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    If you are a huge basketball fan, especially during the finals season, you may recognize Lady Lassiter, the wife of one of the Philippine Basketball Association’s (PBA) biggest superstars, Marcio Lassiter from the San Miguel Beermen.

    Known as Marcio’s ever supportive wife, Jerlyn has long been known for her very vocal support of her husband.
    While some may be intimidated by her strong sense of self, her passion to support and stand by her man is quite admirable. Most PBA fans may just know her through social media but the reality is, there is definitely more to Jerlyn than meets the eye.

    While some people may only see and judge her based on her social media persona, there is definitely more to her than the 140 characters she posts on Twitter.

    Having known her for over four years, I have come to know Jerlyn as a loyal and transparent friend who always puts others above herself. This loyalty can be rooted for her love for her own family, “Family is very important to me as both Marcio and I come from huge families. This is one of the many things that we have in common: our love and dedication to our families and of course, our own little brood.”

    Vampire Penguin’s snow blocks are shaved very finely to create the experience of newly fallen snow, creating a fluffy dessert that’s dairy- free but tastes just like ice cream

    Being an ate to seven siblings has developed her nurturing nature making her extremely protective of those she calls her own, “I speak my mind and very feisty if I am pushed. You can say I am a lioness in how I protect my family, especially my boys, but unlike public perception of me, I am not angry all the time. In fact, I am naturally chill and steady. I know how to balance things and know which things to fight for and which things to let slide.”

    Having been with Marcio for over 13 years, it’s considered to be one of the league’s most admired relationships.
    When asked how it all started, she gamely recalls, “We started out as friends in high school and we built a solid friendship first before we fell in love.”

    She then shares the secret to their lasting relationship, “The most important thing is we support each other fully and that we have each other’s backs especially when no one else does.”

    She also highlights the importance of communication and having fun, “We always talk to each other about everything and we just trust each other. Even after more than 13 years together, we still make sure to go out on dates and just enjoy each other and of course our three boys, Montae, Myles, and Marcel.”

    She then adds, “We just trust God you know. We just believe that that everything happens in His time and in His hands and we trust Him to lead us every step of the way.”

    She also highlights the importance of understanding that a relationship is between two people and not the entire world, “Our relationship is not different from anyone else’s but ours just so happens to be public in a sense because of Marcio’s work. But in reality and for any relationship, it’s important to remember that a relationship is just between two people and God.”

    Another secret to their lasting relationship is the fact that they enjoy trying new things together.

    In fact just this month, the couple started their first business venture together called Vampire Penguin. The couple, who are originally from San Francisco, California, have always wanted to bring something unique to the Philippines, “We’ve taken our time checking out the market and finally decided that Vampire Penguin will be loved by the Philippines.”

    A dessert place straight from California, Vampire Penguin’s snow blocks are shaved very finely to create the experience of newly fallen snow. It falls to where the snowflakes stick together to create a fluffy dessert that’s dairy free and tastes just like ice cream.”

    Marcio and Jerlyn Lassiter with their kids Montae, Myles and Marcel

    When asked what it’s like to have a business together, she says, “It allows us to have something else that we can work on and have pride in as a couple. It’s our first investment together so it’s good to learn as we go. It’s also a way to bond with the kids and even our eldest, Montae has learned to mix flavors himself.”

    It surely is exciting times for the Lassiter family but for Jerlyn supporting her husband is top priority.

    When asked how it’s like to be a superstar’s wife, she says, “It definitely has its pros and cons. There is a sense of gratitude because your husband is loved by so many. It’s humbling that a simple wave, smile or even a picture can impact someone else’s life greatly but of course the downside is hearing your husband get bashed but to see his dream come true and see him do what he loves to do every day is like seeing my own dream come true as well. It makes me happy to see that.”

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