‘Raps vs INC officials sparking bigotry’


THE charges slapped against some officials of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) spark bigotry against members of the religious group that has not been seen before in the country, human rights advocate and constitutional law expert Harry Roque said.

He said the allegations hurled against INC officials should not lead “to the oppression of the church and its members.”

Roque, the first nominee of the Kabayan party-list, said that he was alarmed at how “unproven cases have sparked bigotry against INC members that reflects religious intolerance that had hitherto been virtually nonexistent among our countrymen.”

“Some INC members have called this bigotry and it’s hard not to agree with them given the comments of some netizens online. Many forget that the accused officials are Filipino citizens and are entitled to the same rights you and I enjoy, including the presumption of innocence,” he said. “Their being part of a religious minority does not mean they deserve less in law; on the contrary, because they’re a minority the more they deserve its full protection.”

“Justice should be served. However, we should not be quick to condemn the church and its flock based on some TV interviews. What is tragic here is that allegations of wrongdoing are now damaging an institution that is part of Philippine history and culture,” Roque added.

He said the INC is a “homegrown Filipino church” that has attracted millions, including non-Filipinos, into its fold all over the world.

“Wherever it goes, it spreads not only its religious teachings but our language and our culture as well,” Roque said.

He noted that the INC also promotes “good morality and civic values among its faithful—something the country badly needs now.”

INC officials are facing serious illegal detention charges at the Department of Justice. Former minister Isaias Samson, Jr. had claimed that he and his family were harassed and detained. Another former minister, Lowell Menorca 2nd, also claimed that he and his family were abducted and detained at the INC compound in Quezon City.

On Thursday, disbarment charges were filed before the Supreme Court against Trixie Angeles, Menorca’s counsel.

In a five page complaint, Roselie Yanson, mother of Menorca’s househelp, Abegail Yanson, accused Angeles of violating her oath as a lawyer and the rules of ethics under the Code of Professional Responsibility.


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  1. Estudyante mo pala si Ahmedy,Atty.Pakiabot naman,yes you have to defend your clients that is expected.Pls.ask him,what have Eduardo Manalo done to him?Why does he have to embrace the very offensive beliefs of his so called Defenders?How on earth and on heaven does he know that they are the righteous ones?If he is really smart he should study the history of what kind of people he is representing…his Dehfender followers.One them Bless Grace Hernandez aka Benito Affleck is now known to be a fugitive,already their group are collecting donatioms which is one of the things they criticize the INC

  2. What i read here are unnerving comments most from the INC members. Their comments are far more disturbing. Their religion doest fit to whom who they are.

    What a pity to be called members of that once admired religion….
    as far as i understood, their church is holy but the members are absolutely NOT!

  3. Gamitin nyo po ang inyong puso at kaisipan bago kayo mag-comment Mr. Conrad Alcantara. Bayaan nyo po munang matapos ang imbestigasyon at halata namang wala kayong alam sa nangyayari na komo may reklamo laban sa INC eh totoo na. Maging fair po kayo sa comment ninyo o kung di ninyo nabasa yan eh tumahimik na lang kayo. Lumalabas tuloy na kayo ay BOBO!

  4. Here is Atty Roque mouthing off once again for press and publicity. I don’t know of any “netizen” who appointed him priest, counsellor or ethics watchdog. So who is he to admonish netizens for “bigotry” and “oppression”? “Bigotry or Oppression”, just like “Beauty” is the “eye of the beholder”. What is “bigotry or oppression” to one, may not be to another. If a netizen says in his comments that the INC is a “cult”, is that “bigotry or oppression”? To an INC member, it maybe; but not to the one who commented, and certainly not to many netizens. The thing to remember is that such a statement is usually based on a knowledge of the history and culture of the INC. Atty. Roque, himself, says that the INC is a home grown church with a long history. As such, its practices and culture would be well known, especially to those who are educated or have friends/relatives who are current members or who were once members, but have left the church. In fact, just by reading recent online newspapers, one can acquire a lot of knowledge about the INC, including its most current troubles with some of its members both locally (example: with the Menorcas, or the Samsons) and in the USA (there was even a demonstration in Burlingame, California).

    I suspect that Atty Roque appointed himself “defender” of the INC because he wants the church’s endorsement for his senatorial candidacy. It is a well-known fact that INC members vote “en bloc” for their minister’s chosen candidate. Currying favor, isn’t he?

    By the way, Atty. Roque should be reminded that freedom of speech or expression has not yet been outlawed in the Philippines. And if the INC is really concerned about the “religious intolerance” of some netizens, maybe the Church should re-examine its practices and find out why this “intolerance” arose in the first place. This “intolerance” does not appear to exist for some other protestant denominations who are also in the minority.

