Real-life AlDub not meant to be



The biggest news in showbiz these days is the open letter that Maine Mendoza addressed to fans of AlDub, her tandem with Alden Richards from the Kalyeserye segment of “Eat Bulaga” in 2015. The phenomenal team-up spawned AlDub Nation, one of the largest if not the biggest fan groups in Philippine showbiz today.

Diehard fans were taken aback when Maine Mendoza said in her open letter (inset photo) that she and Alden Richards are just friends instagram photo

Diehard fans were taken aback when Maine said in her letter that she and Alden are just friends—nothing more, nothing less. It came as a big blow to the fandom’s dream for a real-life romance to develop between the two.

While Maine is grateful for the fans’ overwhelming support, she stated it is not their place to dictate on them for whom their hearts should beat.

Roving Eye agrees that AlDub Nation should accept the fact that Maine and Alden are far from being lovers. Reality bites but it is what it is.

The question is, after Maine’s revelation, what will happen of the teleserye and movie scheduled for AlDub? If said projects push through, will their fans still support them? What too of endorsements that are hinged on the team-up? If everything falls through, is Maine to blame for it all?

Fans seem split on the issue, some feeling terrible over “it can never be” while others appreciating Maine’s sentiments.

No matter how bad the AlDub fans feel, they should respect and accept Maine’s decision to open up about how she really feels. And if they love their idols as they say they do, they should give Alden and Maine a chance to grow as artists and individuals.


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