• Re-energizing the multi-slashies


    BlueWater Day Spa pays homage to busy bees

    Members of the work force nowadays may feel like 24 hours is not enough to accomplish tasks at work or at home. So much so that sneaking some “me-time” in between their must-do lists is a rarity.

    Not foreign to this growing dilemma are celebrities and personalities who have gone beyond their main professions as actors, titleholders or corporate heads to give birth to a new breed of workers. More and more these achievers have turned into multi-slashies with multiple careers who also manage to pamper themselves to keep going.

    As such, this crop of busy bodies fit the bill of Blue Water Day Spa, which, in celebration of its 12th anniversary, is paying homage to passionate workers by providing treatments they can look forward to after their 24/7 tasks.

    The Manila Times sat down with both new and long-time ambassadors of Blue Water Day Spa during their launch on Tuesday at Novotel Manila Araneta Center and learned more about their day-to-day challenges and how the sanctuary in the bustling metro helps to reenergize their body and overall well being.

    The Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado

    Blanca Mercado. The Manila Times COO, mother, endorser.
    Heading these multi-slashies is The Manila Times’ very own Chief Operating Officer Blanca Mercado.

    A well-loved figure in the country’s oldest English broadsheet, which celebrated its 119th founding anniversary on October 12, Mercado is one of the major forces responsible for the continuous growth of the paper.

    As COO, she details her work in ensuring that “sales are met and quotas are above what were set.”

    To do just so, Mercado dedicatedly arrives every at her office at 9 am each day facilitate meetings with her team and report her department’s accomplishments to the management committee. Come midday, her focus diverts to meeting with clients.

    Now, whereas most corporate workers end their day by 6 pm, Mercado is still literally on her heels by dusk to attend social and business events to represent the paper.

    Her schedule, however, does get in the way of her responsibilities as mom to her two children. Though accomplished in their chosen fields as well, Mercado still makes sure her lines are open to listen and attend to the needs of her son and daughter.

    “Being a mother is a 24/7 job and so is being a COO. But I believe there must always be a work-life balance and it is possible to achieve,” she noted.

    “I give my 100 percent when I am at work, yes, but at the end of the day, I don’t forget that I am a mother and that I have a family,” Mercado continued.

    Making sure that one has pampering treatments at least once a week is another tip Mercado believes will help driven individuals like herself.

    The COO is a fan of Blue Water Day Spa’s Anti-Aging Facial and swears that it is her secret to maintain her youthful glow despite her many roles.

    Mustafa Galil Elizali

    Mustafa Galil Elizali. Philanthropist, Man of the World 2017.
    Undeniably a looker, Mustafa Galil Elizali currently holds the Man of the World 2017 title.

    Like its female counterpart, the title allows the holder to promote certain causes and for Elizali, it’s tourism which he believes will create more jobs and boost economy and education.

    As such, the Egyptian hunk flies between his hometown and the Philippines, where he was crowned, to engage in promotional activities and outreach programs.

    And as the face of a title that holds the slogan, “Masculinity with responsibility,” looking good amid all his responsibilities is a must.

    Elizali then finds it fitting to be one of the faces of BlueWater Day Spa particularly the Revitashape service.

    A favorite among those who want to maintain their hard-earned physique, Revitalift uses RF machine that utilizes heat to melt away excess fat and cellulite. The result is a toned body that Elizali keeps.

    Benjamin Alves. Actor, model, sports enthusiast.
    Proving one can prioritize their wellness despite their busy sche­dule is Benjamin Alves.

    The actor is wrapping up taping for the movie “Spirit of The Glass 2,” with co-stars Cristine Reyes, Daniel Matsunaga and Maxine Medina, among others. The horror movie, a sequel to the 2004 original flick, is set to open on November 1.

    Benjamin Alves

    Far from being a run-of-the-mill actor, with a Suma Cum Laude honor from the University of Guam to boot, Alves puts as much attention to his personal health as to his career.

    This he does by engaging in physical activities and sports to promote good health. During the launch, Alves revealed he is a hard runner, putting on his running shoes almost everyday until he was eventually introduced to boxing.

    The actor did not also shy in admitting that his favorite sports put a strain in his body. To combat this, Alves swears by the spa’s Athlete Massage with “extra focus” on the legs.

    To fully charge himself, Alves noted that he goes to his favorite BlueWater Day Spa in Ortigas and add facial to the Athlete’s Massage. He admitted to enjoying two to three hours of services during each visit.

