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    Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla on being role models, young achievers and in love

    It’s hard enough just to be a good actor but a high pressured career is enough to push anyone over the edge at times. And with social media now part of daily life, anyone can easily praise, criticize and judge a celebrity at the drop of a hat.

    No one knows this reality better than the teenage tandem that grew up—and fell in love for real—in front of the public eye. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, more popularly known by the portmanteau KathNiel, have learned to watch their every step because they know that with their fame comes the responsibility of influencing a generation of fans for the good.

    This is not to say KathNiel is a pair of goody-goodies. To be sure they have found themselves the topic of showbiz gossip, bashing and the like. Amid all these, however, they strive hard to be image-conscious for their families, their fans and themselves.

    The reel and real life couple says they can’t promise to be perfect but they will always be themselves in front of the public INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    “We’d like to think we were both raised well. We are the product of our parents who taught us what’s right and wrong, and in our position, we know what we need to show the public who look up to us. We know we have to do our best to become good role models of the youth,” Padilla said at the thanksgiving press conference for his and Bernardo’s ABS-CBN prime time “La Luna Sangre,” which is now on its final week run.

    What’s real
    It can be recalled that Padilla and Bernardo were first paired in 2012’s teen drama series, “Princess and I.” Since then, they were cast in one project after another—both for the small and big screens—drawing them closer and closer, until they admitted to be “exclusively dating” in 2016.

    As a real couple who need to put their best foot forward in public appearances, KathNiel nonetheless never held back in showing their affection for one another. They do not see anything wrong with PDA, the acronym for “Public Dispay of Affection,” and Bernardo explained why: “I can hug him in front of you [and if you’re uncomfortable about it]that’s not our problem because what we promise our fans is that we will always be real in front of them.”

    For the young actress, beyond what the public sees in their interviews and movies is a more significant message to the youth. “At a young age, we know the value of hard work and because of it, we can already support our families. So beyond our relationship on and off camera, there are things we’re able to achieve, and we do all that by being real.”

    What’s love
    In doing La Luna Sangre, Bernardo said she further realized that there can be no other reality as powerful as love.

    “Those who watch the show will know that character Malia and Daniel’s role as Tristan have faced so many challenges together. But at the end of the day, whether a person turns ‘bad’ because of situations, they can change because of love.”

    A REAL GIRLSCOUT Always ready to lend a helping hand in the positive formation of the youth, Kathryn Bernardo was officially declared Ambassador of the Girls Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) on February 22. Here, she is welcomed by top GSP executives and employees of the Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) where she led a storytelling activity for her fellow scouts.

    Speaking as one half of KathNiel again, she deduced, “That’s something I also want to go by in real life. Just like any relationship, Malia and Tristan’s journey isn’t easy, and in real life, we all face challenges too. But if we face them hand in hand, we can get through them, with love.”

    What’s next
    According to the reel and real-life couple, the final week of La Luna Sangre, which went into high gear Monday will show tensions rise, especially after the leader of the evil vampires Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez) discovers his brother Tristan had betrayed him and sided with Malia over love.

    As a couple, Malia and Tristan will fight for peace as Sandrino does everything in his power to on filling the world with the darkness of his absolute rule.

    With the show coming to an end, KathNiel admit they have mixed feelings over what has been a very enriching experience in their careers.

    “First of all, it was hard for me to do La Luna because I had to make big adjustments to portray Malia,” she said of what turned out to be not just an emotionally driven role but a physically demanding one as well. “The show was the first time I became really hands on in my role and collaborate with the writers and directors so I definitely learned a lot in La Luna.”

    Elaborating, Bernardo went on, “We matured as actors here and we became independent as well. In the past, we were very dependent on our directors for guidance, but with La Luna, with multiple units and directors, we have to know what’s happening wherever they throw us to do scenes.

    “To do a series as big as this takes a lot of team work and thankfully, we became a family here—and I’ will miss that. I might have sepanx [separation anxiety]because as hard as it’s been to La Luna, we all have fun on the set, and never expected the show will run as long as 10 months.”

    On Padilla’s part, he related, “I’m really proud of La Luna because this is the first fantaserye (fantasy-based series) Kath and I did. It was a roller coaster ride for sure, but instead of thinking the about all the stress we’ve gone through, I choose to think of all the good memories we’ve made on this show. Because definitely, it brought us closer than before. For real!”

    La Luna Sangre—the third installment of Philippine television’s “Imortal” trilogy—is set to air its last episode on March 2.


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