• Rappler insists on its ‘7,080-killed’ fake news; resorts to ad hominem arguments



    IN a panicky tone, the news website Rappler (rappler.com) insisted in an article that the lie it had fabricated, that there were 7,080 drug-related killings since President Duterte assumed power, which it spread around the world, is true. This is despite all the debunking and data the Philippine National Police itself and I have presented.

    Rappler’s epic lie—or intentional boo-boo—as I explained in the preceding two columns, involved misinterpreting the PNP’s number of “deaths under investigation or concluded investigation”, 4,525, as all due to the campaign against illegal drugs, when the PNP itself—which after all created that category—says they are not, that it included all kinds of killings, of all motives, from road rage to robbery.

    Rappler then added this number to the police’s figure of 2,555 of suspected drug personalities killed in police operations to get the sum of 7,080 – which it claimed was the death toll of President Duterte’s war on illegal drugs from the time he assumed office up to January. The accurate figure would be just a third of that: 2,102 based on my calculation using data from the Philippine Daily Inquirer to 2, 582, according to the latest PNP report.

    I had emailed Rappler managing editor Glenda Gloria and the researcher who wrote the piece, Michael Bueza, two weeks before I wrote my exposes on their epic lie, requesting if they could clarify to me how they got the 7,080 figure. They didn’t respond at all, not even a “no-comment” or mind-your-own-business reply.

    It is so unfortunate and unfair for our country that Rappler’s 7,080 number has been swallowed uncritically by the European Union Parliament, the Human Rights Watch, CNN, Time, USA Today, and by most foreign media, exaggerating by a third the number of those killed in Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs.

    AD HOMINEM EXPERTS: Rappler executive editor Maria Ressa (left), managing editor Glenda Gloria (middle): “Tiglao is just an ex-journalist, out to get Rappler.” Do they know whom they’re really working for (right)?

    Rappler still insists that the PNP’s number of “deaths under investigation” (or DUI) are all drug-related in its recent article, unimaginatively titled in its ad hominem thrust, “Tiglao’s fake news”.

    This is despite the fact that police spokesman Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos last March 15 pointed out, in reference to Vice President Leni Robredo’s recent use of the same Rappler figure, that its category of “deaths under investigation” are mostly “regular crimes happening on the street”. (Philippine Daily Inquirer, “PNP disputes Robredo on 7,000 drug-related killings,” March 15).

    Rappler tries to wiggle out of its lying quagmire by implying that the PNP changed its reporting system and only “last week apparently clarified that its DUI numbers now cover all crimes.”

    This is a total lie, and it is shocking how Rappler can assert such a falsehood when it is so easy to debunk it. Rappler itself reported August 23, 2016 when the PNP first set up that category: “PNP chief Dela Rosa: Not all deaths under investigation drug-related. There are other motives.”

    Several other newspapers reported this clarification, among them the following Philippine Star article of December 9, 2016:

    “What we are claiming as those recorded as deaths under investigation are not all drug-related. So, these were not part of the war on drugs,” said PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa in a mix of English and Filipino. He said other deaths were just ‘normal’ cases of murder, homicide, riding in tandem and parricide.

    Another similar report, in ABS-CBN’s website December 6. 2016:“According to the PNP, ‘deaths under investigation’ are ‘murder cases outside police operations,’ regardless of the motive.”

    7,080 not mentioned anymore
    Interestingly, in its discussion on DUI, claiming that my expose was wrong, the Rappler article no longer mentions that now infamous “7,080” figure that it spread around the world, probably realizing it is indefensible. Yet, it still insists my expose was wrong, basta. What data does it present for this?

    Nothing, it just asks readers to take their word for it: “There are many more unreported deaths in the war on drugs. We know this from the many hours that our news team has been spending on the streets, pounding the graveyard beat in the last 8 months.” Rappler can do that with its lone police reporter?

    But that claim certainly sounds familiar.

    That’s how Vice President Leni Robredo blackened the Philippines’ image in her message to the UN, citing anonymous sources, telling the world to believe her: “Some told us… We were told…There were reports.”

    That the writer or writers of that Rappler post  purportedly debunking my expose aren’t really confident of what they’re writing is obvious in that they can’t even identify themselves, with the article only by-lined by “Rappler.com.” Is the writer the executive editor Maria Ressa? Or is it managing editor Glenda Gloria or the writer of the original epic lie, a researcher, Michael Bueza? Or is the outfit’s Board of Directors?

