No ‘re-runs’ for Aquino, will write book instead


He has ruled out the possibility of seeking another term. Now President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Friday indicated that he is not interested in running for a lower government position when he steps down in 2016.

Aquino was asked at the Bulong-Pulungan forum in Pasay City (Metro Manila) on Friday if he was considering another elective post after his term ends.

“After 2016, I think the foremost in my mind, together with my Cabinet, is to take at least a year break and recharge and recover from all the tensions, turmoil, concerns over the past six years,” he said.

“I think I will try to look for a means to serve in another capacity rather than elective office,” Aquino added.

His predecessor, Gloria Arroyo, ran for a congressional seat in her home province of Pampanga and won.

Another President, Joseph Estrada, lost when he ran again for the presidency in 2010 but won as mayor in Manila in 2013.

Aquino said “there are very many roles that can be done not just in politics.”

He added that he owed it “to those close to me, especially my sisters for instance, and even some of my staff, who have been with me since Congress. They are all looking forward to some time off.”

Aquino said he dreams of writing a book to share his experiences.

“But more important, we’d really want to interact with the youth and really help shape the next generation so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. And exactly what form? I’m not exactly sure at this point in time. We are concerned with today’s issues,” he added.

It was not the first time that Aquino expressed his preference to take a break after 2016.

After being accused of pushing for a second term, the President in August said he had been envisioning the day after his term ends.

According to him, he will spend that day eating delicious food. He said he would also have a streamer with the word “freedom” set up behind his seat as he eats.

When asked what he will do when a new President is sworn in in 2016, Aquino replied that he would go back to his house on Times Street, Quezon City, “relishing on that point, and perhaps looking forward to the following day when I don’t have to wake up too early.”

“I can laze around and get used to living in Times again. Then perhaps visit the neighborhood… the supermarket and the fastfood joints all around,” he said.


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  1. The yellows will be the only people interested, with mouth wide open and drooling with excitement while waiting for the release of P-noy’s book. But let me give these diehards a little glimpse of how P-noy’s most anticipated great book will look like. They will be released in 300 pages at least. Only one side of each will contain his story. The back side will be empty. That is expected from a person who has not done anything really significant in his lifetime. And to think that he is now almost over the hill and tumbling down the other side…

  2. Understanding Person on

    Panahon na para bumalik sa panlalalake…ha ha ha! Magladlad ka na at isama mo ang kabaro mong si Mar na nang-aagaw ng make up ni Korina, kaya malapit ng maghiwalay niyan pagtapos ng term nila sa 2016.

  3. Pnoy, You’ll have so much time (jail time with abad & Janet), maybe hospital arrest (asylum), more nintendos, etc and don’t come back ever. For the betterment of PH. Adios!

  4. Roldan Guerrero on

    You will be playing VIDEO GAMES all day long again Mr. President, while waiting for your next term. Your next term in JAIL, not in the palace as you will be facing the voluminous crimes you have done. That time you will feel how painful it is to be betrayed by people you were protecting to hide their illegal activities. YOUR BAD LUCK IS NOW WAITING FOR YOU, MR. Benigno “THE DAP KING” Simeon Aquino.

  5. Leodegardo Pruna on

    A very good decision made by P-Noy. R&R for him would be the best thing for him to do. God bless the Philippines.

  6. A very good decision Mr. Boy Sisi, dahil Kung muling kakandidato at matalo Baka sisihin mo ang kalabanan mo at sabihin Mong dinaya ka. Congrats for that wise decision, malaking tulong yan sa gobyerno.