    Finally, Alves tipped that having the right disposition and motivation keeps him charged to accomplish all tasks. For him, it’s his Guam-based family whom he regularly gets in touch with despite the time and distance.

    “This job can be stressful but I believe it’s all about mindset. When you condition yourself to be grateful for your work and what you have, it will keep your stress at bay,” the actor noted with a smile.

    Ervic Vijandre. Basketball player, actor.
    Actor Ervic Vijandre, on the other hand, is a testament that the opportunities are endless if one can only realize his capabilities.

    A GMA Artist Center talent, it has been quiet some time since he starred in the now defunct GMA show “A1 KoSa’Yo.” But instead of wallowing on his lack of TV project, the stunner utilizes his free time to touch base with his favorite sport, basketball.

    Ervic Vijandre

    As it turned out, Vijandre has been a player of the country’s D-League since 2011 under the Erase Placenta team and was even drafted in the Philippine Basketball Team in 2013 but chose to let go of the opportunity to focus on his showbiz career.

    Nevertheless, Vijandre continued to play as a shooting guard for another team, the Wangs Basketball whenever his showbiz schedule eased up for the past couple of years. In 2018, he is set to return to the hardcourt full time while waiting for his next big project in GMA.

    Because of this comeback, Vijandre has doubled his playing time with the hoops to every day on top of his regular jogging.

    The physical demands of his sport has resulted to a drain in Vijandre.

    “That’s why I always opt for the Athlete’s Massage. It’s very relaxing for me that by the end of each session, I feel energized,” the professional baller noted.

    Coupled with his no-carbs diet, Vijandre is surely on track to his hard court comeback.

    David Licauco. Budding actor, model, businessman.
    David Licauco is among the new breed of actors in GMA.

    The chinky heartthrob first came to prominence when he finished as runner-up in the 2014 Mr. and Ms. Chinatown. Since then, he has bagged numerous endorsements and strong followers to boot.

    Licauco also got to taste acting with his first prime time project in GMA, the recently concluded “Mulawin versus Ravena.”

    David Licauco

    Now, the stunner is gearing up for his first leading role, a launching movie with Regal Films.

    While he is still not at liberty to discuss further details of the movie, beside it being a romantic comedy, Licauco gamely told The Manila Times that the back-to-back project has further whet his appetite for acting.

    “At first I thought being an actor or a celebrity is all about having good looks and toned body but that’s not true at all. It’s really a craft, and like basketball which I formerly played, acting takes a lot of practice, study and research to perfect which I am doing right now. I have seen the beauty of acting, and I’ll do what it takes to better my craft,” Licauco noted.

    The Filipino-Chinese looker is also a businessman. Unknown to many, the Information System graduate of De La Salle University, is a proud co-owner of a boxing gym.

    Hence, it goes without saying that the newbie has a lot on his plate. As such, the Combo Herbal treatment, which utilizes the benefits of herbal soothing oils, is a must for him.

    Kim Chiu. Actress, singer, duathlete.
    From a newbie chinito to an established chinita, Kim Chiu is arguably one of the busiest in the business today.

    For one, the “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition” winner has just released her new album “Touch of Your Love” and is busy promoting its carrier single “Okay Ako.”

    But beside her singing career, Chiu is also juggling her acting jobs and inserting her swimming and biking training (duathlon) in between. She is now starring in the morning drama “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin” opposite her original love team Gerald Anderson.

    And soon, Chiu will be even more busy promoting her new movie, “Ghost Bride.”

    Kim Chiu

    The actress noted that she is humbled upon hearing that she is the first choice of master horror-maker and award winning director Chito Roño for the leading role.

    It therefore came as a surprise when Chiu revealed that despite her many roles, she never felt like running out of time.

    “I love what I am doing, I love entertaining people so I don’t really stress on budgeting my time,” the Fil-Chinese actress told The Manila Times.

    Nevertheless, Chii is a great believer of pampering and relaxation. She revealed that she goes at least once a week at BlueWater Day Spa to reward herself with massage and body scrub.

    But among all services, her favorite is the Lymphatic Massage which she said feels like a great detoxifier for her to feel clean from the inside out.

    Yasmine Chloe Simisim, Kurt Wyatt and Jaden Emmanuel Trinidad
    Finally, not to be outdone are the little ones who can now also enjoy pampering services at BlueWater Day Spa with Baby Massage. While they may not be as busy as adults in their careers, studies show that massages for babies help them relax.



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