‘Reap the Whirlwind:’ What’s behind the INC revolt?


The camp of 2016 presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 2nd had threatened the Iglesia Ni Cristo with a “Napoles”-and-“Enrile”-type of operations if the religious group does not support his candidacy, or if it does not at least stand neutral in next year’s polls, according to sources close to the second biggest Christian church in the country.

If the Iglesia refuses to do Roxas 2nd’s  bidding as, in fact, it did, his camp calculated that the exposé of alleged massive corruption in the INC, and of a schism within, led by the former INC leader’s widow, would weaken its legitimacy to a point where its members would not follow its leadership’s endorsement of a presidential bet for 2016.

The illegal detention charges against practically the entire INC leadership, except for Eduardo Manalo, were a thinly veiled threat to put them all in jail if they did not follow Roxas 2nd’s orders.

No wonder the INC is in such a state of revolt never before seen in its 101 years of existence.

It was a desperate move on the part of Roxas’ strategists since all their surveys showed that he would most definitely lose in the 2016 elections, as President Aquino himself actually had concluded.

They thought that the INC’s bloc vote for Roxas, estimated at 1.4 million, or more than half its membership, would give him a fighting chance, or at least provide them with the smokescreen for cheating.

But despite Roxas’ intense lobbying, the INC leadership had sent word that it could not support his candidacy in 2016.  This was because the INC felt that Roxas was a failure in the two Cabinet posts he held and that the Aquino Administration — which it supported in 2010 — had not delivered on its promises.  The INC even specifically pointed out the government’s failure to bring justice to the Special Action Force commandos massacred at Mamasapano,  Maguindanao,  two of whom were INC members.

“Gusto nilang pilitin kaming suportahin ang manok nila.” (They want to compel us to support their candidate [in the 2016 elections).

“Gusto nilang pilitin kaming suportahin ang manok nila.” (They want to compel us to support their candidate [in the 2016 elections).

Aquino and Roxas, however, have shot themselves in the foot by grossly underestimating the power of the INC to mobilize thousands of  warm bodies in the streets to launch a siege against the Aquino government.

Roxas’ camp may have even forgotten that the INC has a popular TV and radio broadcasting network  — a powerful force in mass political mobilization and in coup d’etats. The INC’s TV station Net 25 is even more professionally run and has a stronger TV signal than the government’s NBN station, which pathetically has been totally inutile in countering Net 25.

INC head Manalo had quickly rallied the Church’s  top leaders as nobody else had joined the tiny break-away group, which  seems to have vanished after its first and last YouTube propaganda push several weeks ago.

The Catholic backlash against the INC’s political action is inconsequential, as the Catholic Church does not have command votes. Roxas 2nd has made the INC his mortal enemy, which feels its survival is at stake.  The INC would likely even horse-trade its clout in local elections to ensure a tsunami of votes against the Yellow Candidate.

While the INC almost always in the past elections voted as a bloc, this would be the first time that it would actively campaign against a presidential candidate.

It’s Hosea 8:10, the source claimed: “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.”

“Nearly all political leaders in the post-war era, except Cory Aquino, respected the voting power of the INC and honored it as a religious organization just as they did the Catholic Church’s Princes,” the source close to the INC said. “It’s only this President and Roxas who had the gall to threaten and actually attack it.”

What the intellectually unsophisticated INC leaders really mean when they say, “respect the separation of church and state” is this: That the administration cannot tell the INC who to vote for. This is what its members in the streets mouthing that term think it means.

The INC so far has focused its attack on Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, as they said they had concrete proof of her role in the planned charges against their group.

It hasn’t categorically called for Aquino’s resignation, as this would violate their dogma of being supportive of a duly constituted government. But this has been a subterfuge on their part, as neither did INC call for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s ouster in April 2001, even if its members provided much of the warm bodies for the so-called EDSA Tres uprising against the Administration.
Not Aquino 3rd but Roxas 2nd

Neither have the INC protesters openly condemned Aquino, as its leaders believe that it is Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd or his strategists who thought of the plan to threaten the INC or at least mar its reputation.

A source claimed that Cristina (“Tenny”) Manalo, widow of the late Eraño Manalo who had headed the church until 2009, is a good friend of Judith Araneta-Roxas, Roxas 2nd’s mother.

It was Mrs. Manalo, with her son Felix Nathaniel “Angel,” who posted in mid-July this year on YouTube pleas for help, claiming their lives were being threatened and that they were illegally detained for raising allegations of corruption in the INC hierarchy, now led by her eldest son Eduardo.

The swift deployment of police and Commission on Human Rights (CHR) agents to Angel’s compound was viewed by the INC as a move ordered by Roxas, since he headed the Philippine National Police, and since his factotum Liberal Party director general Chito Gascon assumed chairmanship of the CHR only in June.

The trigger that pushed the INC to go all out against the government was the filing by Isaiah Samson, a former editor of its internal newspaper Pasugo, of illegal detention charges against eight ministers who made up Manalo’s leadership core, including Glicerio Santos Jr., head of the Sanggunian, the highest administrative council of the INC.

“It’s like filing criminal charges, non-bailable, against the Liberal Party’s entire executive committee,” the source said. “Do you think Samson has the gall or the funds to take on the INC?” “Someone is pulling the strings, just as someone was pulling the strings of Benhur Luy, who fingered mostly opposition leaders as having been involved in the pork-barrel scam.” “Mrs. Manalo and Angel, on the other hand, seem to have disappeared after their Youtube episode.”

It was Justice Secretary de Lima who personally received the complaint, even arranging a media event out of it. She was about to have it pursued by her hand-picked prosecutors in a trial court until the INC laid siege to her offices in Padre Faura.

Three yellow tactics

The attack against the INC has all of three distinctive yellow tactics used by Aquino against his perceived enemies in the past five years. These are as follows:

First, file illegal detention charges, to put them immediately in jail. It was the illegal detention charge – which is non-bailable – against Janet Napoles that served as the opening salvo for de Lima’s National Bureau of Investigation’s campaign on the pork-barrel scam that eventually put three once powerful opposition senators to jail. It was the illegal detention charge that put Napoles in jail, and for which she was convicted for 40 years – not the plunder cases against her. Tycoon Roberto Ongpin – who the Aquino operatives thought they could force to spill the beans against former president Arroyo and her husband – was charged with illegal detention filed by a former employee.

Second, portray them as corrupt. The three opposition senators were jailed after they were portrayed as big-time grafters, and it is the same media tack that is now being lodged against the INC, that Manalo and his leaders were skimming off this and that, that the INC leader had a billion-peso house in Forbes Park, that their overseas foundations were raking it all in.

Third, deploy the yellow social media, and ABS-CBN, specially. The former are the same “netizens” and trolls disguised as netizens, who had been busy demonizing Binay, and who now have been ordered to demonize Manalo and the INC “fanatics.” You know them – check their FB accounts, which post practically nothing else but vitriol against their targets.   Watch ABS-CBN’s handling of the INC demonstrations, as it echoes Roxas’ line that the INC demonstrations are creating huge traffic jams along EDSA. It isn’t beyond  Aquino and Roxas’ camp to even help worsen the traffic to create a backlash against the INC.

An online-only paper – the same outfit that opened the character assassination campaign against Corona in his impeachment trial by alleging, quite falsely, that he manufactured his Ph.D. from the UST – all of a sudden had an in-depth investigative series on the INC’s overseas operations and foundations. That would have needed at least a month or two in research on the secretive church that has very little data posted on the internet.

Aquino and Roxas wrecked the institutions of the Supreme Court and the Congress, and kept in jail a former president on the flimsiest of evidence.

So they thought it would be a walk in the park to wreck a small religious sect, which isn’t even named in the Constitution.

They will instead reap the whirlwind.


Just as I was about to finish up this column and email it to my editors, I opened my Facebook account and found a very enlightening post by my old friend, veteran journalist Manny Mogato, who was in the field and interviewed INC demonstrators at EDSA.

Manny is definitely not pro-INC, and his staunchly Catholic mindset even made him point out in his post that the INC “does not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ,” as if to warn his readers that this people are heretics.

Still, the statements he got from the demonstrators, which he posted on his FB, confirmed the points I presented above, although Manny expresses amazement over them:

“Ibinoto pa naman namin siya nung 2010, ngayon gusto niyang pagwatak-watakin ang INC.” (We voted for him in 2010, but now he wants to tear INC apart as an organization.)

“Hindi kami naniniwalang si de Lima lang yan, mayroon pang mas makapangyarihan na nasa likod ng kaso ni Isaiah Samson sa mga taga-pangasiwa namin. Ginamit lang ang DoJ” (We don’t believe it is just de Lima acting. There is a more powerful figure behind Samson. He’s just using the DOJ.”

“Bakit wala pang nakakasuhan sa Mamasapano, samantalang bago lang itong kaso ni Samson? May short-cut atang nangyayari.” (Why has no one been charged over the Mamasapano massacre, while Samson’s case is just very new, yet De Lima has acted on it. There seems to be a short-cut going on here.)

And as is the main point of this article:

“Gusto nilang masira ang aming pagkakaisa para masabi nilang natalo ang sinuportahan namin sa election, kasi hindi na kami solid. Gusto nilang pilitin kami na suportahan ang manok nila.” (They want to wreck our unity, so they could later claim the candidate we supported lost because we were no longer a solid bloc. They are forcing us to support their candidate [Roxas, in the 2016 presidential elections.)

Contrary to what the Yellow Horde has been claiming, the INC demonstrators certainly know why they are at EDSA, and what they are fighting for.
FB: Bobi Tiglao


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  1. Sa aming mga iglsia ni cristo ay sinusnud lang namin ang nasa biblia tugkul sa pagkakaisa, bakit pagdating sa pagkakaisa ay parang nataranta ang hindi kaainib sa inc. sa totoo lang ,wala kaming pakialam sa mga kandidato kung manalo man o hindi, basta nag kakaisa kami sa pagbuto diyan kami nanalo, dahil si Cristo at ang Ama ay nagkakaisa din ganon din ang mga iglsia na kanyang katawan (col. 1:18 ) kaya si cristo ang ulo, hindi pwidi na ang ulo at ang katawan ay magkaWAhilay. kung anu ang pasya ng ulo susunud katawan.,gaya ng inasusulat sa biblia ,isang ispirito isang bautismo isang pananampalataya (efi.4;4) bibila po ang basihan sa aming pagsunod , hindi si kapt. na manalo

  2. Walang problema sa Aral ng Iglesia. Lahat kami hindi sumasalungat at lumalaban sa aral. Ang problema para sa akin ay ang Sanggunian kung may corruption ngang nangyayari.

    yun lang. Salamat

    • Who triumphed?

      The INC whose members don’t read the bible and deny the DIVINITY of JESUS?

      That is LOSING ones salvation. a far cry from TRIUMPHING as you claim!!

      UNITY has no correlation to being of the TRUTH

      INC is one of the many FALSE man-made religions that claims to be the ONLY TRUTH..

      So why after over a CENTURY in existence

      its member ship is STILL 99% PINOY?