  5. If the INC members really and truly believe that they belong to the church/children of God, they should be not be surprise to experience and suffer this seemed to be a Religious Persecution? Retaliation is not the spirit of those truly claiming the children of God. But with humbleness let the truth prevail.

    • I agree, if the INC has nothing to hide like they claimed to be the perfect among others, they must face the allegations and prove themselves not guilty. WHY the “NOT SHOWING UP” drama at the Supreme Court’s hearing?

  6. Itong si conrado alcantara ay isang mangmang na tao yan. D yan marunong s batas nagmamarunong lang yan. Mga kapatid hayaan nyo n po sya, sya ung tao n kapag nakinig ng tsismis totoo agad. Bat pa nya gagamitin ang utak nya e, e idensya n nya ung tsismis. Wag n po taung magtaka marami ang katulad nila n wlang utak at wlang pagiisip biruin mo magsabi sya ng inutil e sya namn tong inutil.

    Wag po taung bumaba s level nya… Siya ung d kailngan pakinggan parang manok yan s liit ng utak putak ng putak.
    Maigi p ang manok pagka sinita mo tatahimik e sya naku hahahaha..

  7. Hoy mga gagong miyembro ng INC, huwag kayong mag bulagbulagan ha? kasi ultimong mga kapatid ni Eduardo Manalo na sina Angel, Lottie at ang nanay niyang si Ka Tenny ay nagreklamo sa you tube tungkol sa hindi magandang pag trato ng INC Sangunian at sila’y itiniwalag pa, saan ka naman makakakita ng sariling pamilya ng namumuno ay eexpelled niya sariling dugo at tapos sasabihin nyu hindi totoo ang mga nangyayari sa INC. E di sa makatuwid nagsisinungaling din sila. Ngayon, masasabi nyu ba na nagsisinungaling sila? Kaya ang tawag sa inyu ay ZOMBIES!!!

  8. This should be investigated like a regular criminal case, simple as that. Why would anybody call this as bigotry ? I may call this as favoritism in favor of the INC. Harry Roques reputation as a lawyer is not favorable in my opinion, I do not know your opinion.

    • The INC do agree that cases like these should be investigated and brought to regular court. That is why they have protested in DOJ and EDSA because sec. De Lima meddled with the case and showed special interest.

      Now, if you’re wondering about bigotry, I don’t know if you have very limited internet access to miss those bad, demoralizing, demonizing and derogatory comments (also posts and pages created in social media) thrown against the INC from rogue “netizens” when this scandal broke out. And these “netizens” don’t have any business with INC to start with.

      To get a “very mild” example of bigotry, just look at Mr. Conrado Alcantara’s comment here.

  9. Hey Alcantara,
    Tama si Atty Roque. Dahil isa siyang entelectual na tai, alam niya ang kanyang sinasabi,di kagaya mo isang idiot at moron. Nakatungton ka man lang ba ng High Schoo? Di sana kahit papaano alam mo yun tama at mali. Di yan ibenabase mo labg sa yun mga naririnig.Punta ka sa korte at mag-observe ka ng argamento sa bawat kabilang panig. Tignam mo kung sino ang tama at kung sino ang nagsisunungaling. Isa pa ang aral na aming sinusunod sa loob ng Iglesia ni Cristo ay aral ng Diyos na nakasulat sa banal na kasulatan. Maniwala kat hinde ang mga INC, nabubuhay sa marangal na pamumuhay at hinde problema sa lipunan.Goodluck saiyo.

  10. joseph c rulloda on

    Isa pang walang utak tong si contrado na ito.eh hinusgahan mo na din ang sangguin may alam ka ba sa usapin.ikaw na ang mag hukom marami ka palang alam kami ngang kaanib sa iglesia ay nakatahimik pero buo ang aming pananampalataya na walang ginagawang masama ang aming sangguin at walang kurapsyon.bakit kaanib ka ba nawalan ka ba ng pera at galit na galit ka.hunghang ka ang naniniwala sa tsismis walang bait sa sarili kaya mag isip kang mabuti bago ka mag akusa.nasa korte na ang usapin mag hintay ka kung ano ang pasya antabayan mo ha.tsaka marami nga kayo sa relihiyon nyo may pagkakaisa ba kayo gaya ng pagkakaisa namin.mag isip bago mag comment.lol ka na lang

  11. SA MGA TUNAY NA kaanib maliwanag na maliwanag walang kurapsyon…MAY ilan lng kasi na MAY personal na AMBISyOn na ayun mga ntanggal na… ganun nila pinatutunog plibhasa ngpagamit sa IBA gaya ni Judas .ok ganito na lng para masaya ka CONRADO na mlmng di nman miembro pero nging HUSGADO na bigla. JUDGE Conrado,ur honor, sa dami dami dami dami ng pinapagawa ng Iglesia na mga pagawain at mga proyekto na halos dmo na mbilang kabi kabila, pero TANDAAN minority religion ito ha khit d2 sa pinas…ANO ipinakikita nito??? Na MAAYOS na npapangasiwaan ang finances ng Iglesia. PERIOD.

