Real-time analytics can help small businesses


GLOBAL software and service provider Amdocs said on Monday real-time analytics can help enterprise businesses in the Philippines to develop new insights about their customers and to manage their operations more efficiently.

“The enterprise business segment can reap significant benefits by adopting real-time analytics into its business processes,” Ilan Sade, general manager of Amdocs Technology, told The Manila Times in an email interview.

“For example, real-time analytics can start from analyzing mobile usage of all users within a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), and using the findings to make up-sell recommendations. Real-time analytics can also provide SMEs with control to manage their costs and add value,” he continued.

He said real-time analytics is one of the major keys to realizing a more consistent digital transformation, alongside machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

He cited these technologies as a guide, especially for telecommunications companies in the country, to improve their services. He also mentioned service providers in the Philippines are quick to level-up in digital transformation.

“Operators in the Philippines are quite ahead in adopting new technologies in order to transform from being a communications service provider to becoming a digital service provider. The major players are already delivering omni-channel digital care experiences using virtual agents/chatbots,” he said.

Sade mentioned that Globe and PLDT have already engaged their customers with over-the-top (OTT) content providers.

“Globe for example has been delivering OTT content in partnership with HOOQ for quite some time. Just recently, PLDT introduced Roku-powered PLDT TVolution — an all-in-one plug and play box that will take TV viewing to the next level. They are already delivering OTT content in partnership with Cignal TV, iflix, Netflix among others,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sade presented the company’s wide range of services to support the digital experience consumers and enterprise customers demand.

These include “aia,” a digital intelligence platform that enables service providers to leverage artificial intelligence; “digitalONE”, an open and modular cloud-native platform which enables service providers to deliver contextual, digital experiences across all engagement channels; and its Digital Monetization solution, which strengthens service providers’ position by quickly creating and launching new offers.


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