      Is that progress?

      How many single white women are INC members?

      How many caucasian couples are INC members?

      There is NO GROWTH or TRUTH in INC

  3. Hay buhay. Pag ayaw reject talaga, nag tatanga tangahan at nagiging bobo mag basa. Sarado mag isip. Ung iba naman trip lang manira. Ung iba maka pag comment lang. Maki uso ba. Eto in ngayon ehh… Pag INC na may issue napaka lala ng perception ng publiko. Pag hindi inc deadma ang issue… Hay grabe naman… Hangang ganun lang… Hindi kasale yung kanyang religion, hindi naman kase inc. Pag inc, whhoooooo INC un! “Napaka sama talaga ng mga culto ni manalo” astig! Edie wow! Basa basa din pag may time, gamit din ng utak para di mo mailapag kung saan saan.

    Sabagay, ano ba paki alam ko?
    Salamat po pla sa article kahit hindi kayo inc, buti may mga responsible pang journalist sa mga panahong ito.

    Magkakaroon na kayo ng maraming basher dahil d2. Sana maging patas plage ang mga article nyo.

    • ano bayan, napatawa naman a ko sa comment mo. Pero ganayn din sa palagay ko, bastat ang INC lang ang tinitira at yung ibang organisasyon ay hindi pinapansin, ang bilis mang husga at magbigay ng opinyon na walang foundation beside sa mga sabi sabi

    • GRABE nmn din kayu ehh kung makapanira kayu sa KATOLIKO !! lahat nang binabasa nang ministro nyu kinokonekta para ilaglag kami
      Pero ok lang :) matatag kami :)

  4. Friends, let us be considerate and understand the mentality of the members of INC. Love them like your 2-year-old brother or sister.

    Pls feel free to attend the worship service of the INC in any local congregation near you.. any douthfull coments regarding thr doctrines of the INC.. will be ans by the resedence minister of the INC… thank you.

    You can ask any question which we can not answer here because we are too dumb to memorize and analyze all the erroneous biblical interpretations and teachings of our well paid ministers. In our local congregations our resident minister will do everything to brainwash you first of all to believe that Felix Ysagun Manalo, originally a Catholic, is an angel sent by God as the ravenous bird that will rise in 1914 from the far east which we confusingly insist is the Philippines. After Felix locked himself in his room for three days without food and becoming delusional proclaimed himself the last messenger of God in the last days. He started to proselytize by deceiving people to believe that the Church founded by Christ himself Apostatized. His very own mother might be in hell by now because he forgot or failed to convert her. You will also be informed of anti-Catholic exposés which you should believe without thinking rationally. Try watching our very own INC TV programs and you’ll be entertained how we slander Catholic Beliefs and Doctrines. The Catholic statues are favoritely criticized but of course we love the statue of our very own Sugo even though it is prohibited in our interpretation of scriptures. Everything we teach is written in the Bible so please do not ask words like Trinity or Purgatory because this is not written in the Bible. If you ask for the name Felix Ysagun Manalo this is not written in the Bible but it is in the prophesy (HULA). So you see we are very wise if you can not find it in the Bible we can turn it into a prophesy to prove our rotten lies. Please do not believe that our Founder is a rapist because that is not prophesied in the bible. Just look into the records of the Philippine Court of Law and find the Truth that he is ‘hombre de baja moral’. In fact many politicians support our Chief Executive Minister specially those who were endorsed by our dictator leader and we just nod all the time without thinking to practice block-voting. The most important is the deception of finding the name of our Cult in Rom 16:16 by ignoring grammar and twisting verses (i.e. mga iglesia ni Cristo is replaced by Iglesia ni Cristo). Our ministers are the only ones who are allowed to read and interpret the Bible because they are afraid that you might have a better understanding of the scriptures. Better subscribe and read our Pasugo magazine which most of the time is self-destructive when used as reference in debates. We are like the Scribes and Pharisees who accused Jesus of blasphemy and had Him crucified because He claimed to be God. We dont care what John 8:24 says that we will die in our sins if we do not believe in what Jesus claims who He is. Bear in mind that Jesus is just a man and our Founder Felix is an angel. Don’t be scandalized by the fact that we worship Jesus like pagans do worshipping somebody who is just a man. If you are a rational thinker with logical reasoning you will discover that our doctrines can not withstand biblical scrutiny. But of course, we prey on the gullible ones, those who are ignorant about the History of the Church, very easy to fool and lose faith when their religious beliefs are criticized. Now you see how successful we are by just admiring our Guinness record Biggest Arena in the World which is now under scrutiny because of corruption by our Sanggunian. Our Sanggunian is very powerful and can kick anybody out even if they are from the bloodline of our Angel Founder. When members question our Chief Minister they will be summarily expelled they will lose salvation and can not enter heaven. Sometimes, according to rumor, you will just disappear without any trace.
    Once again come to our local chapels and feel free to asks questions and be ready to get fooled to become a loyal and very very proud cross-eyed, if not blind, follower of our Cult that is a business entity in the guise of religion and a milking cow of the elite few. If you are already a member, please stick to our church policy to keep your eyes and mouth shut and never ever fight the Administration. Thank you very much.

    • I love that our comments can be linked through INCMEDIA

      This might be the ONLY way the lost sheep of INC will EVER hear the true WORD of GOD

      1. That Felix was no more a MESSENGER then George LAMSA

      was ( the man whose perverted Bible version INC
      cites for 1 verse week after week)

      2. That breaking Guinness book world records

      is no more important than attending worship services

      within INC that deny Divinity of JESUS

      spews hate for the CATHOLIC church instead of focusing on their own

      wrongful doctrines

      3. Boasting that THEY are the ONLY ones saved in these last days..lol

      4. fabricating that there was no one ,NOT one single person

      that could spread the TRUE WORD of GOD

      for 1900 years until a FALSE prophet came along

      in the name of Felix..lol

      WAKE UP INC members

      The bible is here for you to read the WORD of GOD

      Don’t listen to your ministers who have no clue who JESUS is

      JESUS said
      ” I came DOWN from HEAVEN

      sent by the FATHER”

      JESUS was ALWAYS with the FATHER

      from ETERNITY past!

    • Please don’t react personally like you’re an ADD! Also, those minds already corrupted in the dark might not get illuminated if all anguish and jealousy persist in your hearts. All you can wish and hope to ask from God is the Holy Spirit He might send for you to be enlightened!

      Kudos to the article which promotes impartiality!

    • hugot pa more, sourgrape? masyado nang madilim kelly ong? umiiyak ang inyong mga mahal sa buhay sa kalagayan nyo ngayon. hindi pa naman wakas. humihinga ka pa nga eh. nakakapag isip nang paninira, sayang. sayang.tinatanggal na ang mga sirang bahagi ng bahay. ang mga nabubulok at inaanay inihahagis na sa apoy. naglilinis na nga ang May ari .

  5. Maka-galit naman sa bloc voting ng INC wagas. E samantalang pag eleksyon, madaming mga non-INC ang nanghihingi pa ng kopya ng susuportahan namin na mga kandidato kasi alam nilang mas mabuti ang pagpili na aming ginagawa.

  6. So if the bottomline is not about the case filed by Samson but the alleged manipulation by the administration to command votes from INC, why do they not just submit to the process of the law then let the truth be laid out in the courts?

    When there was the issue of alleged corruption within the catholic church, the churches’ officials submitted to a senate inquisition (talking about the issue of luxury vehicles being gifted to them).

    In another matter, if Samson is portrayed as a liar in this scenario, does that follow that his claims that Victoria Tower, a JV project by San Jose Builders and INC, are also lies? And that INC is using its funds to participate in commerce instead of using it to build churches?

    Does it also follow that his allegations that 2 high end restaurants in QC which are owned by children of one INC official, are completely fabricated?

    Does it follow that the ownerships of luxury vehicles by INC officials, whom do not have commercial employment outside church and only receives certain stipend from INC, can actually afford to acquire said high-end cars?

    I do not care about what goes on internally within INC, but if Samson is being painted a liar, one would question if all those exposé he did are all fabricated or otherwise.

    • Most often, the court is not the best venue to air greivances especially when the people who runs the state are the one’s who persecute you. In fact, the court can be used as an effective tool to further their agendas. INC’s move is pre-emptive. The main objective is to discourage those people that are behind the selective justice of DoJ, for whatever plans they are preparing to launch. In that viewpoint, INC’s protest was a success. It does not change the fact that Samson can still file his case, but this time, the odds would be in the favor of INC.

    • No disrespect Cente, yes it was a success. With the strong bonds of INC with their church, a people march was used and it was enough to disrupt the “plans” of the DoJ, but only to some extent.

      If Samson was indeed lying, the court would be a good battlefield to reveal that. But since extreme actions were made(INC protests), INC seems to be hiding more secrets than the administration or DoJ. It just made the said organization look guilty.

    • You should care what goes on inside iNC

      Its much more important that all this picketing and protesting and church vs, govt issues

      The REAL things that matter is what this FALSE religion of INC teaches its congregation

      How they emphasize WORKS like attending worship service 2 times a week and so many offerings that dont aid the congregation but are used for the benefit of the administration

      They deny who CHRIST is and that’s GOD in the FLESH

      This INC MEDIA is more concerned on showing what ANOTHER false religion teaches (CATHOLICS)

      than providing the WHOLE bible and its GOSPELS

    • That is correct, Basilyo. Members INC are fully aware of what is happening inside the church even before the issue came into public attention. We know Samson; we know Angel and Teny as well as their plans to spread schism inside the church. It was a power struggle and, in every angle, an internal issue. Angel Manalo’s call for help in that youtube incident is not really a call for help per see; he was encouraging rebellion, thinking that members of INC would come to his aid. However, some outsiders thought it was an opportunity to pounce; to strike the church at its weakest point and further their agendas. They were misled by these disgruntled ministers that INC is not united anymore. They both have their own agendas; the government and the INC rebels. Each used the other for their own advantage.

    • Salamat Cente. Kung iisipin, kung ito man ang totoo, nang dahil hindi ito ang napahayag, ang nakikita ng mga tao ngayon ay ang imahe na may tinatago ang INC at nagiging mas totoo na may korapsyon ngang nagaganap.Sana ibang paraan nlng at hindi mala “People Power” kasi ang resulta ngayon na dahil maraming naperwisyo rin ay maraming “haters” na ang INC at maraming pagkukumpara sa ibang relihiyon ang nangyayari.

      It’s always good to find another perspective that would make sense of INC’s actions.

  7. i am a catholic…. i have always been puzzled by the undue haste of the illegal detention case filed by samson together with all the media hype…. following the media it would seem that all the traffic at edsa was because of the inc meeting…one does not need a ph.d. to suspect that there is something else…. i sympathize with my fellow christians in the inc faith. my prayers are with you

    • We appreciate your sympathy, Manuel. I salute you for your keen observation and open-mindedness. You are one of the few who dared to look a the issue at different angles. Keep it up.