    Rappler had very little arguments to prove its 7,080 as correct. In its its short, sophomoric 340-word post (a fourth of the length of this column), it resorts to ad hominem arguments, referring to me as an “ex-journalist and Arroyo apologist”, obviously implying that I am not a real journalist now. Ad hominem are a sure mark of bad, bad journalism.

    “Arroyo apologist”? While I was Presidential Spokesperson and Press Secretary for a few months, I was under President Arroyo, behind the scenes, so to speak, for four years as her Presidential Chief of Staff and Presidential Management Staff Head, and then for five years Ambassador to Greece. But I am astonished why Rappler is still hung up about Arroyo, who stepped down from office seven years ago, and who has been practically cleared of all the trumped-up charges against her?

    Ex-journalist? I returned to being a professional, full-time journalist in 2010 after my stint in public service when I started writing a column, first in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I have written more investigative pieces in my column since then up to today and won more awards for journalistic excellence,  than all of Rappler’s editors and reporters have in all their working lives or could in several lifetimes, combined.

    Vintage yellow thinking
    Rappler’s argument is really vintage yellow thinking—when criticized, claim that there’s a nefarious motive. “Tiglao is out to get Rappler. And that’s the only explanation for his series of fake news about us.”

    Proof that I am not out to get Rappler, which would be news to Rappler staffers: I had not disclosed for three years now, other than its recent foreign funders, the real controlling Filipino owner of Rappler – if he is not fronting for anybody else, that is— who is so secretive, he isn’t even named in its founding or present board of directors. I had talked several times to its main, controlling investor, a friend from college, even advising him that Rappler must be more objective and balanced, rather than being so supportive of past president Aquino to the point of servility.

    He says he is just a businessman just trying make money, in this case by setting up Rappler, which would take advantage of the new brave world of the internet. Alas, in this project to make money, unconcerned about what his biased editors publish, he is responsible for the damage his employees do to our country, as in this case of Rappler misleading the world with a spurious exaggerated number of deaths due to the anti-drug campaign.

    I can no longer allow that. Now, especially with his outfit’s ad hominems against me and its supreme insult that I am not a journalist, I will certainly relish to have the truth out. That will be for Monday.

    To Rappler: maghunos-dili kayo. There is no shame in admitting a mistake: it’s a mark of professional journalism. And this is more about your pride and there’s a nation here we are building.

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    1. Jimmy Santos on

      Mr. Tiglao,

      I was waiting very eagerly for you to reveal the controlling invertor of Rappler the monday after this article. Did I miss it? Please advise. Or have you changed your mind? why?

    2. Lourdes Oeij on

      Thank you Mr Tiglao for pulling up Rappler on their irresponsible reporting . The repercussion of attributing 7,080 deaths to President Duterte’s war on drugs is grossly unfair, derogatory, and denigrating. Rappler should publish a public apology . To add insult to injury, VP Robredo uses the same inaccurate 7,080 war on drug deaths under Pres. Duterte in her “tantrum telling“ on PRRD to the UN Commission on Drugs. Only in the Philippines does a Vice President to the Head of her Country stab her CEO at the back. Only in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you expect a country to move forward in this “democrazy” society.

    3. Lourdes Oeij on

      Thank you Mr Tiglao for pulling up Rappler on their irresponsible reporting . The repercussion of attributing 7,080 deaths to President Duterte’s war on drugs is grossly unfair, derogatory, and denigrating. Rappler should publish a public apology . To add insult to injury, VP Robredo uses the same inaccurate 7,080 deaths in the war on drugs under Pres. Duterte for her “tantrum telling“ on PRRD to the UN Commission on Drugs. Only in the Philippines does a Vice President to the Head of her Country stab her CEO at the back. Only in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you expect a country to move forward in this “democrazy” society?.

      There appears to be no conduct for social media, then it will be journalists like you, Mr Tiglao who will discipline errant people like Ressa and her cohorts in Rappler.

      i await your next column on Monday.

    4. Rappler is clearly part of an elaborate and highly-funded demolition crew out to sabotage Pres. Duterte’s administration. Their audacity on falsely analyzing official data to paint a grim picture of Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs shows that they will resort to anything to accomplish their wicked goal.

