• Is there really a downswing in a golf swing?


    The word downswing has been frequently used in the game of golf. Almost everyone like amateurs, professionals, instructors and coaches, use the word downswing almost every time they discuss the downward motion, prior to impact. But, is there really a downswing in a golf swing? I choose to say none.

    A swing, as defined in the dictionary, is a backward and forward motion, to and fro, back and forth, or a rotary motion, from a fixed point or an axis.In golf, in order to make the shot, it is necessary to execute a swing. So, one swing is equivalent to one shot.

    American golfer Bryson DeChambeau demonstrates his unorthodox swing. DeChambeau was a Physics major known for infusing science into his golf swing. He is the author of the physics-heavy golf instruction book, The Golf Machine. AFP PHOTO

    In order to swing the club, you must hold the club accordingly and move it around the body. By using the word around, it means that the motion is circular. In a circular motion, the club establishes a plane or an angle, where the club passes around the body, and is greatly dependent on the angles of the body, whether face-on or down the line.

    When you view a golfer swing face-on, focus on the club head. Take note that the club head traces a path around the body, forming the image of a circle. The image will definitely give you an impression that the swing goes up and down, on either side. But, you must consider, that it is only an impression or a perception. So, the truth, is there will never be a downward and upward motion in a circle.

    Using the word downswing is very suggestive. When the mind interprets the word down, the body moves the club downward. It is human nature to control the golf club with our hands, arms and shoulders. The body manipulates the motion of the club and can produce shots that hit the ground excessively. You will experience thick or fat shots that will at times create minor injuries. This mindset will never improve the swing flow.

    Based on my understanding, the best words to use are “forward swing” and “through swing.” It will never connote a downward or upward impression. Fluidity and continuity are the effects of a deliberate circular motion. It will feel light, faster and more consistent.

    Therefore, use words in golf that will suggest to your mind and body to move the club correctly. Think of a circular motion rather than downward. Use suggestive words such as easy, simple, “I can,” “I will,” “I love the game,” “I trust myself,” “I am enjoying each shot,” “I am having fun,” smiling and feeling good all the time.

    The proper words will set your mind to create good shots. I believe that you are the creator of your own reality. Do it then, happily! Certainly, you will start to believe that golf is not difficult, after all.


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