    • INC is NO more “CHRISTIAN” than the CATHOLIC church is

      Both are FALSE man-made “RELIGIONS”

      CATHOLICS have their man-made PURGATORY and their praying to MARY and calling her ” MOTHER of GOD” as well as many other doctrines that go against the bible.

      IGlesia NI Cristo is NOT CHRISTIAN
      as it denies the pre-existence of CHRIST before HE became man . thereby DENYING HIS Divinity
      INC twists scripture in making RIDCULOUS claims like their founder was some LAST MESSENGER or that scripture says FAR EAST and that FAR EAST refers to the Phillipines?

      SO please don’t refer to INC as having ANYTHING to do with being a CHRISTIAN

      To be a TRUE CHRISTIAN means to adhere to the BIBLE alone

      Neither INC or the CATHOLIC church does this!

  8. hindi ba malinaw na may mga nagkaso talaga? kapag ba may nangyaring patayan sa loob ng bahay mo, sasabihin mo lang internal matters, bawal mangialam ang nasa labas? Paanong tinatakot ni Mar Roxas ang INC e walang makakatakot sa mga INC na yan, mayayabang at walang takot ang mga yan! Paanong hawak ni Mar Roxas ang PNP eh pati PNP hawak ng INC, tignan mo ang mga escort nila PNP. Tanungin mo ang PNP chief kung anong relihiyon niya. At bakit mo sasabihin na Yellow Army kaming mga netizens na hawak din ni Mar Roxas. Hello, okay ka lang? Di ko nga ibinoto ever si Mar Roxas pero isa ako sa netizens na bumabatiko sa INC dahil sa pamemerwisyo nila!

    • ako po ay isang muslim, marami po akong kakilalang INC pero hindi naman po sila marahas at mayayabang.. mas mayabang ka po yata.. Mali po kasi talaga ang ginawa ng gobyerno kasi parang may kinikilingan talaga sila… HINDI PO SILA PATAS.. Ang TUWID NA DAAN ay isang TUWAD at DUWAG NA DAAN!!

    • alam mo ayus lang na magimbestiga sila, walang reklamo dun, ang problema si delima mismo ang nagiimbestiga, so pano ngayon magaapela ang inc sa doj kung panig si delima sa mga natiwalag dapat nasa gitna siya protocol dapat, ayan ang dahilan kung bakit sinasabing nakikialam ang gobyerno,

    • Sa mga di nakakaintindi, pwede mag reklamo sa DOJ. Since si Samson dun ngreklamo kaya DOJ ang ng investigate.

  9. jamesfrieew says:
    August 31, 2015 at 12:02 pm
    The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Monday said it has already “closed” its investigation on the alleged abduction of ministers of Iglesia ni Cristo.
    Manuel Eduarte, chief of the NBI Anti-Organized Transnational Crime Division, said the bureau decided to end its probe on the abduction claims after coordinating with the religious organization’s central office in Quezon City and after visiting an INC compound in Tandang Sora, where Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo was holed up.
    Manalo, an estranged brother of Eduardo – the current executive minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo, and their mother Christina “Tenny” Manalo were earlier expelled from the religious group after exposing alleged threats to their lives and abduction of INC ministers………………………………………………………………………………………..

    hindi po ang mga individual na naka saad dito sa itaas ng comment ko ang sinasabi na walang case ang NBI…iyong pong isang high profile nila na ang family name ay SAMSON…ay nagreklamo ng illegal detention so govt po ang pinuntahan kaya nagkaroon ng case…
    sana po para di na mabahiran ng politika ang INC…SANA HUWAG NA LANG SILANG BOMOTO sa coming election at sa mga susunod pang election……..().comment ko lang po ito

    • Kahit sino iboto mo wala rin mangyayari huh, dahil itong mundo papumunta sa kasiraan , papunta sa kahirapan huh,.Kung kayo gusto nyo may freedom to vote hindi namin kayo pinakikialaman kaya wag nyo rin kami pakialaman kung may bloc voting kaming mga INC dahil ang sinusunod namin hindi yung mga sarili namin kundi ang aral sa Bibliya na pagkakaisa. Alam mo ba na kapag alang pagkakaisa may pag-aaway kaya kaming mga INC walang ganun, dahil hindi kami nag-aaway away, walang palapalagay, walang kuro kuro at hindi katangahan yun dahil katalinuhan ang pagsunod sa utos at aral ng Diyos.

  10. For those who want an explanatiom for why the INC upholds bloc voting, this is why:

    Our dear Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, Executive Minister of the INC, would want nothing more than to allow the Church members to vote freely, it’s what anybody would want. But here’s the question: What does God want? The Apostles taught us this, “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement.” (I Cor. 1:10) Please take note of the last phrase, “in the same judgement”, in judgement, we are instructed to be united, as one. What is “voting”? According to Webster’s International Dictionary: “an expression of judgement”. Therefore, could we possibly follow the instruction to be in the same judgement if we all choose to vote for different candidates?

    We would want nothing more than to vote for who we like, but it’s not about what we want. It’s about what God wants. Who will you follow? Man or God? No, we don’t follow God by choosing this or that candidate, we follow God by choosing… AS ONE.

    • “In the same judgement” If you are forced to vote for whom you don’t like, do you consider that “in the same judgement”? I think that is “BLIND JUDGEMENT” (PERIOD)

    • and that is why we were given the gift of free will…. and who is this man who said he knows the will of GOD… not because the ministers and priests are given the power to preach or perform miracles… that does not qualify any man to say that this is the guy that GOD has chosen for HIS flock… You will never know whom did GOD chose for his people… NO ONE KNOWS who did GOD want to lead HIS peopl.If you claim that you know whom GOD, you are making a blasphemy…

    • I am now very much confuse of this bible verse mentioned as a religious point of view to the political exercise. It seems separation of state and religion don’t apply here. The verse mentioned is for religious application. Voting is a political exercise thus it falls under state status. How then you justify giving us the reasoning of this religious verse in exercising state matters? I thought you understand the separation of each one? Voting has no connection to the religion. It is a voter’s right being a citizen of a state not as religious follower. Your religion is totally separated from the state but you have also the responsibility being a citizen of the state.

  11. iglesianimanalo on

    Dun sa nagsasabi na maglabas daw kuno ng concrete evidence, eh bket hindi nyo hayaan na magimbestiga ang DOJ at may parally rally pa kayo sa EDSA at Paura. the FACT na nagrally nga kayong mga iglesia ni manalo eh ayaw nyong magkaroon ng investigation, kung wala talgang baho yang sanggunian nyo. let the judicial court decide!! wag kayo mag tantrums sa kalye. total gusto nyo naman ng seperation of church and state.. eh bket di na lang kayo umalis dito sa pinas. para talagang seperate daba?

    • For your infomation po. IGLESIA NI CRISTO po ang naka register, at kahit saang lugar na may kapilya sa buong mundo wala po kayong mahahanap na iglesia ni manalo. #IMBENTO kaya po gamitin mo utak mo. maliwanag wala po kayong sapat na detalye sa mga bagay na yan. huwag na lang po kayong magkumento at nakaka awa lang po kayo.

      welcome po kayo sa IGLESIA NI CRISTO! sana maunawa po ninyo ang mga mabubuting bagay na biyaya ng Diyos sa mga tao, sa loob po ng IGLESIA NI CRISTO.

    • Excuse me, to begin with, can you please not change the name of the church. You definitely don’t know what’s happening so please shut your damn mouth. Second, bago ka magcomment ng hindi maganda, pakicheck ang spelling ng SEPARATE. Meron namang online dictionary diba? At pakisearch narin kung ano talaga ang SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. I bet you really don’t know what that means. -_- Wag makialam kung walang alam please :)

  12. Napilitan akong maglakad sa napakabahong daan at byumahe ng ilang oras makauwi lang. Mabaho/Mapanghi grabee.. harangin ang daan at ng di ako makauwi agad ng bahay. Kayo n ang anak ng diyos, wag niyo kaming idamay sa mga kahibangan niyo. Matalino bang umihi sa daan? Kung makapagsalita kayo hay ewan.

  13. Saludo po ako sa inyo Mr. TIGLAO. Sunsundan ko po anh article ninyo mula ng expose ninyo sa Smart-PLDT.!

  14. Kung si Kristo hinayaang batas ng tao ang humusga sa kanya, dapat hayaan din ng INC na sumailalim sa batas ang mga nirereklamo sa kanilang hanay. Hindi kapanipaniwala na dinidiktahan sila ng gobyerno para iboto si Roxas. Alam naman ng lahat kung paano bumoto ang INC… pagmalapit na eleksyon at obvious na kung sino ang mananalo saka sila maglalabas ng listahan. Sana lang this election, huwag na sila maglabas ng listahan ng kandidato nila para maiwasan na rin yung isyu ng bayaran during elections.

    • Abu Ishmael Kiram on

      Di sana hinayaan nyo nalang din pala si Kristo ang humusga sa panahon ng Marshal Law. May pa EDSA PEOPLE POWER pa kayo nun. As if nagpasakop ang madaming katoliko sa pamahalaan nung nag PEOPLE POWER (kuno) sila. Nakakahiya naman sa INC dahil tahimik sila nung nag PEOPLE POWER kayong mga katoliko kasi tone toneladang basura at tangke tangkeng ihi ang na stock sa EDSA. Basa basa muna ng history books mo totoy bago ka tumahol sa INC. Inggit lang kayo kasi never kayo nagkaroon ng UNITY, yan ang unang dapat tinuturo at pinaiintindi ng POPE nyo UNITY. At kung matapang ka gumamit ka ng tunay ung pangalan dito gaya ko then maglabas ka ng ibidensya na may mga pulitiko nagbayad sa INC. Puro kayo dada, wala naman gawa. Dapat sa mga gaya mo pinupugutan dito sa Mindanao. Matatapang sa internet wala naman bayag sa tunay na buhay. Puro pakikisawsaw inaatupag nyo sa mga bagay na wala kayong alam. Nag rally lang INC, nakalimutan nyo na crisis sa Spratlly. gaya ng ginawa ng gobyerno sa Sabah. Itong mga INC na toh nanahimik wag nyong ginugulo gaya ng panggugulo nyo dito sa Mindanao.

    • Sir Abu, Di po naman nya sinabi na Katoliko siya. Please po naman kung nasasaktan kayo sa sinasabi ng mga tao tungkol sa INC, wag naman idamay pati ang Santo Papa at ang pagiging Katoliko. Hindi po naman ibig sabihin na ginagawa nila yun dahil Katoliko sila, yun lang po talaga nakikita nila ngayon.

  15. Kung iyan po ang pananaw ninyo Mr. Tiglao sa nangyaring protesta na isinagawa ng INC ay nasa inyo na po iyan.

    Pero huwag po natin kalimutan na kung hindi sana nagkaroon ng allegasyon na illegal detention ng isa sa kanilang mga itinawalag na ministro ay wala sanang problema ang INC.

    Kung talagang makatwiran ang mga nademandang INC officials dapat ay hinarap din nila ng kontra-demanda ang ministro nila na umaakusa sa kanila at di na nila hinimok pa ang mga ka-miyembro nila na mag-rally sa EDSA

    Lumalabas po tuloy na nagtatago sila sa likod ng kanilang mga miyembro upang huwag nilang harapin ang akusasyon sa kanila.