      Please continue to expose them Mr. Tiglao, because your column is just one of the very few who can engage with and put in place all these biased mainstream media.

    5. Sir,

      Another well written hard hitting article.

      If Rappler is in need to be exposed, then so be it! about time we know who’s really behind it.

      With your permission, Sir will be linking this article.

      Cant wait for Monday!!!.

    6. Go Mr. Tiglao, expose the CIA-funded troll online news content publisher Rappler. They are an enemy of the state and the people.

    7. I was wrong when I said “Journalism Profession” is going to the sewage drain, I should have said “Journalism Profession” is in the drain.
      I ask myself what happened to this profession? It used to be prestige profession, people respect journalist/reporters/radio broadcaster. Most reporters now reports “Daw”, “Raw”, “Kuno” and most of the time “maybe”, it does not verify it’s reports. A TV station got award for being a good news reporter that reports “Daw” and “Raw”.
      Is there a professional body in this profession?
      Is there a Law against malicious reporting?

    8. hats off Mr. Tiglao, keep up you good work of exposing this bias unverified media outfit that brings negative taste and damage to our country. We support you!!!

    9. You bring back respect to objective journalism. Hats off to Manila Times for articles like this and also to Mr Tiglao.

    10. Seven thousand dead so far. Some were no doubt innocent. The vast majority were guilty. At least Duterte is willing to do something other than accepting bribes from drug lords and putting up with crimes committed by desperate addicts and their “innocent” weeping relatives. The rest of the world cowers in horror at the drug trade but Duterte acts. He doesn’t have their luxury of loads of money for courts, lawyers and trials so he does the best he can which is to rid the Islands of them. For this he is condemned by countries that do not have the poverty that shackles the Philippines and really know nothing of what it is like to live surrounded by desperate criminals and religious quacks all working to insure your continued misery. Duterte knows the truth. He will die fighting for the oppressed in Philippines.

    11. If an ordinary citizen accuses someone without solid evidence can be sued with Libel, now that a media accuses the government by telling lies they are free to do whatever they want to say even in the expense of our country’s integrity, and it even caused economic downfall or whatsoever. Now, why can’t these people of rappler be sued libel and economic sabotage? Why not behead these CROCS of this media outfit? Let the head of Maria Ressa ROLL FIRST as an example of those chaos causing DEMONS in media….

    12. The end justify the means. I don’t want our country ending up like some of the Latin American countries in which the drug cartels are killing with impunity. It would be foolish to assume that these criminals can be rehabilitated.

    13. charles river on

      Wether 2000-plus or 7,080 drug-related executions, Duterte should still be held responsible for inciting people including members of the police to commit them.

    14. Rappler is a yellow tards machinery 5o destroy the credibility of current government.givibg the fact ever since they are irrespobsible.they are pretending elite jounalist which put shame on them.power grabbing yellow oligarchs will not stop until they will retain to power.only fools will believe them only stupid will follow them.
      Let this drug addict and druglords pay their prices where is the justice when they slowly destroying the life of innnocent people adult and children alike tbey never care and will never be.thank you my tiglao for continously enhancibg our knowledge with this stupid journalist and their institution.they should not be allowed th published such non base information

    15. Daves Zandueta on

      Ooops, I forgot that the website—as Rappler mentioned—doesn’t list DUI as a category. Check instead with PNP using the period of July 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017, although Rappler did indicate 3,271 as
      number of cases/incidents of DUIs based again on PNP data.

    16. Thinking Pinoy, RJ Nieto, is correctly fighting and exposing this FAKE NEWS Rappler. However, if there are subservient journalist under the Soros & Yellow Oligarch, FAKE NEWS will continue to prosper. Pera-pera na lang ang laban and good income generating. They may say, “FAKE NEWS, so what? as long as I earned for my family and my material needs, I don’t care the news. It is better than selling drugs.”

    17. Go, go, go Mr. Tiglao!!Maria Ressa and other media personalities just emulate the bad practices of giant broadcasters as CNN and BBC, by creating agitation and sensationalising news on very biased manner..thank to social media as it balances people’s opinion nowadays!!

