Reaction to ‘Philippines says it is prepared to help Rohingya boatpeople’


THIS is a wrong decision by those who have never been to Myanmar or know the reality of the situation. THIS IS A BANGLADESHI problem, whose roots and origins are in Bangladesh, not Myanmar. And as far as calling people “unchristian or christian”, it can backfire on you badly, so go by the facts :

This is not the fault of Buddhism. Allow me, a Christian (imperfect one) to put things in perspective, having spent some young years in northern Myanmar (temporary stay). Most outsiders are sitting and shooting off their mouth on things they don’t understand including the Mufti. Myanmar or Burma is more of a “mess patchwork” called a country. The largest ethnic group are the Bamar. To put bluntly, they have traditionally been very xenophobic of outsiders and been an inward looking society for centuries. They practice Theravada Buddhism, not Mahayana Buddhism followed by many Chinese outsiders. After the hasty departure of British, many ethnic nationalities in that region didn’t get time to sort out their “status”, that includes the Christian majority Kachin in the north, Christian Nagas, Shans, Christian Karen, Karenni groups etc who fill up entire provinces. The so called “Bamar” is largely centered in the central and southern areas.

The Bamar nationalists had their own “Bamar” mindset to stamp their ethnic identity across all other nationalities in Burma, and after independence, some of them took over through the Military and used it to massacre thousands of Christian Kachin, Chins, Nagas and many other groups across the country and “assimilate” them by force to eradicate Christianity and their unique cultures out. To do so, they used Buddhism as a weapon, and attempted to convert people forcibly to Buddhism. Years of Military dictatorship left the entire country in shambles. Even Tamil Hindu minorities as well as Chinese were singled out for persecution, although most just kept a low profile.

Bangladeshi migrants crossed over through the porous borders and settled in during British times. There was no “Bangladesh” that time, it was mostly British India in that area. After partition, it became East Pakistan, which then had a bloodied ethnic conflict with West Pakistan. This also pushed many Bengalis into Arakan area, and existing “Bengali” numbers (living there for a long time) swelled up. As with anything, it leads to cultural and ethnic conflicts in the end. The Burmese government also refused to acknowledge them as citizens. Bangladesh (after Bengali dominated east Pakistan became independent) closed its border. The arrival of Monk Ashin Wirathu known for his rabid hatred for other religions and other ethnic groups + Social media further worsened this problem. Couple that with Human smugglers, corrupt politicians, slave traders across the region, Bangladesh and India’s cold shoulder = This crisis.

Many of the Bangladeshis or “Rohingyas” started to fight against the native Rakhine Buddhist people, engaged in rapes of women, engaged in violent activities that people finally had enough and started to fight them back. The Rohingyas claim to be native to that place, there is no EVIDENCE to show that, majority of the Rohingya language and words are similar to Bengali.

What is the guarantee that these people won’t face the same hostilities in Philippines later given Philippines own poor record towards Muslim Moro minorities ? What is the guarantee land and resource and cultural differences won’t take the toll there? What happens when Western economies collapse and there is no more money for UN refugee camps ? What happens ? Where do they go then ?

There is no simple answer to this problem, they cannot flood Philippines or south east asia simply to escape a problem that is rooted in Bangladesh. In Myanmar the real suffering “refugees” forgotten are the Christian Chin, Karens, Kachins. Their lives do not matter to Filipinos ? How can you call yourself Christian if you leave your own Christians starving and dying in thai-Myanmar border jungle camps ?

INDIA, PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH should deal with this. It is a South Asian problem that has been exported into south East Asia. The rohingyas must be divided into 3 groups and re-integrated BACK INTO South Asia

Dumping them into Philippines is not a sign of “Filipino hospitality” but a sign of foolishness, idiocracy and insensitivity to the real problem. If FILIPINOS are that hospitable, and “Christian”, go by sharing your cup of rice with

(a) Filipino poor

(b) Christian refugees from middle east and Myanmar (kachin, chin, karen groups)

(c) Christian refugees from Vietnam/Loas – Hmong.

why don’t you leave the rohingya problem to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or India to solve? And by saying “it is a human problem” yet at the same time showing BIAS AND HATRED towards Christian refugees, many people’s true intentions are questionable. What do you also do with the rohingya men who murdered each other on the boats and raped women ?

There is NOTHING CHRISTIAN about Philippines about taking in 8000 sly emotional bengali Muslim blackmailers who had money to pay 1000 to 2000 US$ each to a human smuggler and take the risk into a large ocean going vessel, when that money easily could have helped them in other ways, WHILE IGNORING thousands of Christian refugees suffering in camps driven out by Muslims or Burmese and Vietnamese soldiers (Karen, Kachin Hmong refugees). This shows Filipinos have a messed up mentality coupled with ignorance. this is not an act of “self-righteousness” but an act of potential GENOCIDE against Christian refugees, whom Philippines has deliberately chosen to ignore. So each time a KACHIN OR KAREN refugee dies in jungles of Myanmar or Thailand, LET IT BE ONT HE CONSCIENCE OF EACH FILIPINO CHRISTIAN when going to church. While the Muslim Bengalis spit on you behind your back.

Where is the help for Christian Middle Easterners and Pakistani Christians, Bangldeshi Christians whose throats are being slit by Muslim mobs and churches destroyed ? Where is the help of Philippines towards those people? Where is the help of Philippines towards those languishing in Thai-Burma border mostly Kachin and Chin, Hmong and other Christian indigenous refugees ?

You cannot call yourself Christian while letting other Christians who waited long and suffered patiently to die while you take people who illegally paid their way into the high seas fully knowing the consequences.



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