RE firms urged to update petitions


THE Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has urged renewable energy (RE) developers to submit in advance their proposed adjusted charges for the feed-in-tariff allowance (FIT-All) scheme.

ERC chairman Jose Vicente B. Salazar said RE developers should come up with their updated charges that should reflect the cost of additional anticipated capacity over the next three years.

“We want their filing to be updated to already cover the forecast capacity coming from RE,” Salazar said.

He said the ERC wants to have a clear picture of how much per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of FIT-All will be reflected in the bills.

Once the developers submit their forecast additional RE capacity, Salazar said the ERC would be able to determine how much rate will support the FIT-All scheme.

“If they could [give us a]forecast up to 2018, then we will be able to determine how much is the approved rate to support the FIT-All,” he said.

Salazar therefore urged RE developers to file immediately their target rates based on their corresponding capacity.

According to initial estimates of the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo), the FIT-All for 2016 has reportedly been set at P0.12 to P0.13 per kWh.

However, the rate may change depending on the capacities coming from additional projects that will come online next year.

TransCo is the duly designated FIT administrator that settles the FIT charges due to all qualified RE developers. The current FIT-All rate being passed on to consumers has been pegged at P0.04 per kWh.


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