    Alam po ba ninyo, Mr. Tiglao, Sir, na ang ikinalat umano ng opisyales ng INC na text kung kaya’t nagalit ang mga miyembro at nahimok nila para magprotesta kontra sa gobyerno ay dahil ipapahuli daw ng gobyerno ang Executive Minister nila? (See photo here: https://www.facebook.com/KellyOngOfficial/photos/a.1586028851663581.1073741828.1586016121664854/1617859161813883/?type=1&pnref=story

    Malinaw naman sa demanda ng ministro nila na hindi kasali ang executive minister sa mga akusado pero bakit iyan ang pinalalabas ng mga INC na nagpakalat ng nasabing text message?

    Higit sa lahat, ang ginawang pagpaprotesta ng INC officials ng kanilang mga miyembro kontra sa proceso ng hustisya na isinasagawa ng DOJ ay labag sa alituntunin ng Diyos sa Bibliya, nakasulat po iyan sa Romans 13:1-7

    Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.
    For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. 
    Romans 13:1-7 (NIV)

    “For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.”-

    Since this is what is written in Romans 13:1-7, it is clear that GOD has NOT given the INC the right to oppose our Government from exercising its duty to uphold the law. It was even emphasized that the Government is God’s AGENT OF WRATH against those who do evil which means our Government was given by God the authority to punish those who commit injustice.

    Malinaw po dito na sa paghimok ng mga opisyales ng INC sa kanilang mga miyembro kontra sa DOJ at gobyerno ay NILABAG nila ang alituntunin ng Diyos na nakasulat sa Bibliya.

    Kung talagang aral ng Diyos ang dala ng INC lalo na ng kanilang mga opisyales ay di sana sila nag-rally kontra sa gobyerno bagkus ay dinaan nila sa tamang proseso na naayon sa batas ang pag-kontra sa akusasyon sa kanila.

    At dahil malinaw sa Romans 13:1-7 na ang tunay na lingkod pala ng Diyos ay ang gobyerno at hindi ang simbahan kasama na ang INC ay may karapatan pala ang gobyerno mula sa Panginoong Diyos na imbestigahan at parusahan ang sinumang opisyales ng anumang simbahan kung may akusasyon na panggigipit, pananakot, o pananamantala o nang anumang krimen na naihain kontra sa kaniya.

    By the way, kung gusto ninyo malaman ang katotohanan na noon pa ay may kamalian na pananamantala at pagnanakaw na ginagawa ang karamihan ng mga simbahan kontra sa gobyerno at sa mga tao mismo. May i share this article: http://www.thenameonline.info/thename/revelations/plunder-en.html

    • maliwanag wala po kayong sapat na detalye para magkumento sa rally ng IGLESIA NI CRISTO. magsiyasat ka po muna kaya? iyon po ang tumpak na dapat ninyo pong gawin.?!

      sana kayo rin po makaunawa ng mabubuting bagay na biyaya ng Diyos sa mga tao sa loob po ng IGLESIA NI CRISTO..kaya, halina po kayong makinig sa mga doktrina na aming isinasagawa sa aming mga kapilya. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME PO!

  16. Angela Del Mundo on

    I’m just wondering why Manalo doesn’t face his accusers. Instead, he sends his followers to the streets. Why doesn’t he face the judge and the prosecutor if he has done nothing wrong? His followers can keep a close watch on the proceedings to make sure that he doesn’t get tried by a “kangaroo court.” Why don’t they let the law take its course?

  17. To RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO: I commend you for your unbiased opinion. The revolt did not aim to show the INC clout but to prevent dictatorship that some members of the administration would like to enforce.

  18. Gregorio Del Pio on

    This is the open-minded view of an UNBIAS individual journalist. Thank you.
    They reap what they sow.
    Sow the wind, Reap the whirlwind.

  19. Clap, clap, clap… :D What a bunch of b.s! Tell me are you Mr. T one of them “binayarans”. Nicely written to divert attention and to give the gov’t again a bad rep! Guys, don’t be fooled by lame articles such as these. Pinoys should be more smart to fall for this!

    I have several relatives who are Incs, one of them has a fairly high position and yes this is all about their alleged corruption and the charges against them. Nothing to do about Mar. Galing djn eh no pra lang mapagtagpitagpi. Smh. Again guys like you tiglao ginagawang tanga mga pinoy.

  20. Mr Tiglao grossly exaggerates the achievements of the INC rally. it might have been good as a morale booster for the little people. but what is the consequence? some people were exposed for what they are – desperate people panicked into calling a rally that would look into their shenanigans. the irony? they jumped the gun on a non-issue. and the group is now lower in the general public’s respect meter.

  21. To Mr. Tiglao,
    Thank you for posting this…Saludo po ako sa mga Journalist na kagaya nyo. Hindi po kagaya ng iba that keeps on posting partial writings just for the sake of rating dahil alam nila na kapag masama ang balita kakagatin ng tao…Without even knowing the facts basta lang may maibalita…Madalas ang mga witer na ito ay sini-sensationalize ang mga balita para ang madivert ang atensyon ng mga tao from real issues…

  22. To Mr. Tiglao,
    Thank you for posting this…Saludo po ako sa mga Journalist na kagaya nyo. Hindi po kagaya ng iba that keeps on posting impartial writings just for the sake of rating dahil alam nila na kapag masama ang balita kakagatin ng tao…Without even knowing the facts basta lang may maibalita…Madalas ang mga witer na ito ay sini-sensationalize ang mga balita para ang madivert ang atensyon ng mga tao from real issues na talaga namang makasisira sa kanila…

    • thank you sir,
      Its true that their is a “Ghost” back in Sec. of DOJ .
      Lets ask him?
      1 Did she follow the rules of law?. “pretending no one above the law”
      2 If their a proven evidence from the case pass by Mr. Samson?.How it come ?
      3 How his actions manifested of so called “special treatment”.

  23. We don’t mean to brag anyone. We don’t intend to hurt anyone. We are just fighting for our rights, for our beliefs, for our RELIGION.
    People nowadays talk and comment without knowing the roots of this dilemma. They used their mouths more often than their minds. If you know nothing about the real story, just zip your mouth and respect. Besides your negative comments won’t do anything.
    One thing is for sure, NO ONE CAN BRAG IGLESIA NI CRISTO DOWN!
    God will always be with us. :)
    God bless us all.

    • fighting for rights? what kind of right is that? your religion is not the issue my friend. INC show UNITY AGAINST THE LAW,AGAINST JUSTICE form being serve to the member who filed a case. (Abduction/hostage/detention) if no hostage taking took place why dont Sangunian let DOJ investigate.

    • you dont intend to hurt anyone? ano masasabi mo dun sa ambulansya na di nyo pinadaan? dami kayo naperwisyo tapos sasabihin mo you dont mean to hurt?

  24. salamat at may mga manunulat na kagaya ninyo… matalino at nakakaunawa… nais ko lang ding sabihin na hindi corrupt ang leaders ng INC… ilang porsiyento lang ba naman kami sa populasyon ng Pilipinas? Free will naman ang paghahandog namin at hindi mandatory… pero tingnan ninyo ang mga Kapilya namin dito at sa ibang mga bansa at ang Phil. Arena… wala kaming ganito kung corrupt ang mga naimiminuno sa amin.

    Paumanhin sa inconvinience na naidulot namin sa mga commuters.. sana lang respetuhin din ang aming mga karapatan… Ganyan din ba ang reaction nyo sa traffic nung ginanap ang EDSA 1 & 2??? Pare-pareho lang tayong may karapatan…

    • respect begets respect. inc should be willing to give respect first before it expects it to be returned by others. no respect given, no respect to be returned! one can not return something that is not given to him or her. that simple… comply before you complain, inc!

    • karapatan nyo ba na salaulain ang sagrado na Shrine sa EDSA, kung gusto nyo magpahayag at mag rally, dun kayo sa ipinatayo na arena para sa inyo, walang kapatawaran kayo na salaulain at istorbohin ang regular na misa duon!

  25. matalinongungoy on

    “no one is above the law” ganun lang ka simple kaya bakit kailangan mag rally kung may kasalan ka huwag idamay ang mga miyembro. huwag gamitin ang salitang Diyos matakot ka!

    • Paumanhin ho, ngunit maaari niyo ho bang basahin uli ang nakasaad sa artikulo?

      “What the intellectually unsophisticated INC leaders really mean when they say, “respect the separation of church and state” is this: That the administration cannot tell the INC who to vote for. This is what its members in the streets mouthing that term think it means.”

    • matalinongungoy on

      Iha, nabangit mo “respect the separation of church and state”: That the administration cannot tell the INC who to vote for.”
      well exactly that’s the word pero hindi ibig sabihin kung meron kasalanan ang isang lider o sinuman ay ligtas na sa batas at doon naman sa cannot tell the INC who to vote for : kahit hindi miyembro ng INC ay may sariling desisyon sa pagpili ng kanyang iboboto mali lang ay at ma- sasawsawan ito ng mga politiko na gustong tumakbo.

    • Cecilyn G. Orian on

      Sa mga hindi makaintindi, tingnan nya muna ung angulo ng motibo kung bakit nagsampa ng illegal detention si Samson una hindi dahil totoo shang illegally detain, ginamit nya lang un kc desperado na shang masira ang INC pati mga officials nito dhil sa pagkakatiwalag. me masama shang motibo nung nagpa presscon sha, matalino si Samson, PERO MAS MATALINO ANG IGLESIA. HINDI NMN SHA PINIPILIT SA MINISTERYO LUMABAS NA LANG SHA NG MAAYOS… MERON PA SHANG MAS MALILIM NA PLANO KAYA NYA GINAMIT ANG DOJ… HINDI PO KMI SA AYAW NMIN MAGPAPASAKOP SA PAMAHALAAN…

    • sino ba merong kasalanan? iimbestigahan pa lang maglalabas agad ng Prima Facie. Hindi kami papayag nun

    • In short po kung hindi nu naiintndihan ayaw namin magpadikta sa gobyerno kung sino iboboto namin. Ikukulong nila ang sanggunian at para mapalaya gusto nila iboto namin si roxas. Dahil alam nila na bloc voting kami at si roxas ay kulelat sa survey gusto nila si roxas ang dalhin namin. Hindi kami papayag na diktahan ng gobyerno ang pamamahala ng Iglesia. Dirty tactics ng gobyerno kakasuhan ng corrupt mga tao para pasamain akala nila baha-bahagi ang Iglesia sa ginawa nila iisa lang nahayag ang PAGTULONG NG DIOS SA IGLESIA at ang KAISAHAN AY SOLIDO. MALALIM ANG PAGKATANIM NG ARAL SA PUSO NAMIN KAYA DI KAMI MAHAHATI NG ANUMAN AT NG KAHIT NINUMAN LAO NA PAG “TSISMIS LANG”.