    18. pablo sanchez on

      RAPPLER’s news is based on how much cheque they will receive and not on truth or responsible journalism.that is how the AQUINO administration control the media after the exile of President Marcos. the sad truth is, the truth itself, principle, integrity, and love for the country where now gone to those people who worships money more than their profession.

      is this now the future of journalism? the freedom of the press are now taking its toll. i wish the congress and the senate will craft a law and make stiff penalty for irresponsible journalism.

    19. I don’t know if Rappler made a mistake or was careless with their data to come up with more sensationalized news reporting but I’m also quite unsure if Mr. Tiglao is correct to base his assumptions from PNP figures. Since the number of deaths have become controversial, will they declare the correct figures especially if there are extrajudicial killings? Just curious.

      • Is there any other agency investigating crimes, deaths, etc. other than the law enforcement agencies such as PNP, NBI, CIDG and PDEA? If you can’t trust the PNP data, where will you get your information? Newspapers cannot keep track of all the incidents involving robbery, homicide, and the like. For instance, if someone was killed in Batanes, it may not even appear in the news but it will most likely be in the PNP records. These data that Mr. Tiglao used can be cross-checked also in other newspapers like the PDI, with their “Kill List” posted in their webite. It was also reported during the senate hearing on “EJK’s” and the testimonies given were under oath.

        Why is it that the other news outfit reported similar figures as the PDI and Rappler’s figures are different?
        What about the “palit-ulo” scheme that Leni Robredo was talking about? What is Rappler’s version about that?
        If you read newspapers, try checking their data if they are consistent. Then, you will notice the difference between “responsible journalism” and “irresponsible journalism”.

    20. Whatever the number (2,500 or 7,000) it is not Rappler which is to blame : they just report, albeit in a sloppy way.
      It is the government who is to blame and they are the ones who even use the bigger numbers to impress or scare
      people. If Mr. Tiglao boasts about being such a good journalist, he might even be a better journalist if from the very beginning had clarified the breakdown of the figures. And with his experience in the government he must know that the present government does not excel in true and reliable reporting….

      • Mr.Tiglao has already presented the breakdown and clarified the discrepancies between Rappler’s erroneous data and that of the PNP. He also referred to the PDI report. These were presented in Mr.Tiglao’s previous article dated Mar.20th;
        “How Rappler misled EU, Human Rights Watch, CNN, Time, BBC — the world”.

    21. Will look forward to Monday’s article. Thank you sir for providing us facts. We are so tired with ad hominem arguments and baseless discussion.

    22. Sayang si Ma. Ressa. She is intelligent and very fluent in English. In fact she wrote a book on Islamic extremism when she was still or had just left CNN. Does the yellow color cult that deadly to one’s right senses ? I hope not in the case of Ma. Ressa. Sayang siya !

    23. Rappler has been making news based on the money it receives from its patrons. During the last administration, the news firm is on the payroll of some executive government officials.

    24. mr. tiglao, I’m really excited to read your column next Monday. I had already marked it in my diary to as priority.

    25. I wait with high anticipation for Monday’s article! There is no better way to build trust than transparency.

      Time and again, one of two proven best journalists in my opinion. One who understand that facts don’t necessarily means truth. 7080 people killed during the said period is a fact but it does not provide true number of deaths caused by war on drugs.

      Time and again, I have yet to prove your articles to be wrong. As would a scientist when proving something not by proving it right by not being able to prove it wrong. A merit your articles should and I believe are being given.

      I think your readers understand that, being free thinkers that we are, not everything we read are true.. and sites like Rappler only proves Elitists’ arrogance for thinking fake news, especially if echoed by other parties, can persuade the public that it is the truth. Facts are not the truth and I enjoy your articles educating the public of the difference.

      I trust you will keep us, the public, aware of Philippines news and continue to provide transparency as you have done and in the future.

    26. Don’t you just love good news in the morning. Thank you Mr. Tiglao. God bless you and your family.

    27. RAFFLER is a media outfit that ATTACKS you and COLLECT later, and Defend you and COLLECT later. Soon this media outfit will become ex media outfit. KARMA means, what goes around comes around.

    28. Keep it up Mr. Tiglao. Wala sa kalingkingan mo ang mga yan. I may not be able to write, but I know who are the good ones. Being a retired dual citizen, I read a lot everyday – foreign or local news outlets.

