• Readers’ comments on Grace Poe saga


    MY column last Thursday (“Is Grace Poe an identity thief as well?”, Times, March 3, 2016) raised a ruckus. It drew a lot of comment and attention.

    I must place on record and assign credit where it is due. The expose was the work entirely of Tribune editor in chief Ninez Cacho-Oli vares, who dug up the story and wrote it. I merely commented on it because of its serious implications about the character of Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

    Many readers confirmed the veracity of Ms Olivares’s findings by looking up US social security records themselves.

    The defense put up by Ms Poe’s camp, notably by her spokesman, Rex Gatchalian, was pathetic. It offered the blatant lie that the stolen social security number was her school ID at Boston College.

    Ms. Olivares destroyed this defense in her riposte yesterday.

    Readers in the US took a keen interest in the controversy. I received one letter from the HR manager of one US company: Rey Tupas Prado.

    Mr. Prado wrote:
    “As the chief HR Executive for two company brands of Sikorsky Aircraft (a Lockheed Martin company – see link below for more info) I state unequivocally that Grace Poe is unemployable in the United States without clarifying this issue.

    “All applicants would get a background check and two numbers from 1 person will be red flagged and we would be required to report it to the SS Administration for their disposition.

    “Consequently, it is reasonable to believe that Grace Poe, never worked in the U.S. if she had two SSNs. If she had, having inaccurate SSNs is a termination offense upon discovery.
    “Her use of SSN, can also be verified by having them produce their IRS tax forms for the related years. Even if you didn’t have income, a tax return is required…

    “We live and die with our SSN. Credit cards, mortgages, jobs, medical records etc.
    “I state unequivocally, that Grace Poe would have a lot of explaining to do if she was here in the U.S.”

    If Grace were born in Spanish times

    Reader Gil Ramos, who holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Hawaii, sent me a fascinating letter which told an intriguing story. It makes me wish that Grace Poe was born and found instead during Spanish times.

    Dr. Ramos wrote:
    “When foundlings are left in the camp of the guardia civil they are christened ‘de los Reyes’ because the guardia civil are in fact the King’s Guards and it is presumed that one of the king’s men must have fathered the child.

    “If a foundling is left in a church, the child is christened ‘de los Santos’ since priests are generally seen as in the company of the saints. Whether it is also presumed that a priest may have fathered the child I do not really know but Rizal’s novels seem to imply that this was a common occurrence during Spanish times.

    “If the child is left neither with the guardia civil nor the church then the child is christened ‘de la Cruz’ since only God knows the origins of the child or who may have fathered the child.

    “Poe or Jane Doe or Roe as Yen Makabenta would have it, should have been christened Grace de los Santos based on this story.”

    The story needs validation from ecclesiastical authorities and historians to be given credence.

    This certainly does not mean that if you are surnamed “De los Reyes”, “De los Santos”, or “De la Cruz”, you are descended from a foundling.

    EDSA stands for Epifanio de los Santos. He was a noted Filipino writer (he wrote in Spanish), historian, jurist, and literary critic and was a great collector of Filipiniana. He held the position of director of the Philippine library and museum during the American era.

    Was Grace legally adopted?

    Another letter specimen comes from reader Nemesio Diamante, who raises an important point about Ms. Poe’s alleged adoption by the movie-star couple Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces.

    Mr. Diamante wrote:
    “We know the fact that Sen. Poe is a foundling adopted by the couple Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces. What is not clear to me is what is the status of Grace Poe’s adoption. Did it go through the legal process which requires publication (if I am not mistaken, at least three weekly issues) and court decision? I have not heard that the couple adopted a child.

    “If her adoption was just simulated, Senator Poe will have a very big problem. Simulated adoption is a crime and the issue about Ms. Poe’s citizenship and residency will not only be moot and academic but void from the beginning.

    “Even if she wins, her presidency will be a fraud and will create more chaos. Did she submit proof of legal adoption to Comelec?”

    From what I could gather from all the stories and commentaries, Ms. Poe did not submit proof of being legally adopted.