  26. INC is a big scam and it should be exposed …no church should have power over political issues , let the people decide not be ordered how to vote .
    The sooner people wake up to the fact INC is just a corrupt money making machine the better !
    The higher levels in it are the problem I feel sorry for the genuine membership who just want to follow a good god , not this corrupt self made bunch of thieves that hold the highest office … And have since foundation … Typical of a scam keep it in the family !

    • “no church should have power over political issues…”
      please don’t forget that the late President Cory Aquino was installed to Presidency because of People Power, and one of the brains behind People Power is Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, maybe I don’t need to further introduce who is Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin

    • It’s an INC thing, you wouldn’t understand. Throw a question and the church will gladly answer you. Throw an accusation and the whole church disagree. We are not a scam in fact we’ve just exposed to you who the real scammer was. You wouldn’t understand if we say we practice self-discipline by heart, we obey as one with eyes wide open & we know why we are doing this. This is genuine membership, to follow God’s desire & set aside your own desire. Again INC is not a corrupt money making machine because the corrupt money makers were all exposed & expelled from the church already (that’s a challenge for you to do a background check on them). The corrupt self made bunch of thieves are already in the c/o the DOJ. So dapat naiintindihan mo na ngayon na ang totoong nagkasala at nang-corrupt sa INC ay nasa labas na at tinanggal na namin. Ganyan katibay ang foundation ng INC. Ang typical sa amin ay disiplina, we keep it in the family.

  27. To those who oppose the INK on doctrinal grounds, please explain why between the Catholic Church and the INK, it is the INK that adheres faithfully to the first two of the Ten Commandments, Do Not Worship Other Gods Before Me and Do Not Worship Graven Images. The Catholics resort to breathtaking intellectual gymnastics to justify their circumvention of these two very simple and clear edicts written by no less than God Himself. Curiously, the other faith that observe these two Highest Commands of God Himself is Islam. Something is going on in the millennium-long spiritual war that needs a deeper explanation.

    • Marami po kaming mga kapilya pumunta po kayo doon at magtanong sa manggagawa o ministro malugod po nila kayong sasagutin sa lahat ng tanong nyo.

    • nasusunod nyo po ba talaga ang dalawang utos na yan?tama po yan ang gusto ng dios sya lng ang sambahin pero bakit nyo sinasamba ang panginoong hesus e hindi naman sya dios para sa inyo?isa pa po,di po ang dios ang nagsulat nyan,inutusan nya po ang tao para isulat yan but by inspiration of God Himself.-all scriptures is given by inspiration of God,and is profitable for doctrine,for reproof,for correction,for instruction in righteousness-2 timothy 3:16

    • that’s true mam.God commanded us to worship no other god except Him,then how come you worship the Lord Jesus Christ the fact that you believe he is only human?and youre definitely wrong mam because these edicts and even the whole scriptures were not written by God Himself but by His chosen/selected men and” is given by inspiration of God,and is profitable for doctrine,for reproof,for correction,for instruction in righteousness.”-2 timothy 3:16.

  28. Sa simula pa lang ng article, you know that this is propaganda to sanitize the mess of the INC and directs it to Roxas. What a lame excuse! The author of this commentary is an intelectual who is trying to manipulate his readers and not tackling the real issue. You know that INC ministers cannot enjoy immunity like the Philipippine President. The case brought to the DOJ is criminal in nature and is not in anyway stepping on the rights of religion of anyone. INC is under Philippines Law. If they think their rights enshrined in the Constitution has been violated, go to court and not in EDSA. They say they won the fight. Where? How? And when? You cannot bargain criminal offense with the government. Instead, you should go to Court.

  29. The character of INC members can be seem by the stockpile of trash and smell of urine in Edsa after the rally. Hope they can be more disciplined next time they hold several events to serve a good example.

    • Gregorio Del Pio on

      Sadya naman mabaho at amoy ihi yung sidewalk ng Edsa. Bakit niyo naman isisisi sa Iglesia? Nakapila kami sa Chowking sa Shaw para lang umihi..

  30. This is what the true Jounalism way of enterpretation. Ever since, now that am on my 60+ year, am a follower of Mr. Tiglao of his column.Take note.

    • Many non-INC members (and some INC members) apparently forgot the corruption in the Philippine government. The media tried directing the hate towards INC. Glad to know that there are still Filipino people like you, who have their own thoughts on the matter and not blindly believes everything the corrupt politicans want them to.

    • Utos ng Diyos na ipakipaglaban namin ang aming pananampalataya.

      kailangan naming magkaisa, hindi namin hahayaan na ang Bayan ng Diyos sa huling araw na ito ay mapigilan ng mga tao sa sanlubitan

      “And Moses said…, Shall your brethren go to war while you sit here?”

      – Num 32:6 AMP

    • jumz, siyasatin mo ang Iglesia ni Cristo magpa doktrina ka. Huwag kang matakot baka akala mo pipilitin ka na maging isang Iglesia ni Cristo. Welcome na welcome ka sa lahat ng kapilya. subukan mo walang mawawala sa ‘yo mas madaragdagan pa ang iyong kaalaman patungkol sa kung ano ang Iglesia ni Cristo. kung sakali man na may mag invite sa iyo upang makinig ng mga pamamahayag e, sana paunlakan mo. salamat!

  31. One sided point of view. Never made facts found on the other side of the coin. INC’s power is really alarming when you come to think of it. But the separation of the Church and State under the constitution has its own limits too. Palibhasa kasi itong mga taong nagrarally minsan doesn’t even know what they are fighting for. Just because someone higher than them mandates to do so, eventhough they know that there is something wrong, they still do it. Haven’t God made us to do free will? We are made unique from other creatures just because we have that ability to think. Isn’t it? Can all of us wake up? Come to think of it: Can’t you just prove to us that there is nothing on this crisis? So that we can also think twice in joining the Iglesia?

    • Cecilia T. Fajardo on

      The intellectual analysis of Mr. Tiglao is correct. It’s just unfortunate that only few intellectual unbiased journalists exist.
      Miko109 for your information we know exactly what we are fighting for and we are not fanatics, we fully understand our faith and why we are so blessed to remain active members of the C
      Church of Christ. I invite you to attend our worship services and bible studies to have full understanding of what the church is all about.

    • common mr Mikol09 – dont offend.. Are u thinking too. We r free to do so. It is true that we are made unique from other creatures and god gives us intellectual ability to think. and thats why – We obey first God’s Law before man. You? To whom u obey? U r deeply sleeping. Awake bro. U must hear first the words of God Teaches inside the INC – the DOCTINES written in the BIBLE. So that u can think and decide what to do.

  32. Duterte said.

    “Ang problema kasi, diyan mo nilagay sa DOJ. ‘Pag department na kasi ang maghawak, mas mataas na ‘yan. Dapat sa prosecution lang iyan. If you give it too much importance, parang gusto mo ng attention. I am not saying that De Lima is asking for one. ‘Pag ganun naghahanap ka ng gulo. Ibigay mo sa fiscal whether you file a case or not, you give it to them. After all, the fiscal has the original jurisdiction over the issue,”

    Note: Si Duterte ay abogado, dating prosecutor (fiscal) at ex-criminal lecturer.

    • Tama po si Duterte….iyan po ang isang case na hinahanap ng INC dapat doon muna sa fiscalya kong saan lugar dapat idulog ang acusation. at kong bakit siya pa mismo ang lumalakad kay Samson kong ano ang gagawin… salamat po.

  33. U.P. Law Professor Harry Roque declares DOJ move illegal.

    How can there be a DOJ case without a complaint filed with the police, the fiscal’s office, and the court? Why is the head of the DOJ contradicting the findings of the NBI, the actual police investigative unit? He also says that the government’s involvement in the internal affairs of a religious group violates the Constitutional separation of church and state.


  34. I commend you for your unbiased opinion. The revolt did not aim to show the INC clout but to prevent anti-dictatorship that some members of the administration would like to enforce.

  35. “Gusto nilang masira ang aming pagkakaisa para masabi nilang natalo ang sinuportahan namin sa election, kasi hindi na kami solid. Gusto nilang pilitin kami na suportahan ang manok nila.” (They want to wreck our unity, so they could later claim the candidate we supported lost because we were no longer a solid bloc. They are forcing us to support their candidate [Roxas, in the 2016 presidential elections.)

    – Para dun sa nagsasabi na contradictory tong statement na to,pakibasa po yung English translation para maintindihan mo. Once na magtagumpay sila sa pagsira ng unity ng Iglesia, may PALUSOT na sila kapag natalo si Roxas sa election. Bakit hindi siya nanalo kahit na sabihin nating nakatakda siyang iboto ng INC? Ang gagamiting dahilan ng panig ni Roxas ay ang pagkakawatak watak ng Iglesia at ng “bloc voting” nila.
    Nagegets mo na ba?

  36. Ron Bernardino on

    The title of the article can go both ways. Those politicians won’t be there if it weren’t for the huge number of votes that they got..
    Bottomline is, politicians don’t care how many protesters are out on the street or what they say. What they care is, will they gain from it..? Those who think they will, will exhaust the opportunity to serve their agenda and those who are under attack by it sleeps soundly. The only ones left to suffer are those who are trying their best to bring food on the table by working may it be day or night, weekday or weekend, holiday or any given day. But for politicians it’s just the way it is.. Step on someone so they can have an edge. Anything that can bring their popularity up. That’s where the separation should start. Church and Politics shouldn’t mingle. No to endorsing. Before we even call for Separation of Church and Govt. This is a simple truth whatever religion.

  37. Ron Bernardino on

    The title of the article can go both ways. Those politicians won’t be there if it weren’t for the huge number of votes that they got..
    Bottomline is, politicians don’t care how many protesters are out on the street or what they say. What they care is, will they gain from it..? Those who think they will, will exhaust the opportunity to serve their agenda and those who are under attack by it sleeps soundly. The only ones left to suffer are those who are trying their best to bring food on the table by working may it be day or night, weekday or weekend, holiday or any given day. But for politicians it’s just the way it is.. Step on someone so they can have an edge. Anything that can bring their popularity up. That’s where the separation should start. Church and Politics shouldn’t mingle. No to endorsing. Before we even call Separation of Church and Govt.

  38. INC has 1.3 million they say they vote in block voting so what does it mean who ever they want to vote it will win? Stupid! while the Catholics has 90 million members cant’t dictate whom they want to vote because they vote not voting? so who will dictate the 2016 election and all elections? its the catholic vote because with 90 million members have majority votes.

    • ang dami-dami nga ninyo di naman kayo nagkakaisa kahit mga kandidato puro katoliko halos, laban-laban sila. Hindi ba kayo nanawagan ng pagkakaisa sa mga miyembro ninyo. kapag kami ang nagkaisa, galit kayo! bakit? dahil ba sa hindi niyo magawa ang kaisahan na gaya ng nagagawa ng INC? Tanong lang po ito.

