There is a syndicate inside the DFA that has been in existence for many years..

      • Totoo yan. Ang passport ko na dapat ipadala ng DFA (Manila) sa Kuala Lumpur ay ninakaw mismo sa loob ng opisina ng DFA. Kun paano nanakaw iyon ay patibay ng pagkakaroon ng security leak o katarantaduhan sa loob ng DFA.