    Citizenship is not like a piece of clothing

    The fourth letter I will highlight here comes from Reader Protacio Mercado (no relation of Dr. Jose Rizal, whose name was originally Mercado).
    Mr. Mercado wrote:

    “I believe besides being a foundling, the fact that Grace Poe had at one time renounced her Philippine citizenship to become a U.S. citizen means that she lost her status as a natural-born citizen (assuming she was one in the first place) forever.

    “What she acquired when she took the oath of allegiance to the Philippines under dual citizenship law is naturalized Filipino citizenship. A foreigner (like Grace Poe after becoming a U.S. citizen) may only acquire Philippine citizenship by naturalization as allowed by law (in her case the dual citizenship law or RA 9225). Under the Constitution she belongs to ‘Those who are naturalized in accordance with law.’ Allowing a natural-born citizen to retain the status of being natural-born even after renouncing Philippine citizenship will debase the value of our citizenship. The implication is that you may renounce your citizenship as many times as you want and still get back the same status as natural-born by merely taking the oath of allegiance. Like a piece of clothing which you may wear now, remove tomorrow, wear again whenever it suits you. This is unfair to those natural-born citizens who have never renounced their citizenship.”

    Mr. Mercado raises a good point with which I completely agree. We should guard more jealously our legacy of natural-born citizenship from usurpers like Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares, and from justices who want to bestow it on every foundling.

    yenmakabenta@ yahoo.com


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    1. The one who is not telling the truth is the Mr. Yen Makabenta alias Nabentana. Did he ever mention the name of the candidate he is supporting? What he should be doing is to support the platform of his/her candidate and justify it, everytime he writes an article it is about Grace Poe. Show your credibility Now, Mr. Nabentana.

    2. Just be aware… If TIME MAGAZINE (Asia) , will publish a a picture of Lamanzares on the front cover, like they did with Pnoy – we are in big trouble.


      • ibig mo bang sabihin ay hindi marunong magisip ang mga tao?? tanga ba ang mga pilipino sa tingin mo?? maliwanag ang pagkakasulat ng konstitusyon sa mga katangian ng magigiing presidente. kasing linaw ng sikat ng araw at walang mumbo jumbong baluktot na interpretasyon ang makakapagbago nito. ang konstitusyon ay ANG BOSES NG TAO ng ratipikahan nila ito.


    5. NINEZ cacho -olivares thought the people believes all her personal attack against our candidate senator GRACE POE.they can find anymore lies to discredit her .WE ARE LIVING IN AMERICA AND THERE”S NO WAY THE GOVT. WILL PUT THE SOCIAL SECURITY OF THE PEOPLE ON PUBLIC .THE SS NUMBERS ARE VERY PRIVATE ,NO ONE WITH SOUND MIND WILL BROADCAST YOUR NO. And even the employers they can’t divulge the biodata of their employees because they can be sued. I do no kNOW WHY OLIVAREZ HAS THOSE NUMBERS PROBABLY SHE KNOWS HOW TO HACK INFORMATIONS IN COMPUTER .GRACE POE NEEDS TO SUE OLIVARES BECAUSE THAT IS A STOLEN INFORMATION. .

      • Are you sure of living in America? How come you are so ignorant about how information and internet works?

        What hacking? Just visit https://www.usatrace.com/ the type Grace Llamanzares and either SSN 1st 3 digits 005 or 538 and you will find the same name for 2 SSNs.

        Or you are afraid to visit the site for you are afraid to know the truth.

        Please do not brag of living in America if you are that ignorant for even we here in Philippines can easily access the information.

      • binasa mo ba ang isinulat ni ninez? naksulat duon paano nya hinanap yung mga isinulat nya. bakit hindi mo sundan yung proseso na sinabi nya para makita mo yung mga sinasabi nya??

    6. pio alindogan on

      these arew all fabricated lies designed to desuade voters to vote for Grace Poe. I personally believe that she will be a good President, if she gets disqualified The Filipino people will lose the chance to have a good leader and will revert back to KA-PALPAKAN AND CORRUPTION ……

    7. taga palm springs on

      Wolf in sheep’s clothing or sheep in wolf’s cothing? LOL Complicated!