  39. It is basic that when a criminal complaint is filed, the DOJ is duty bound to investigate. This duty arises without regard to the religion of the complainant and the respondent in the complaint. INC leaders in effect are employing bullying tactics, using religious fervor to make DOJ drop the cases filed against its leaders. If the charges are false, then INC should let the legal process take its due course, address the charges formally, which is what anyone has the right to do, regardless of whether the accused is a farmer, a government employee, the CEO of a multinational, a Senator. My religion does not exempt me from following the law, and the consequences that come from breaking the law. The same goes for INC leaders. They claim to be the only persons entitled to salvation as members of the one true religion. This belief however does not exempt them from the law. As mere earthly beings, we are still citizens of our country, subject to its laws and processes. No one is above the law.

    As for these politicians who should know better, I know now who not to vote for.

    • “Ang problema kasi, diyan mo nilagay sa DOJ. ‘Pag department na kasi ang maghawak, mas mataas na ‘yan. Dapat sa prosecution lang iyan. If you give it too much importance, parang gusto mo ng attention. I am not saying that De Lima is asking for one. ‘Pag ganun naghahanap ka ng gulo. Ibigay mo sa fiscal whether you file a case or not, you give it to them. After all, the fiscal has the original jurisdiction over the issue,”

      -Rody Duterte

      Note: Si Duterte ay abogado, dating prosecutor (fiscal) at ex-criminal lecturer.

      Review your polsci, dear one, and keep an open mind. There are a lot of articles written about the issue. Personally, I didn’t like what they did at EDSA, but I understand them. Yes, we are subjected to follow the law, especially those who lead us. But what if the leaders stop following the law? DOJ don’t have a say on the filed criminal case of Samson because it was supposed to be the fiscal’s office that will handle it. It did not follow DUE PROCESS. You can’t blame INC for pointing that out in a way that was heard all over the country and overseas. Stop blabbing nonsense. It will make you look like you don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about.

    • “It is basic that when a criminal complaint is filed, the DOJ is duty bound to investigate.” (quoted)

      This is not the basic rule. Rule 110, Sec. 5 of the Rules of Court states:

      “Who must prosecute criminal actions. — All criminal actions commenced by a complaint or information shall be prosecuted under the direction and control of the prosecutor. However, in Municipal Trial Courts or Municipal Circuit Trial Courts when the prosecutor assigned thereto or to the case is not available, the offended party, any peace officer, or public officer charged with the enforcement of the law violated may prosecute the case. This authority cease upon actual intervention of the prosecutor or upon elevation of the case to the Regional Trial Court. x x x”

      Hence, a prosecutor having jurisdiction over the case (although the DoJ can take cognizance of the complaint) must prosecute the complaint filed. It is not (like what you are asserting) the basic rule that the DOJ is duty bound to investigate whenever a criminal complaint is filed. Like what the Rules of Court provide, there’s the prosecution that is mandated by law to prosecute a criminal complaint.

      Further, if I may add, there are other cases that the DOJ needs to take care of. First in, first out (FIFO). Besides, those cases, aside from being filed ahead of the complaint for Serious Illegal Detention by Mr. Samson, involve lost of lives or greater injury that need to be disposed of first. I share the same opinion with the honorable Davao City Mayor, Atty. Digong Duterte that the government should let the prosecution handle it (after all, the prosecution has the jurisdiction over the case) and refrain from paying too much attention to that matter.

    • if they claim to be the only persons entitled to salvation as members of the one true religion, they probably know the exact address of heaven and are willing to share with other religions so we can all be in paradise. is paradise at edsa?

  40. Good point Mr Tiglao. I was really wondering why the govt would attack INC months before election. We all know there is a bloc voting inside INC and the govt would only attack people who isn’t on their side. Maybe there really is a disagreement between the two. If the reason behind the rally is because of Mar Roxas dirty tactics and all the unfinished cases of the present govt then this might be a good thing. This might also end the bloc voting done by INC and expose the other cases of this govt which were already buried. This might result to a fair election in 2016 because this issue will expose who are the affected politicians by the bloc voting of INC. But INC should still answer what really happen in the complaints that were filed on them.They are still are Filipinos and answerable to the govt.They are not above the law. They should answer the complaints they are facing in a peaceful manner not thru streets or rally. Maybe there first move should have been they face the trials and if the govt didn’t give them a fair trial then they could do rally atleast by then other people would understand their grievances. But because of this I now know how influential INC is. A lot of groups have tried to do their rally in EDSA but they were not permitted but INC just went to EDSA and the govt did not disperse them with water hoses and they do even have a permit given by the local govt. They even stayed in EDSA for four days. Even the Aquino govt wouldn’t dare to disperse them in EDSA. A lot of politicians especially the senators and congressmen were silenced by this issue. Only the four presidentiables dared to speak regarding the issue.

  41. rebeca federiso… ito sai mo…

    “Hindi tutuo ang INC, sabi nyo kayo lang maliligtas..”ang sa labas ng Iglesya ay sa Impiyerno”…sabi nyo yan. Grabeh kayo humatol sa aming mga hindi INC malulupit pala kayo!!! Kayo pah pini persecute ng Government? HAHAH HIYANG HIYA naman kami sa inyo noh KAYOH PAH!!! INC is a MAFIA”

    ano ang patunay mong hindi tutuo ang INC?
    hindi kami ang nagsabi na kami lang ang maliligtas… biblia po ang nagsabi nyan…

    “ang sa labas ng Iglesya ay sa Impiyerno.” – hindi rin kami ang nagsabi nyan… biblia pa rin ang nagsabi nyan…

    “Grabeh kayo humatol sa aming mga hindi INC malulupit pala kayo!!!” – hindi kami ang nagbigay ng hatol na iyan… Ang Panginoong Diyos ang nagbigay ng hatol na iyan.

    HIYANG HIYA naman kami sa inyo noh KAYOH PAH!!! huwag ka sa amin mahiya sa Diyos ka mahiya kasi comment ka ng comment di mo alam ang kinukwestion mo pala eh salita at hatol nya.

    INC is a MAFIA – may patunay ka dito?

    • yolanda quilang on

      if you want to believe our church doctrines .. research . i am invitng you to attend our PAMAMAHAYAG ng mga salita ng DIYOS lalo na sa SEPT. 26, 2015.. hindi maganda na ang daming sinasabi ng iba dyan.. we are fighting for the separation of church and govt. hindi namin inaalipusta ang inyong religious beliefs… bakit ang dami daming reaction… we are not insisting DE LIMA to resign… AYUSIN NIYA ANG TRABAHO NIYA….yun… MUSLIM.. CATHOLIC.. ISLAM ETC… may kanya kanya doktrina….. just respect……..

    • I believe that Manalo is in the roster of the TEN RICHEST FILIPINOS. I wonder why he is not included in the list. Is he not filing his SALN or a yearly ITR? Is this due to the democratic doctrine of the separation of church and state?

  42. di ko alam totoo ng yari, pero malaki gulo nayari, normal lang makialam ahensya ng gobyerno, lalo na may kaso daw nakasampa.

  43. Ang kinatatakutan ko ay kapag nag desisyon ang korte na guilty yung sanggunian paano sila aarestuhin kung sila ay magtatago sq inc central at poproteksyunan ulit ng libo libong miembro ng INC.

    • Di mangyayari yang kinatatakutan mo. Ang kaso na isinasampa ay hindi man lang matatawag na good case to pursue, lalong hindi strong case against INC. May masamang motibo lamang sila kaya binigyan ng atensiyon. Pakiramdaman mo at basahin ang mga INC blog at FB funpage na ginawa ng aming mga kapatid at tinitiyak ko sa yo ikaw man makikisimpatiya sa INC kahit di ka miyembro sa ngalan ng katuwiran at katarungan

  44. Licinio Lopez on

    The root of the problem is the ability and POWER of one organization to dictate the outcome of the election — to demand from their members to vote for their favored and chosen candidate official.

    You remove this power and that organization will return to its main purpose — that is to guide their flock in their path of righteousness. Clearly a separation of the powers of the State and of Religion.

    Technically speaking, campaigning for a candidate official is not illegal because you are merely offering a suggestion to voters on who they should vote and inform them what are their available platforms.

    BUT, if they are already campaigning and using their positions to instruct who to vote that should already be ILLEGAL, especially if your position entails higher responsibility such us being in a religious order or civic organization.

    There should be a law prohibiting anyone occupying a national or local position in a religious or civic organization that has a nationwide coverage from engaging in any political endorsement or campaigning activities.

    It should be a NON-BAILABLE and CRIMINAL offense as it destroys the very fabric of the principle of “rights to suffrage” by the individual that it should be free from coercion and intimidation.


    I am calling all Congressmen and Senators loyal and patriotic to this nation to make an enabling law that will declare block voting as an illegal practice as it clearly destroys the credibility of any processes of a democratic election. The free will of the citizenry, as guaranteed by the Constitution, must be primarily safeguarded and protected by the policing powers of the state.

    Make Block Voting ILLEGAL as a NON-BAILABLE act and CRIMINALLY punishable. Any religious or civic organization that promotes this deplorable act must be made answerable, as they are not above the law.

    This practice is being used by the select few as a bargaining tool and to blackmail by forcing the hand of our elected executive and legislative officials, from the local level up to the highest office in the land. Even in the judiciary, they indirectly benefit from this ILLEGAL practice, as judges, prosecutors, clerks of courts, and others gets promoted to their desired positions from the nomination of the elected official.

    Block Voting clearly destroys the intrinsic right of the individual to make and decide for their own fate. An organization that clearly dictates what actions the individual must take and bends his free will into submission clearly destroys the protection of his rights to suffrage, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Block voting is a shameless act that divides the nation. It is the root of corruption and graft in government at all levels. The promise of a block vote for an elected official has plenty of strings attached to it. It makes a mockery to that elected official as this makes him/her no less than a toy puppet controlled by a puppet master.

    An exchange of favors that clearly put the nation in a disadvantage. A candidate official that requests for the block vote support thereafter the organization requests for “small” favor should the official wins and gets the position. In effect, this is already a form of bribery which must be stopped immediately.

    I am asking all Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators who loves this country to act independently and don’t get swayed by a false promise of a block vote. You are not toy puppets. You are not dummies. Have the courage to stand up on your beliefs. You are OUR representatives. You collectively represent our rights and freedom.

    Don’t get intimidated that you will lose favor or your position because the MAJORITY of the Filipino people will judge you based on your accomplishments.


    • Is Block voting illegal? Don’t you know that this matter was already brought to Courts, and that they ruled it as part of our right to vote as one, therefore it is not illegal. Better review your notes

    • It is the members’ will to go with the Pamamahala’s decision. Kung ayaw ng myembro na makiisa, maaaring hindi naman siya sumunod at tumiwalag. Kami ay nkikiisa sa tinatawag niyong Bloc-voting dahil alam namin sa puso’t diwa namin na yun ang loobin ng Ama.
      LAHAT NG DESISYON, NAKADEPENDE SA BAWAT MIYEMBRO kung susunod siya o hindi. Isa pa ho, UNITED ang mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo. Kung ano man ang nais ng Ama, yun ay ang para sa nakabubuti sa lahat. Irespeto niyo na lamang ho KAMI, ang buong IGLESIA NI CRISTO at mga PANINIWALA namin. DAHIL KAMI HO, WALA KANG PINAPAKIELAMAN SA MGA PANINIWALA NIYO. ^_^

  45. I am not an INC follower but it is clear that the INC won in this debacle. I am 100% convinced that there were agreements made by this government to end this siege. Hooray for binay and grace poe.

