• Rat urine epidemic victims in Zambales climb to 300


    SAN FERNANDO CITY, Pampanga: Cases of leptospirosis caused by rat’s urine have climbed to 300 in Zambales even as the provincial government is devising measures to reduce carriers of the deadly disease.

    Since Monday, October 7, two weeks after the September 23 flooding, a record number of leptospirosis victims began flocking to the James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital in Olongapo City where authorities have recorded a total of 296 cases as of Thursday.

    The cases have now reached more than 300 in three days.

    Gov. Hermogenes “Jun” Eb-dane said the provincial health office, in a coordinated effort with the Provincial Agriculture Office and Provincial Veterinary Office will take steps to eliminate rats that cause the spread of leptospirosis infection through their urine.

    “The causes are rats living in the subterranean level, under urban centers, so we have to get rid of these pests,” he added.

    “Leptospirosis is practically to be expected when there is flooding, and we don’t have to wait for the floods to come anew to take action. The rats live in subterranean level, under urban centers, we have to get rid of these pests,” the governor added.

    Leptospirosis, which is caused by “Infection” with bacteria of the“Genus” “Leptospira ,” transmitted to humans by the urine of an infected animal coming in contact with open wounds, or the eyes and mucous membranes

    Eight patients have died from the disease, so far, including one from Subic town.


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    1. Well, back in the 4th and 6th Centuries and in the years 1300’s to 1600’s, there was a disease created not BY rats but due to the rat’s blood, was the old-time “BUBONIC PLAGUE”. This was caused by rats who held many “rat fleas” on them, which dropped-off the animal, got on the humans somehow and into their haired areas, then bit them, emitting the saliva and body fluids of the rat into the human. The disease created large lymph nodes in cavernous areas of the human body and the result was most often, eventual death, sometimes within 4 days occurred. But this “leptospirosis” disease, per the article, is just as dangerous. Caution must be taken when rat poison is sprayed or dropped around where the rats may harbor, and be reminded, other pet animals and farmyard animals could get into the rat poison pellets or sprays, become dedos themselves, just as a human child, not knowing what these pellets or other materials are, ingest them. So, check with the health department to rid your area of rats. Allow the government per the article to rid the area of rats and disinfect the living areas of humans. A reminder is to always maintain food-preparation areas and utensils very clean, and keep in covered places like a plastic dish/utensil cabinet.