  12. Mellivora Capensis on

    @ Conrado Alcantara
    Let’s see each other and tell me on my face what comments you have written here..
    File a case and prove your gossip allegations in court..
    Better than using the social media..
    If you can’t do it, just shut you f****** mouth and go to hell!

  13. Atty Harry Roque is correct

    It is very disturbing to read so many comments against INC that shows bigotry and hatred. More disturbing are those “educated” people that seemed to like these.

    Those who call INC a “cult” and those that calls them with demonizing names were all guilty as hell. They’ve show how low the morale of these anti-INC. They don’t respect them

    The Filipino morality have been lost. So, the Philippines indeed deserved this kind of rotten government as well

  14. Itong si Atty. Roque gusto pang linlangin ang taong bayan na ang mga nag complain sa mha matas na pinono nang INC walang ginawang katarantadohan dahiln sa koraption nang simbahan. maliwaaaanag na ang mga ministrong ito kagaya ni Pastor Menorca mag complain ba ito kong walang ginawa sa kanila. Pati na mga pastor nang INC dito sa America nag complain din nang mga ginawang katarantadohan nang sangunian nang INC. Ang INC mahusay na religion kaya lang ang mga nag papatakbo mga kurap at mga inutil. Akala nila mas mataas pa sila sa batas nang Pilipinas. Kong ang mga Catolico na mas malaki at marami pa ki sa inyo hindi nakakalagpas sa embestigacion kayo pa. Dapat na linisin na nang mga miembro, alisin na ang mga kurapto para walang reklamo.

    • Are you a member of INC?

      If not, what business have you done with them?

      What wrong doings have they done to you to give you the right to show hatred against them?

      It is very ironic that most people outside of INC are the ones who makes a lot of noise.

      I rather let them deal their own problem and mind my own business.

    • Hinay-hinay lang kaibigan. nag husga ka agad. Di pa natapos ang imbistigasyon, di mo alam ang puno at ugat ng sigalot na ito. Mag antabay kalang sa resulta pagkat may mga hukom ang phil. na maghusga sa salarin

    • Ikaw Mr Alcantara me alam kaba sa kasong yan, at kung magcomment ka para kang JUDGE. Isip-isip dn para hindi mapagtawanan ng may alam sa batas. Hindi komo me nagcomplain, para sa iyo, guilty na ung inireklamo. Taga bundok kaba at walang alam sa batas?. Kung ako kaya paratangan kita na nirape mo ang nanay mo, papayag kang guilty kana agad. Kung maka tarantado wagas, mga iginagalang na tao yang sinasabihan mo. Kurap at inutil? Ha? Alam mo ba sinasabi mo? Sa dami ng achievements ng INC, inutil ang sabi mo?

    • Jeremias M.Abagon on

      Huwag Po Kayong makialam Kung di pa po ninyo alam ang mga tuntunin sa loob ng Iglesya Ni Cristo!!! Nagsasalita Po Kayo ng walang maipakitang katibayan!!! Yan Po ay Pagpaparatang!!!Masama Po yan!!! makakasuhan Po Kayo diyan!!!

    • rodel bernardo on

      mmm sound tiwalag itong si mr.Alcantara..maghintay ka nalng kung anong resulta ng Husgado…

    • Alvaro Arsena Tanagras on

      Para sayo Conrado Alcantara, anong alam mo sa INC? Sa mga pananalita mo pa lng halata ng wala kang alam sa puno’t dulo ng mga pangyayari, huwag kang bitter dahil wala ka nmn tiyak na alam, maghintay ka ng resulta ng kalalabasan ng imbestigasyon, isa pa napaghahalatang isa ka sa mga may mababaw na pananampalataya at hindi pa hinog na naging kaanib ng INC or maaring nasa loob ka pa ng INC pero nagtatago sa hindi totoong acct…huwag kang duwag na lumabas kung talagang lalaki ka, huwag ka magtago sa pekeng pangalan or kung totoo man na pangalan mo yan taglay mo ay manahimik ka na lng, huwag ka makisawsaw dahil wala ka naman alam…