  46. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    31 August 2015

    With the Iglesia ni Cristo obvious “pissed off” against MAR ROXAS, for whatever reason, I say, from where I sit, that Mar Roxas’ “goose is cooked!”

    The INC is famous [or is it notorious] for voting AS A BLOC. With its estimated 1.4 million solid votes, the INC could very well be Mar Roxas’ downfall.

    The other side to this is that it is possible that some members of the Iglesia ni Cristo have committed acts which are crimes under the Revised Penal Code. It cannot seek shelter under the constitutional principle of “Separation of church and state” and thus be immune to investigation by the Department of Justice. DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima is right to investigate those members of the INC who are alleged to have committed crimes.


    • yolanda quilang on

      dapat dumaan sa proceso ang lahat… mukhang napakabilis yata…sino ang nag utos sa kanya? magkano ang ibinigay sa kanya? sana din sa mga nag uupload ng sex video ni DELIMA kung kanino kanino.. pakitigil na po lalo na sa mga account ng mga INC… hindi po kami sumisira ng mga personal na buhay ng isang tao….focus lang po kami sa aming ipinaglalaban…salamat po… GOD BLESSSSS.

  47. Armand Mangune on

    Kayong mga hindi INC na nagcocoment, karapatan nyong magsalita, ngunit mag ingat kayo sa inyong komento, para maiintindihan nyo ang INC subukan nyo pumasok kapag di nyo nagustuhan pwedi kayong lumabas, walang pipigil sa inyo., simple gumawa kayo ng labag ititiwalag kayo. Hindi nyo alam ang puno’t dulo nito.at hindi bulag at uto uto ang milyon kaanib nito na may 101 na lahi sa mundo.buksan ninyo ang iyong isip. Suggest ko lang abangan nyo ang Felix Manalo movie..

    • bakit parang may pagbabanta ang pananalita mo brod ha?at ano naman ang mangyayari kung di mo magustuhan ang kumento ng hindi inc?ikaw ba talaga alam mo punot dulo ng mga pangyayari sa inyo o isa ka rin lang patangay sa agos?malaganap ang mga programa nyo mapatv o social media kaya madali na para sa tao na masuri ang inyong mga aral o doktrina na di kailangang dumalo agad sa inyong kapilya.ang mahirap sa inyo bumibida kayo sa media pero pag may mga tanong sa inyo sagot nyo dumalo na lang kayo para maliwanagan kayo at makapagsuri.tanong ko sayo brod kung kayo ba’y talagang nakapagsuri ng tama samantalang ang mga ministro nyo lng ang may karapatang humawak at magbasa ng bibliya.parang tulad ng nagyayari ngayon parang gusto nyong iparating na marami kayong nalalaman dahil matyaga kayong magbasa,sa dyaryo,sa tv,sa social media pero ang mapait na katotohanan hindi kayo hinihikayat ng inyong mga lider na kayo mismo ang magbasa ng bibliya?bakit dahil pinaniwala kayo na sila lng dapat kasi sila lng ang may kakayahang mag interpret nito?sori to say pero isa po itong malaking panlilinlang.naghahanap kayo ng tamang hustisya sa gobyerno pero sa sarili ninyong bakuran ipinagkakait ito.

  48. There should be a senate investigation so the country should know the genuine truth.

    • Senate Investigation? on what grounds? IS the Iglesia Ni Cristo spending the tax of the people?

      Was a body found? Were there proofs other than mere he said she said hearsays?


    • Bring the Man that have the magic of truth!
      senate blue ribbon sub committee!!!

      The investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) of a criminal complaint filed by an expelled Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) minister against leaders of the Christian sect is not an attack against the group and has nothing to do with religion, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III said on Sunday.

  49. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM… SASAGUTIN KA LANG NG “the minister said so”. People… get some life… nag iiwan lang kayo ng too much garbage and crazy traffic along EDSA. Don’t you dare use the issue of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, or whatever all the type of freedom there is… Totally BS! And by the way… why not use your INC Philippine Arena… that’s a better place for you to express your ””the minister said so” feeling… not in EDSA.. not in The Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace, Our Lady of EDSA. Boom!

    • Rico if you are not one of those people in EDSA fighting for our religious rights then you can go sleep. all the hate you’ve spewing here is out of your ignorance. and please, I pay my taxes so I have the same right to be in EDSA. May pinaglalaban kami, ikaw? anong pinaglalaban mo?

    • I pay my taxes so I have the same right to be in EDSA. May pinaglalaban kami, ikaw? anong pinaglalaban mo?

    • They accused us of idiot and hypocrite yet they fail to observe the statement they post dictates much more…

      It would be useless to rally in the Philippine Arena, the government will not listen. Gamit din ng utak pag may time… dami nyo kasing nagtatanong…. tanong yan ng mga hindi nag iisip!

    • INC should really practice Separation! Like in Separation of INC and rest of working dudes. INC — ang inyong susunod na rally, duon dapat sa Arena, okay?

    • sino ba nakikipag argue sayo..bakit sino ba may ari ng edsa brod?katoliko ba?sa sambayanang pilipino yan.eh dyan ang gusto ng INC wala ka na paki duon.natural tlagang magkakaroon ng kalat at traffic..kahit saa nman bansa pag may mga rally syempre mag cause ng traffic at basura.Lalo na sa bansa natin na talagang ma traffic na.Alien ka yata.

    • sa duon gusto ng INC magrally bat tuturuan mo pa sila..walang may ari ng edsa..pilipino ang may ari.natural talgang magkakaroon ng kalat at cause ng traffic..di nman maiiwasan..kitid pla ng utak mo.

    • because EDSA is the symbol of unity and peace, and not at the philippine arena. for the past 30 years it has been the venue where people can stand peacefully against the government.

    • alam nyo ho? ano ho? hindi ba kau nanonood ng tv o sadya lang bulag kau dahil sa galit nyo sa INC…Pwed ba manood kau ng tv (at wag ABS-CBN )at tsaka mo sabihin na nag-iiwan ng basura ang INC. oo totoo na sa ganitong mga pangyayari ay may mga bagay talaga na nasasakripisyo gaya ng trapiko at ipinagpapaumanhin namin iyon, hindi namin ninais na magpunta sa edsa at hindi nmin ninais na makapamerwesyo ng kapwa…Bakit? kung ang INC ba may nais ba ilabas na saloobin bawal? kung sa tingin ba namin naagrabyado kami bawal sabihin? bakit? kau lang ba may karapatan? Hirap sa inyo, salita kau ng salita wala nman kayung alam. sa tingin nyo ba sa mga sinasabi ninyo matapang at matatalino na kau? o gusto nyo lang mag english? managalog kayo para maintindihan ng mga kababayan natin…nakakatawa nman kau…masyado kaung mamersonal…kahit na anong paliwanag sa inyo , kahit kelan hinding-hindi ninyo maiintindihan ang ipinaglalaban namin hangga’t wala kau sa loob ng Iglesia…

    • Ni kahit sa kaliit liitang detalye hindi nyo alam na kahit kelan hindi nag iiwan ng basura ang INC sa lahat ng lugar na pinagddausan ng mga pagtitipon nito tapos komento kau ng komento ng walang batayan na akala nyo alam na alam nyo ang tungkol sa INC at sa mga panuntunan nito…Mahilig sa mga sabi-sabi o dahil nakikitrending lang para may ma-comment at masabi…

      Alam nyo ho? kelan man ang INC hindi nagnanais na makapamerwisyo. Nagbabayad din kami ng tax dahil pilipino kami kaya may karapatan din kami na pumunta sa edsa at maglabas ng hinaing. Alam nmin ang pinaglalaban namin. Mabuti pa kayong mga salita ng salita ng masama… magsuri kayo.

  50. Leonardo Abustan on

    Sa mga taong nagmamarunong tungkol sa pananalapi ng INC, huwag na huwag kayong magsasalita ng corruption kung wala kayong ebidensiya o makininig sa isang kaanib ng INC na itinawalag dahil ang isang kaanib na natiwalag ay wala ng pananampalataya sa magagawa ng Dios at lumalaban sa pamamahala ng INC na inilagay ng Dios. Kung sino man sa inyo na tumutuligsa sa INC, makabubuting umanib kayo sa INC upang maunawaan ninyo ang katwiran ng Dios para hindi kayo maligaw ng landas, may panahon pa po… Malapit ng maghukom.

    • Sagutin nalang ng sangguniang ng Iglesia ang akusasyon ni samson punto for punto ika nga ni ka tonying taberna ang sesrious illegal detention. Bakit ang alibi Mamasapno ang sagot ng ministro ng Iglesia? wla nman itong kinalaman sa akusayon ni Samson buking tuloy may tinatago.

    • beboy, wag ka ng mangialam na sagutin pa o anuman dahil internal problem nga ng INC yang usapin na yan…hindi kami nagrally dahil natatakot…ang amin dapat dumaan sa tamang proceso..dumaan sa mababang hukuman…hindi yung andun kagad sa DOJ at nag iingay sila. bakit ba pinipilit sirain ang INC gayong wala nmang gnagawang masama ang INC bagkus maraming natulungan. Gayun na lang ba ang galit nyo sa INC?bakit??? Bakit ganun nalang ang tao na pagdating sa usapin ng INC parang nakukuryente?

  51. Pablo Contis Herrera on

    There are a lot of stupid (tanga) followers of several Religious Sector, Whereby they always put God in vain to make money. Wake up! habang buhay na keo magpapaloko sa mga magnanakaw na yan. MOney is the root of all evil! All this leaders hiding behind the Churches doctrine for self benefit. Mga taong buwaya parin nag papatakbo nian. Kung patuloy na magta tanga tangahan lahat ng follower nian, bahala keo sa buhay nio!! this is very common Religion is becoming a business venture

  52. jeremiah 10:23

    psalm 146:3

    proverbs 3:5

    galatians 6:5

    do you still want an earthly a leader?

  53. You are all entitled with your own opinion. Pero kami sa loob ng IGLESIA Ni CRISTO alam namin Kung ano ang aming ipanaglalaban.

  54. “Gusto nilang masira ang aming pagkakaisa para masabi nilang natalo ang sinuportahan namin sa election, kasi hindi na kami solid. Gusto nilang pilitin kami na suportahan ang manok nila.” (They want to wreck our unity, so they could later claim the candidate we supported lost because we were no longer a solid bloc. They are forcing us to support their candidate [Roxas, in the 2016 presidential elections.)

    – This statement is contradictory. They want to wreck INC’s unity, but at the same time they want INC’s support for their candidate. How can they expect to win with INC’s support by wrecking INC’s unity?

