• Rappler’s ‘intenseful’ rapping



    HOW could they go so low?

    I mean this media company that prides itself on not being mainstream media but also not a blogging site.

    Yet, upon closer analysis of the narratives which have come out of its website, one can’t help but wonder whether this trend-setting pretender has indeed outed itself to be simply a trolling center that sometimes posts legitimate news.

    Maria Ressa, its founder, obviously wanted to emulate Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. Unfortunately, she invested not in veteran writers, but in fresh graduates not even of journalism, but people mainly from that otherwise excellent elite school in Katipunan. Rappler hoped that youthful exuberance and badass attitude could compensate for experience that should have started with initiation in the police beat where real journalists are tried and tested.

    The result was disastrously alarming.

    Armed with expensive communications gadgets, fruits of the blessings from foreign funds provided by Omidyar, these upstarts were poised to take over the media landscape. And their only weapon was this arrogant attitude that they are God’s gift to journalism.

    Any tried and tested journalist is honed by humility and humanity in the face of breaking news that can also break hearts and limbs.

    Maki Pulido earned her right in that classical image of her running towards the gates of Malacañang during EDSA 2, catching her breath while delivering live news.

    Jun Veneracion almost lost his life when he was caught in the crossfire in a firefight in Basilan, while Jiggy Manicad, who was my student at UPLB, survived a helicopter crash. Jun and Jiggy risked their lives in hot pursuit of the news.

    And having a journalism degree is not even absolutely necessary. Francis Faulve has no degree in journalism, yet he climbed up the ladder to become one of the veteran police reporters in his network. Inday Espina-Varona has become a name in journalism without even a formal degree.

    My good friend Jojo Robles is a tested veteran, and has earned his mettle through a wealth of experience from field reporting to copy editing to become news editor, and now a broadcaster.

    There are just too many to mention.

    And lest we forget, those who died in Maguindanao who all have become vivid, albeit tragic, reminders that journalism is not just a job, a fantasy or fashion, but a commitment that could cost one his or her life.

    It is in this context that one can express outrage at how cheaply Rappler has treated the journalism profession when it unleashes reports, such as the one written by Chay Hofileña, supposed to be one of its more veteran reporters. The piece tried to expose an alleged link between Secretary Martin Andanar to some pro-Duterte social bloggers. It even alleged that Andanar has released money to social media groups in exchange for their support for the President.

    The attack on Andanar, while presented as news, is a classic example of a fundamental violation of the ethical tenet of balance, for nowhere in the write-up was the voice of Andanar.

    The piece was also critical of Sass Rogando Sasot and R. Joseph Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy. But again, Hofileña failed to provide Sasot and Nieto the space they deserve that would have maintained a balanced piece.

    In fact, this is not the first time that Rappler became an attack dog that targeted those who either defended the President, or are critical of the Liberal Party, the Vice President and even of Madam Claudia, who is a fictional social media account that is critical of the administration. It was also Rappler that led the charge to diminish Renato Corona, Jejomar Binay and Bongbong Marcos.

    Journalists are supposed to be ethical, objective and neutral. They should be above the fray, and should as much as possible take criticisms as part of the hazards of the profession. It is one thing to explain and another to attack. Yet on several occasions, writers of Rappler openly quarreled with netizens in the comment section of their news features in social media.

    In an act that is unprecedented, Rappler made a post that demeaned pro-Duterte blogger Mocha Uson, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and pro-administration Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, all born on the year of the dog, by likening their loyalty to the President to the behavior of the animal of their birth year.

    This is the lowest that one can go for an outfit that pretends to be a haven of veterans like Maria Ressa, Chay Hofileña and Glenda Gloria, one that promised to set the trend for newsgathering and news reporting in the country.

    But even lower than the lowest is for it to commit the biggest mistake a journalist can do–that of murdering the language by using a word that does not even exist. “Intenseful” became a word now associated with Rappler’s shame.

    Horrified perhaps, Rappler quickly pulled out the post. They say it was an unauthorized post.

    But the damage has been done. Rappler has just rapped itself in, well, an “intenseful” way.


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    1. Rappler is self destructing. Just like what happened to Leni Robredo, Leila De Lima, Mar Roxas, BS Aquino III, and many other dilawans.