    29. Ounce, I read Rappler report on Grace Poe written by a certain Ressa throght facebook link and it was really a pure demonization report and I was then thinking that Ressa is one paid publicist. It turned out now after reading this column by Tiglao through facebook link that Ressa is heading Rappler. Rappler therefore is most possibly making money from people who want to destroy other people. If true and I think it is true, Ressa is a face of dirty journalism

    30. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      The subservience of Rappler to P-Noy is easily observed from the time it defended even the illegal actions and decisions (PDAP and DAP) of the previous administration. People suspect that Rappler got a big chunk from those ilegal disbursements. Amb. Tiglao has a point and the people are awaiting his Monday’s article on who is behind and mastering Rappler. God bless the Philippines.

    31. Rolly Rosario on

      The country is blessed for having a citizen Rigoberto Tiglao … a truth defender of journalism .

    32. Mike Marasigan on

      Thank you for providing us, your avid readers, of factual news complete with supporting data at all times.

      I feel sad to see how Rappler deteriorated to its current situation. I was previously impressed by their interactive format in disseminating the latest and accurate news when they started a few years back.

      I hope they assess, regroup and change their manner of obtaining facts to improve their service in order to stay in business. Am sure they are aware we compare theirs with other news organization out there. We can easily see who are dedicated, professional journalists.

      Keep up the good work, Sir Bobby.


    33. What is the difference in damage to a well-dressed man of a pail of red paint than a drum of red paint?

      Have you run out of better issues to cover to support your multi-colored master?

      (Sa Amin ang colored alam mo na!!!)

    34. Ang galing mo talaga Mr. Tiglao! Bilib na bilib ako sayo mag sulat! From now on I’ll be following your essays. Di na kasi sumusulat si De Quiros. Kaya ikaw na ngayon idol ko.

    35. Rappler’s too proud to admit their mistake. Nobody believes them now anyway. They’re on their way to their demise.

    36. These people should be brought to court for spreading falsehood about their own country.

      • That is beside the point, Ms Jimenez – the point is, that Rappler presented figures that do not coincide with facts. I am reminded of how Yellow Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales manipulated figures to prove the late SCJ Renato Corona had millions of US dollars that were not included in his SALN – turned out she used wrong arithmetic to arrive at her figures. Of course “it doesn’t have to be true – just needs to look like it” – as usual.

      • Oh no another bleeding heart. 7000 or 3000 against the whole Philippines?
        What do you think?

    37. Rappler: if the news item is about Duterte, et.al the rate is ANGRY, but if its all about the yellows (e.g. delima, robredo, trillanes) its HAPPY. Obviously this media was conceived and financed by the dreaded yellow funds.

    38. Thanks Mr. Tiglao! The yellows should never be allowed to ruin this country again. It’s tentacles should be cut off, including the unprincipled rappler.

    39. alexander demetria on

      Another great piece from Sir Bobbi! KUDOS!!!!!! Looking forward to Monday!!!!

    40. There was even a senate hearing held about EJK and PNP presented numbers about those deaths has categorized them accordingly and that was months ago. Yet Rappler still created their own version of EJK numbers well as the saying goes by Mam Loida “It doesn’t need to be true, its just needs to look like that”.

    41. Once a priest, always a priest, even if he has been stripped of his priestly functions due to acts that are grossly inconsistent with church teachings. Or a crime against the church and the God. Once a destabilizer, always a destabilizer. That’s what Sen. Trillanes and his group are capable of doing with little success. Remember their mutiny in Makati during the administration of his first arch enemy PGMA? They are doing the same to his second arch enemy in the person of PRRD and his administration. Once a purveyor of fake news, always a purveyor of fake news. That’s what Rappler is, Remember during the impeachment of CJ Renato Corona where Rappler was in the forefront in bringing out fake documents or documents obtained thru unknown sources such as the little lady. Once a journalist, always a journalist. That’s what you are sir Bobi.An excellent journalist in my book. Never mind the Rappler, they do not have credibility anyway.

    42. This is an easy win. Just continue to use the real facts. Rappler is saddled with using twisted facts, conclusions and insults.

