Read this safety checklist before getting a big bike


The death of a 22-year-old in Delhi has once again put superbike riders into the spotlight. The man was killed allegedly while racing with his friends in central Delhi. Following the incident, superbike clubs have called for stricter measures to control licensing of these motorcycles and inculcate road discipline in riders. Experts say superbikes are fast and powerful machines, and owners must have a proper understanding of its functioning before they turn the key.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, there are some things to keep in mind, like a full-face helmet that’s ISI approved that is the best choice. Helmets deteriorate over time, and may not be safe even if they look fine.

Here are more safety measures:
Wear the right gear: Go for a leather or other reinforced jacket, gloves, full pants, and over-the ankle footwear, even in summer. Especially designed jackets with rugged padding and breathable mesh material provide protection as well as ventilation for riding in warm weather.

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Buy a bike with good anti-lock brakes: It helps you retain steering control during an emergency stop, and it can be especially valuable on slippery surface.

Ride on the defensive: Keep an eye out for cars suddenly changing lanes or pulling out from side streets. Don’t tailgate; keeping a safe following distance is critical. An object that a car might easily straddle could be a serious hazard when on a bike.

Watch out for road hazards: Sand, wet leaves, or pebbles can cause a bike to slide unexpectedly, easily resulting in a spill. Bumps and potholes that you might barely notice in a car can pose serious danger when on a bike.

Avoid bad weather: If you need to ride in the rain, remember that the most dangerous time is right after precipitation begins, as the water can cause oil residue to rise to the top.



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