• ‘Re-View’ tackles originality of digital art


    In the era of cyber space, even the creation of art has changed in terms of method, outlook and interpretation. With the Internet serving as a well for creative thoughts and design, it is now easy to find and copy pictures and images to “create” art, a practice that has become common especially among the young.

    Digital art. Digital print. These are what these art forms are called nowadays. Altering other people’s work is now being justified as a form of democratization or covered by free use. But if so, who is the creator of these “new” artworks? Who owns the art? Who conceptualized it? Can an image copied from the Internet and then altered already be considered art?


    Presently, the discourse is heavily debated. Although there are laws covering digital copyrights and other related rights, many still do not fully understand the issue.

    Re-view, an exhibit showing works of contemporary masters, Fil Delacruz, Edgar Doctor, Raul Isidro, Nemiranda and Ephraim Samson, shall attempt to weigh in on the issue. These artists are known to create their art, from conceptualization to execution. None of their works were copied, nor were done by a machine; yet all artworks are alive and vibrant.

    Re-view is on view until October 13 at the NCCA Gallery from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. For inquiries, call Ethel Buluran and Mimi Santos at 527-2192 loc. 506/512.


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