‘Real cameras’ still better than smartphones–Fujifilm


Despite the rising penetration of smartphones in the Philippines, Japanese company Fujifilm just shrugged off this potential threat in the camera industry.

Marilen Catanghal, senior marketing leader at Photo and Electronic Imaging Division of Fujifilm Philippines, stressed that the quality of phone cameras are not as good as consumers/professional cameras, like compact digital, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex), mirrorless, among others.

Thus, she expressed optimism that these smartphones could not beat them–in terms of popularity and quality.

“[I]f we’re going to talk about lifestyle, millennials now are into photos. They are not satisfied anymore with the quality of their phone cameras so they buy a camera for them to use in their social media contents,” she told reporters following Fujfilm’srecent product launch in Makati City.

Photographer and Fujifilm ambassador Jan Gonzales tries out the X-H1

“They see the quality of a photo from a phone or a camera. [And] in terms of professional [use], I think it’s not really a threat,” Catanghal added.

Proving this, the company representative boasted that Fujifilm’s sales continue to show strong momentum. She said this could also be attributed to the group’s marketing efforts to further expand and boost its brand presence across the country.

Catanghal shared that just last year, Fujifilm was able to secure the first spot in the local camera industry (mirrorless category).

She cited data from market research firm Growth from Knowledge (GfK), saying Fujifilm dominated the market with “about 40 to 50 percent [market share].”

“For a long time [I believe we can sustain this spot],” she said.

Moreover, the company officially introduced the X-H1 in the local market.

Fujifilm said it has “robust and durable body, incorporates a range of extremely useful features that support shooting in various scenarios demanded by professional photographers and videographers.”

The new product offers “comprehensive range of video features” aimed at supporting movie and television requirements.

Fujifilm invited known personalities in the industry, including photographers LitoSy and Jan Gonzales to demonstrate the capability of X-H1 to capture superb photos and videos.


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