    8. arturo b. odejar on

      Dual citizens has the right to have sss number both in the U.S. and the Philippines. There s definitely nothing wrong with it…. The main purpose is to collect taxes if you work. Whats the problem with that? Let me ask you?

    9. don fernandez on

      Dear voters,

      if you have doubts on grace poe’s integrity, loyalty, veracity, or even her identity, then don’t vote for her. If you are inclined to vote for her soon because you found nothing wrong with her, think again. Nobody can make it appear perfect and beautiful to allure a human being, but the devil. Listen with your heart and mind, don’t be selfish and think of your future generations.


    10. This article raises more “Iffy” questions than it does present any solid evidence. And with more fictional allegations pouring in from these gang of “article peddlers” Tatad, Makabenta, Tiglao, Adaza, et.al. for the consumption of their ignorant followers, this election cycle have indeed become something for the Guinness Book. As a reader and voter you have to ask why if any of these allegations filed with the SC and Comelec against Grace Poe had any merit at all, wouldn’t the SC or the Comelec have disqualified Grace Poe by now? Secondly, either the SC is not clear about what a foundling really is or what Poe’s citizenship status is.

      This author, in his previous article presented yet another fictional story gathered from a third party source, this time an editor-in-chief of the Tribune Ninez Cacho-Olivares regarding a SSN from a deceased person with SSN prefix 005 ME. If there is any truth to this story, it means that Grace Poe must have visited or lived in the state of Maine to have obtained it or that SSN somehow mysteriously ended up in the state of Massachusetts in Boston where she was a student. In this article, Yen Makabenta presented as evidence a statement written by a reader named Rey Tupas Prado stating that he, as HR manager state unequivocally that Grace Poe is unemployable in the US. Human Resource managers or any HR personnel are prohibited by law in the US to discuss in public or among themselves regarding employee status or employee salary. I think Grace Poe should look into this matter and have that guy Prado fired from his job.

    11. ang problema mas marami ang mga pinoy na madaling mauto..isang patunay ang pagkapanalo ng mga aquino at ni erap. mga pinoy na hindi man lang sinaliksik ang tunay na kakayahan at kredibilidad ng mga kandidato. kaya ng maupo ayon puro kapalpaan at kahihiyan.

      ano ba si grace poe? isang opurtunista na ginagamit ang kasikatan ng ama. walang pang napatunayan (meron na ba syang nagawa?)at wala ring sapat na karanasan! NAPAKAMAPANLINLANG! ni hindi nya magamit ang apilyedo ng asawa at may kaso ng pagsisinungaling ngayon pa lang ano pa kaya pag naging presidente na?

      matuto na tayo sa mga masasamang karanasan! wag ng ulitin! subaybayan ang kanilang track records at mamili ng tama. Plsssss….

    12. Sorry, but Mr. Protacio Mercado is mistaken. Under RA 9225, which became effective in August 2003, a natural-born Filipino who has become a naturalized citizen of another country can either retain or reacquire his Filipino citizenship: “retention”, if the Pinoy became naturalized after the effective date, “reacquire”, if prior to the effective date. Note that the Act applies only to natural-born Filipinos. If such a person applies to reacquire his citizenship under the Act, approval means that this person becomes a natural-born citizen again, not “naturalized” as Mr. Mercado seems to believe. This has been established by legal jurisprudence. A good reference for this fact is the recent Supreme Court decision in

      REGINA ONGSIAKO REYES, Petitioner, vs.

      where the reacquisition of natural-born status under RA 9225 (the Dual Citizenship Act) is mentioned several times as the case involves the reacquisition of natural-born status of the petitioner who was a US citizen at the time of filing of her Certificate of Candidacy, but claimed that she has regained her natural-born citizenship under RA 9225.

      Whether the Act is unconstitutional or not is another question. A case can be made for saying that if a natural-born Filipino, now a naturalized citizen of another country, wants to reacquire his Filipino citizenship, but must perform overt acts such as filing a formal petition, swearing an oath of allegiance to the Philippines, etc., before becoming a dual citizen, then surely, such an applicant should only be granted “naturalized”, and not natural-born citizenship. Unfortunately, such a question is not before the Supreme Court, and earlier pleadings in which this was brought up as part of a case (see for example the Ongsiako Reyes case) were found to be without merit. Furthermore, and more importantly, from the deliberations which took place before the Act was approved, it is clear that it is “natural-born” status that is considered to be retained or reacquired by the formerly natural-born applicant.