      Karma has its natural way of catching up. Good and bad.

      Bad karma came earlier than expected for Rappler.

    2. Don’t forget those brave camera men that were with them during those near death experiences. They also survived in you know… an “intenseful” way.

    3. AP Contreras maraming salamat! Cntinue the ‘intenseful’ attack against Rappler! Thank you!

    4. i presume rappler was asked to comment on this article before it was publish in the manila times.

      • keenan thought on

        hindi news article ito, commentary ito, it’s the writer’s opinion about rappler, no need to get rappler’s side……….

    5. Rappler is daily news conducted in the cool convenient estania offices. These trying hards wont survive in the jungle. Imagine them reporting about eating exotic street foods in their lifestyle section or entering squalid areas in the metro. Wont last

    6. Hahahaha, this just goes to show how cheap these so called journalist are. And don’t forget to mention that the Yellow Turds tried to use Crappler, yes, that’s right, CRAPPLER, along with other BIAS media to attack a highly respected religious organization and used all their resources to discredit its credibility. I’m talking about the Iglesia Ni Cristo. These people do not learn their lesson. And they will just be forgotten and fade into obscurity in the long run.

    7. Jiovanni jalolino on

      I regret subscribing to that website way back in 2013. I thought they are the ready to take on established media, but things seem to have change until the election of 2016. I’m glad that I unliked their facebook page. They were critical against the Presidential candidates except for one or two, and you know it.

    8. do not read rappler– then they do not have any views –zero.

      it will die a natural death.

    9. Well said good sir. Like Huffington post is the backwater of what the Americans called “regressive” liberals, Rappler is nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece masking as a reputable news source but when the truth is anyone with some critical thinking skills will deduce that they are biased. I suspect they have ties to the past administration considering their political leanings. Ironic they have a piece saying that there are trolls “weaponising” the internet with propaganda. Have they looked in a mirror lately?

    10. Rappler is a big joke to assume itself as media practitioner. All its so-called news are basket pieces. It only serves the interests of its masters; the oligarchs, the liberal party and its foreign investors. It’s a propaganda machine feigning. as mainstream media.

    11. Reading the above is like breathing in fresh air. I want to echo his observation : Rapple is fake journalism, no passion, no conviction, no commitment to deliver the truth. Their inspiration and motivation come from fashion magazines — on how they can afford the next trendy shoes and bags through journalism


    12. I fully agree with you. Rappler is full garbage article, wanting of objectivity and full grasp of the situations.

    13. Ironically, Maria Ressa is going around the town lecturing wannabe journalist about ‘Journalistic Ethics’.

    14. A one sided so called media outfit.a shame to the industrt.that what rappler,they only know is how to assasinate character with out a living proof.ever since I never had interest in any of their story.I respect good journalism and I respect reputable journalist and reputable company like manila times.the essence of delivering stories to the very heart of readers

    15. aladin g. villacorte on

      Lest I be misunderstood – the last sentence should read: “I read and read this well-written diatribe but not a piece of rap from Rappler.”

    16. Rappler is there to publish what they are paid to(to destabilize and profit from oppositions) nothing more nothing less. and dont dare to ask about principles and ethics because they do not have that in their heart.

    17. Alexander Demetria on

      I used to give Ressa high regard..no longer now. I just could not understand why Rappler et al thought and still continue to think, write that the Aquino’s are God’s great gift to the Philippines and to the Filipinos. Is Ressa and her ilk (yellowtards et al) that stupid. The US hoodwinked us (since 1898 to the present).

    18. Who reads cRappler anyway? The stink from that college sorority blog outshines the combined effusion of Payatas and similar sanitary landfills combined. If one seriously calls that cr*ppy “reporting” legitimate journalism then one might as well call the Bible, the Torah and the Quran trash in the same vein

    19. aladin g. villacorte on

      Look who’s rapping? “Robredo exposed”. I read and read but not a piece of rap from Rappler.

      • I agree I read “Robredo exposed” and it sounded like a vendetta against Robredo and very biased. I enjoy Rappler

    20. Rappler is the scourge and affliction of the online news media due to its arrogance, bigotry and blatant partisan stance.