      • madami talagang pera si Kris at mga Luyang Dilaw, Yolanda Funds pa more matagal na tayo hinihiya ng Luyang Dilaw gaya ni Leni Tawa Tawa Robredo, NoyNoying at Mar Liar Roxas sa international community, billion of funds and donation for Yolanda gone with the wind kaya yung international NGOs at communities nagaalangan na magpadala ng donasyon pag me kalamidad kasi wlang compassion ang mga namumuno dati in short nadala na. Cge gastusin nyo Yolanda funds for campaigning against #DU30 dyan kayo magaling db mga talunang Luyang Dilaw. Db mga Millenials sasama lang kayo sa Luyang Dilaw pra sa Edsa 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc etc kung ibabalik nila ang Yolanda Funds na bilyon bilyon. Ingat Millenials sa Luyang Dilaw.

    43. Thank you Mr. Tiglao, for your courage and determination to print the facts; this is journalism.

    44. Maria Ressa used to work in CNN but suddenly disappeared. Could be lies too in her reports?

      • Why? Look at Ressa again (kahit pictures lang). And look at the decent-looking CNN lady-hosts. She’s an odd man out, right? Plus, she isn’t prone to report the truth which CNN does. And another plus, is that maybe she receives more moolah from her rappler boss than from the CNN outfit.

    45. Nelson Bania on

      Rappler is in the business of making money by doing demolition jobs against people not allied with the yellow crooks, drug dealers,CBCP, dirty miners, smugglers, narco generals, and plunderers.

    46. What do you expect from Rappler? they have Maria Ressa as their top honcho who came from CNN Internatrional, which is a purveyor of FAKE NEWS and now condemned by Americans most specially President Trump. Maria Ressa learned the ropes of disseminating Fake News and use it as propaganda for mind control from this news outfit CNN.

    47. Ty Mr. Tiglao Sir, sana po laging bukas ang inyong mata at isip sa pagtatama ng mga mali at nakakasirang balita laban sa ating bansa..

      Nakakahiya na ang mismong VP Leni pa ang syang sisira ng ating bansa taliwas sa kanyang sinumpaang panata at tungkulin gamit ang maling pagbabalita..

    48. We are talking about people’s lives here. Focusing on numbers debases the importance of those lives!

    49. It’s not the numbers, that there are summary executions, aka ejk, is what matters. Whether it’s +2000 or +7000 is not the point!

      • Your point is simply about taking out the new President from his post, isn’t it? Well, I don’t care at all because I didn’t vote for him in the first place anyway. But for the sake of my motherland, I’d rather have him in place, than any of those LP shitheads. I understand that you don’t care about the lives of good civilians killed by these gruesome criminals everyday. I understand that you didn’t include in your count those pity victims of rapes, robberies, etc. during the time of Noynoy Aquino. And oh, how about the Hacienda luisita massacre and others? For you, it can never be considered EJK of course, because all you care about is to put back the LP syndicate in power, to continue manipulating the Filipinos. Of course, your point is so easy to understand. :D

      • And what about the lives of the people… who are alive and well, who worked very hard to bring the Philippines to the top, now being destroyed and stained by a mere fake and twisted database from Crappler? Have you considered that thought? No, I guess not. Your comment and the CBCP have one thing in common : H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S.

      • the point is we’ve been lied for. any not to simple other but to international groups and community that can affect our economy. then, you are ok with that??

    50. Sir Tiglao, please don’t stop exposing these evil souls who are roaming in the Philippines with one motive – oust the duly elected President Duterte. Honest journalists like you are our savior in times where fake news are spread like wildfire by bias mainstream media. Expose the dirt of these evil media especially Rappler!

    51. Comparing the year to year number of homicides also provides a more balanced perspective.
      I suspect you meant “340 word” post rather than “340 page” post BTW.

    52. Rappler is just composed of unprofessional “journalist”. If media is equivalent to PNP, Rappler is equivalent to scalawag police.

    53. Well said Mr. Tiglao. Your still the best. Hindi ko binabasa and did not even know rappler exist. I don’t even know the writer/journalist. Not known and all amateurs. Not a good journalist. Dapat mag aral uli.

    54. Mike Realism on

      But you have to understand Mr Tiglao that Rappler is in the business of making news whether true or fabricated and they need funds in order to run their business. It just so happen that theyre biggest financiers are politicians who are in the straight path. Thats is why Rappler will never admit that theyre EJK numbers are fake. They called themselves journalist but one might called them irresponsible journalist.

    55. Yes, Mr. Tiglao please expose Rappler for what they truly are. They are just a new outfit and they think they can fool the readers with their biased reporting.