    13. Ganoon po ba? Sinisiraan lang ba talaga si Grace Poe at ang lahat ng ito ay black propaganda lamang? Wala ba talaga siyang intensiyon na manloko? Is she really leading by example? Hindi ba kakayanin ni Grace Poe ang magsisinungaling at mamemeke? Paki-explain nga po kung ganoon kung bakit siya daw ay nagsinungaling under oath?

      From what we understand, Grace Poe allegedly lied under oath. Apparently, in her 2006 notarized petition for retention and/or reacquisition of Philippine citizenship under RA 9225, she declares: “I am a natural-born Philippine citizen, born on Sept. 3, 1968 at Iloilo City to Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, a Filipino citizen, and Jesusa Sonora Poe, a Filipino citizen.

      Apparently there’s a signed and sworn statement filed by Sen. Grace Poe in the Bureau of Immigration where she lied that she was not an adopted daughter but a natural born daughter of Susan and Fernando Poe. Napag-alaman tuloy na mayroon siyang dalawang Birth Certificate na mag-kaiba, as an adopted daughter and as a natural-born daughter of Susan and Fernando Poe.

      Kindly explain. Isn’t this a clear evidence that she lied with a questionable Birth Certificate? Ano ba ang gusto niyong mangyari? Magbulagbulagan na lamang at maging mandhid at bulag sa katotohanan at magkunwari na tama kahit mali?

    14. Grace Poe wants us to believe that the number on her student ID correspond to the date she enrolled. Is that possible? From what we understand, student ID number must be unique. Does she mean to say that all the students who enrolled the same day she enrolled will have the same student ID number corresponding to the date they enrolled? Kindly explain.

    15. Grace Poe wants us to believe that she was in the US for more than four years as a student without SSN. Will that be possible? How did she manage her money? Did she opened a bank account and deposit her money in the bank? From what we understand, you cannot open a bank account in the US without SSN. Kindly explain then how she managed her money in the US without SSN.

    16. If we go by how the US operates especially during these times, the military should now arrest Ms. Grace for being an agent of a foreign power since she is never registered as a Foreign Agent. Being married to an aremikan citizen while sitting as a senator, she is privy to state secrets that may be revealed during Executive Sessions. How can the military be so sure that she will never be passing any of those information to the mother of her kids? She should be tried for espionage and treason. How stupid of frank not to have booted a spy in their midst.

      On the other hand, the US should also question the father of the kids of Ms. Grace for being an agent of a sovereign state. I don’t think Mr. Llamanzares has been registered as a Foreign Agent.

      For the sake of country and patriotism, we, the Filipinos should never allow a foreign agent or a spy for the US to become the President.

    17. If Grace Poe entered the USA with a tourist or student visa, she must have obtained a Fake SSN.
      After getting married to NEIL Llamanzares,a US citizen.,she became a naturalized US Citizen. Poe must have been issued an
      SSN when she started working as Pre-School Teacher.If indeed Poe was employed, she was duty bound to file her Income Tax Returns with the IRS.In filing her IRS Returns, she is required to indicate her SSN.
      Aside from verifying directly Grace Poe’s SSS Number with the US Social Security Administration,a request must be made for Grace Poe to submit certified copies of her US IRS Income Tax Returns from the time she started working until she renounced her US citizenship and returned to the Philippines.

    18. I doubt very much if the opinion of Mr. Makabenta and others will matter. Mrs. Llamanzares will not be so bold enough to pursue her candidacy without the clout of the powerful in this country which were named in previous reports.

    19. Pet Bulaklak on

      I hope Grace Poe wins. She said will unite the country…i hope she forgives those people who fabricated lies after lies against her….

      • mukhang contradictory yung mga sinabi mo. you said if llamanzares wins the presidency, she will UNITE the country then you said you hope she forgives those people who fabricated lies after lies against her.

    20. Robert Balmes on

      This propaganda against Poe will not stop until election is over. If she win as president, many heads will roll down the gutter. If she lost, again heads will roll just the same smirking in their victory (saying I told you so), he, he, huh.

    21. Is it true that in the USA if you renounce your US Citizenship, you can no longer get it back? Please reply if you know about this, Mr Yen Macabenta, as it might affect Sen. Grace Poe and family if she is disqualified by the Supreme Court for being not a Natural Born Pilipino.

    22. A very good point raised by Mr. Mercado. There is our constitution to protect natural born citizens from pretenders and usurpers and scammers. And patriots would never accept a “double allegiance” person to run the highest post of the land.

    23. WE are wasting so much time on Grace Poe and her ambition to become president.
      Why does she not just withdraw her candidacy and let us focus our attention to more important problems. The issue is so sickening right now.

      She has renounced allegiance to the Philippines and swore an oath of allegiance to another country. Does she not have qualms about doing this and wanting to be president of the Philippines? SHAME, SHAME ON HER.

    24. ernie del rosario on

      This is the most “matinik” election we have ever ! More thorns yata than those in the crown placed on Jesus’ head. Comelec is stinging us for the third time with a defective automated system. Smartmatic is stinging Comelec with strings of lies like a long string of chorizos (as they call thier ER) which the latter takes hook-line-sinker-and-PHPs. Poe is stinging us with kilometric lies. SWS and Pulse Asia are stinging us with “massaged” survey results. LP is stinging us with propagandang di naman maganda. Conscripted media join in the LP propaganda-producing machine. And so on. Sus guinoo !

    25. This all make sense and clarity . I wish the SCJustices sees it to be,
      wise men and women supposedly !

    26. Llamanzares is a Stage 4 cancer in our Philippine politics that needs to be erradicated. In medicine, this stage is the terminal phase of the case. It may seem a hopeless case, nonetheless we must act and do something about it. We have to spread the word.

      To every Filipino who has the understanding: Be it known, LLAMANZARES IS A FRAUD, A CHEAT AND A LIAR. She is not to be trusted. She is a serpent that needs to have her head stepped on and crushed.

    27. Stephen Marko on

      Grace Poe is a fraud. She is an oppurtunist , a liar, and does not even deserve to b a senator let alone to b a president. But the philippine electorate has slways been stupid thats why they still voted for Erap despite his conviction. I can only hope that the Supreme Court saves this country from our stupid electorate….

    28. If she become president and visit the US she might be incarcerated there. Kahiya. Cge cheat pa more.

    29. Sino ba itong mga nagsulat sa columnist ng mga sulat na pinublish niya rito? Gaano sila ka credible para sabihin na maraming butas o kasinungalingan ang mga pinagsasabi ni Grace Poe sa mga laban niya? Hindi naman sa nagmamarunong pero bilang isang normal na mamayan na nagtataka kung sino ba sila para makapagsabi ng ganyan at kung ano ba ang matindi nilang batayan para masabi yang mga nasa liham nila na yan. Nakakainis isipin na halatang halata naman na one sided ang columnist, wala bang nag letter sa kanya ng positive o nasa side ni Grace Poe or hindi niya lang talaga napansin? Sana ay may makasagot sa akin, dahil isang supporter ni Grace Poe hindi naman ako papayag na basta basta na lang gaganyanin at gagawa na lang ng kung ano anong wrtiteups para siraan ang presidente ko.

      • Irog, kun di ba naman sinunghaling yan, alam naman natin na di na pwede magkaanak si Ms.Susan. Kung bakit, tanungin si Mr. Ross. Ngayon, sasabihin nya na sya ay ipinanganak ni Ms. Susan? Di ba isang malaking kasinunghalingan yan?

        Pangalawa, may dalawa sya SSN number sa aremika. Di ba isang pagsiwinunghaling yan?

        Ngayon, tell me kun dapat mo pagkatiwalaan ang isang sinunghaling.

      • Alam mo kaya walang iaasenso ang Pilipinas habang may mga tao na tulad mo na nagbubulagbulgan sa katotohanan. Matuto kang mag isip at gamitin ang kapirasong utak na naligaw sa kukote mo.

      • dapat lng na huwag kang basta maniwala sa mga sinusulat nila. i-research mo lng yan sa google at makikita mo kung totoo o hinde. pag na-research mo na at kay gracepoe ka pa rin, magpatingin ka na sa doctor o dumiretso ka na lng sa mental hospital.

    30. Mr. Makabenta you definitely hate Grace Poe the way Ninez hates Cory.It is ironic that in your column you wrote that filipinos are desperately seeking an alternative to this present
      yellow regime. You pontificate about honesty with regards to Poe but you are outrageously silent regarding Binay’s plunder charges. Are you endorsing the Binay Dynasty whose plunder charges can no longer be counted? Bono Adaza wrote a fiery rebuttal to answer Binay partisans who are creating an injustice to Poe while Rene Saguisag is sympathetic to foundlings. Surely. you are not in their league nor the justices who are the best to interpret the constitution.

      • correction: there are plunder complaints against the binays; not charges. meaning that there is no verifiable evidence to charge them with plunder.
        , which is why that is not included in the ombudsman’s case in the sandiganbayan. in any case, innocent until proven guilty. just like grace poe’s lie on her citizenship, residency and two social security numbers. innocent until proven guilty.

    31. All good points, Grace Poe Llamanzares is a liar and a fraud.

      In reality Grace Poe is not a citizen of the Philippines since every document is falsified including her birth certificates.

      In the United States she would be arrested and put on trial for identity theft but in the Philippines she becomes a senator thru Smartmatic vote rigging and even now after the Comelec has already disqualified her she continues to campaign for president with support from the Liberal Party, the Aquino appointee’s and the voters.

      Life is hard
      It’s harder when you’re stupid.

    32. Di kaya connected to hidden wealth yan, to separate her other source of money from her regular sources?

    33. Demetrio Ponce on

      The case of Grace Poe Llamanzares is twofold, namely, a) the status of her Philippine citizenship – whether she is natural born or not by virtue of her being a foundling, and, b) her renunciation of that same citizenship and her swearing of allegiance to another country when she became a US citizen. Let us, for the sake argument, assume that she is a natural born (which is still being debated) and concentrate on the second issue, i.e., her renunciation of Philippine citizenship to become a US citizen, Is it it right for the Filipino people to elect someone who, at one point, renounced allegiance to the Philippines. Yes, citizenship is not like a piece of clothing where you can use and reuse anytime it suits you. No decent citizenry anywhere in the world will elect someone to the highest office whose allegiance to that same country he/she wants to serve was once renounced.

    34. Grace Poe is a foundling as evidenced by the first birth certificate filed by Militar. The second birth certificate executed in May 2006 saying she was the child of Ronald allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe was a deliberate lie to serve a specific purpose – to make it appear that Grace Poe was a natural-born Filipino. This false certificate was the one used by Grace Poe in reacquiring her Filipino citizenship on July 10, 2006. Grace Poe knowingly and deliberately did an illegal act to cure her being a foundling. Atty. Ester Elamparo was right in saying that Poe doesn’t care about her citizenship but for the Presidency and resorted to deceits in her quest for the office.

    35. There’s so much ‘hoola-baloo’ on the status of Grace Poe-Llamanzares. From all accounts, she is simply “Disqualified” and “Unqualified” to run for President of the Republic of the Philippines. If, for any reason, she iwill be qualified, the country loses one good citizen voter, in silent protest to such a much-politicized decision qualifying her. .

    36. Aynaku , your logic is so bad it insults common sense much less intelligence.
      Yeech ang pinoy that this natural born issue has come so far,,,,,,,it goes to show
      how illogical a lot of people have become……..does that explain why we are one of the most corrupt and backward in Asia ?

    37. Grabe naman ka-mean ang article na ito about kay Sen Grace Poe, I want to ask some question why some people mad to Sen Grace Poe? Maganda naman ang kanyang ipinapakita sa masa at isa pa hindi niya intensyon na manloko ang gusto lang niya mangyari ay matupad ang gusto ng kanyang ama na tulungan ang kanyang mga kababayan. Kaya dapat imbis na manira tayo suportahan na lang ang mga gusto nating kandidato.