    • That not a contradicting statement para sa nakakaintindi ng kaisahan ng iglesia. Kasama naman din po sa artikulong ito kung paano:

      What the intellectually unsophisticated INC leaders really mean when they say, “respect the separation of church and state” is this: That the administration cannot tell the INC who to vote for. This is what its members in the streets mouthing that term think it means.

      Sinisira nila ang kaisahan ng iglesia sa paraan na gusto nila itong pakialaman o diktahan – hindi sa paraang pag-iba-ibahin ang bloc voting nito.

    • it might appear that way…

      it could also a response to 2 questions.

      “Gusto nilang masira ang aming pagkakaisa para masabi nilang natalo ang sinuportahan namin sa election, kasi hindi na kami solid.

      Gusto nilang pilitin kami na suportahan ang manok nila.”

      It is separated by period.

      but the interpretation of this should be left to the one who made the interrogation.

    • Sinabi na kasi ng INC na hindi nila isusupport si mar na inendorse ng dati nilang sinuportahan pero hindi tumupad sa mga pangako nya na si PNOY… that’s why gumaganti ang yellow team…

      Ang gusto nila, ayon sa article, di man sila suportahan ng INC, sisiguraduhin nilang magkakawatak watak ang simabahan at hindi mananalo ang kandidatong susuportahan ng INC…

      NOTE: I have no religion.

      In my perspective this is not a question of faith and belief. This is not a Religous matter. This is a Political war.

    • ang INC pera lang ang katapat yan… pag sino ang magbigay ng malaking pera doon ang supporta ng minisro nila…ang mga tanga na miembro ng kulto sunod sunod lang

    • Since there is a separation of church and state, INC must not force their members to vote for a specific candidate. In this country, comelec must penalized churches for influencing their members or they will lost their tax exemption.

    • weeee matagal ng watak ang iglesia dahil ang namumuno dyan ay tao rin. sagutin nyo lang ng maayos ang akusasyon ng serious illegal detention, if wlang illegal detention na ngyari e.dismiss din yan ng DOJ at ipakulong nyo si samson sa panirang puri ng iglesia… Bakit kailangan mg.alibi na kung ano-ano ang INC kagaya ng mamasapano case na wla naman kinalaman sa akusasyon ng illegal detention? Mind your own business ika nga, problema na yon ng DOJ.

    • Hindi po pinipilit(forced) mga INC members na iboto ang naging pasya ng namamahala sa Iglesia. Ang Pagkakaisa ay doktrina na tinanggap namin na mula sa Diyos. Ang INC ay nagkakaisa sa pagboto hindi sa hangarin ay manalo ang kandidatong napili, kundi upang tuparin ang kalooban ng Diyos kaugnay sa pagkakaisa ng kanyang banal na iglesia.

  55. Kami pong mga Iglesia ni Cristo ay wala pong ibang hangarin kundi sundin ang nakasulat sa Biblia. Ang pagkakaisa po ay isa pong utos ng Dios na nasa Biblia, kahit ano pang masasakit na mga salita o mga masasamang hakbang ang gagawin ng iba ay hinding-hindi po nila maagaw sa amin ang ang pagkakaisa. Para maintindihan po ninyo kung bakit kami NAGKAKAISA, you are always welcome to listen to our doctrines. Isa lang po ang aming pinaniwalaan-ang MGA UTOS NG DIOS NA NAKASULAT SA BIBLIA. No more, no less.

    • Rebecca Federiso on

      Hindi tutuo ang INC, sabi nyo kayo lang maliligtas..”ang sa labas ng Iglesya ay sa Impiyerno”…sabi nyo yan. Grabeh kayo humatol sa aming mga hindi INC malulupit pala kayo!!! Kayo pah pini persecute ng Government? HAHAH HIYANG HIYA naman kami sa inyo noh KAYOH PAH!!! INC is a MAFIA.

    • Ito bang pagaalsa ninyo ay nakasulat sa Biblia ? Saan party sa iyong sinasabi ang nagsasaad ng, KUNG MAY MABUBULGAR NG PAGKAKAMALI SA INYONG KAPATIRAN (CORRUPTION) ay dapat kayong umalma. Ang mahirap sa inyo sunud-sunuran lang kayo na pikit ang mga mata at bingi ang mga taenga. Ang ginawa ninyo na nagdulot ng katakot-takot na pahirap sa taong bayan ay hindi maka-DIYOS at hindi nakaakda sa BIBLIA. Is the doctrine of INC to be self centered?

    • AMBOY pag nagrally ba nag-aalsa agad? I am expecting a more intelligent insight but then again, it will be me expecting more from you. Futile expectation

    • let’s try not to be so harsh. Please understand that this is not about religious beliefs anymore. Kaya wag na nating atakihin sa ganyang paraan ang mga kapatid nating Iglesia. Kapatid parin natin sila.. Di man sa pananampalataya, pero bilang mga mamamayang Pilipino, magkakapatid tayo.

      Maraming sinasabi sa bibliya. Pero hindi naman yan ang usapan ngayon. Ang usapan, kung ano ang sinasabi ng taumbayan sa uri ng pulitikang meron tayo.

      NOTE: Again, I have no religion.

  56. Through social media the prejudices and misconceptions of the so called educated and elite majority are made known although they know a little of the church. Most critics of the INC Church based their comments on baseless and malicious hearsay evidences. Few expelled INC ministers through media outfit has maliciously accused the Church for illegal detention, abduction and corruption. May I ask the reader who were detained? Samson? He was given disciplinary action by the Church and he himself knows the rule. Why did the DOJ gave so much special attention to Samson where in fact there is so much more pressing cases the DOJ must resolve. De Lima must be doing her action against the church for her political gain. Who were abducted? Is there really an abduction or self-abduction? Corruption in the church? The accusing fingers points to them? The Church is growing internationally at a very fast phase, with God’s help. Hundreds of church worship buildings, edifices are being constructed, purchase, renovated each year simultaneous with the construction of the Philippine Arena here in the Philippines and abroad. Housing projects, socio-civic activities, religious activities like Evangelical Missions all throughout the world on air, on line and in different venues, social gatherings are held every now and then, these are all finance by the voluntary (not 10% as claimed by the NAGMAMARUNONG) including financial assistance to ministers and evangelical workers. There is no corruption in the Church. All unfounded allegations against the Church are based on personal motive and ambitions of the expelled ministers. So why believe them? You are not aware of who they really are. Is it not meddling to the internal affairs of the church what DE Lima is doing when in the first place the NBI under her care has already pronounce case close on the allegations against the Church? What will De Lima investigate? Hearsay abduction? Hearsay illegal detention? Hearsay corruption? The INC are law abiding citizens, we follow rules. We are God fearing people, we obey and follow what the Bible says. Is it not right for the ever growing Church to stand and fight for its right?

    • Jesus Christ him self is a law abiding citizens,god fearing,and always fallow the rule that’s why he said Well, then,” Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” His reply completely amazed them.Even we all know by now that he is innocent off all the accusation made to him but still he fallow the rule, So lets make
      rule of law takes its course! if God is with us the truth will come out.

  57. Out of context po Mr. Tiglao, it’s not about politics, on the first place it’s the INC who is meddling with the government and politicians by there block voting,
    am a protestant. Lets put in on a context, 1st, the mother ka Teny and brother ka Angel off ka EVM appeal on the social media that there life is on danger. No government agencies and politicians told them to that. 2nd A certain INC, minister was missing and abducted, it’s the INC ka angel, Ka teny did that appeal no government agencies and politicians told them to that in the media, 3rd hers come the problem with the INC when expelled INC minister when’t to the state authority like DOJ that there Bill of rights was violated as citizens of Philippines the rule of law must takes its course. Whatever is your status in this Country.the most logical answer on this problem is to face the truth, on the first place the problem start’s within INC minister rank and specially on the family of ka Eduardo V. Manalo.
    God bless this country!!

    • Sinabi na ni Angel na hindi sila “held against their will”. Sinabi din niuang nagtbibiro lang yung batabg may isinulat na may nakidnap na ministro. Di ka yata nanonood ng TV eh! Yung 4 na ministrong sinabihan nilang nakidnap, hayun nagpa interview na rin at sinabing kasinungalingan ang kanilang pagka kidnap! Yung 1 nga nagsalita pa sa EDSA! Naku dyusko, manood ka kasi ng TV

  58. You reap what you sow…. I saw here statement of opinion rather than hard facts…. the good side in all of these is that we were provided a front view of what we expect from these presidentiables…

  59. Kalokohan tong article na to. Bakit takot na takot ang mga INC? Kasi totoong may kaso at may basihan ang illegal detention na ginawa nila sa mga ministro nila.

    • Mark, I am sorry sweetheart. This article is too big for you. making you understand this is like explaining to a blank wall

    • Coming from someone who doesn’t even know what’s happening inside the institution. Ignorance is a deadly disease my friend. Judgment without credible basis makes it worse. :)

    • Rubbish talaga. Ang daling gawan ng story na government ang may sala para lang makakuha ng simpatya. Akala ko ba separation of church and state ang pinaglalaban? Ngayon, ang lobbying at threats ng government na nmn. INC leaders must face the problem and not use their constituents.

    • yolanda quilang on

      takot na takot… mukhang hindi mo yata naiintindihan ang salitang TAKOT . kami matatakot????? NO WAY.. basta kami ng katuwiran… MAGBASA KA NG NEWSPAPER… kung ano ang ipinaglalaban namin…. NO WAY SA TAKOT….. GOD BLESSS… LOVE U.

  60. a point of view not presented in other sources. if you read them all, who will you believe ? an INC will never admit something is wrong, saying yes, we are being persecuted. a politician will paint her/his words to favor the INC or not. look at it rationally. yes, the INC has their fault, and yes, so did the politicians. so why inconvenience the common Filipino ? the whirlwind will both backlash the INC and the people who abused them.

    • It’s an INC thing. That’s is why we continue to invite you in our missionary activities, so you’ll get the vibe. Tumataas kasi ang kilay ng iba pag ang usapan ay religion and for us to say that this is really spiritual. Discipleship & discomfort are almost connected. We truly practice our faith in words & in deed. Seeing us in & out of the streets so fast is like a magic trick, right? That’s obedience in the highest form. Sometimes we stay even longer under the sun, under the rain, in the middle of traffic breathing all sorts of pollutants, this is not a new thing to us anymore. We have already practiced our faith endurance thru participation in our “KABAYAN KO,KAPATID KO”, and all other social, civic & medical programs. This is truly a demonstration & physical proof of our understanding with our faith. This is volunteerism in the highest form & meaning. We really mean well for your being as co-citizens of this republic. Pasikat & papansin is the least of our desires. Political opportunity is purely coincidental if somebody takes advantage of it. But it’s pointless to capitalized on that single angle. We vote as one but we are gullible people. We do follow our spiritual leaders by heart with a full & clear understanding of our faith–and the essence of faith is total obedience–obedience in comfort & in discomfort; obedience in convenience & inconvenience–So in performing our services to the public we are always the first to feel all discomfort & inconvenience. Even in the most sensitive issues like election, we don’t sell our votes, we are who we are and we are glad to set aside our own desires to follow our leaders for the sake of unity under God. We gladly embrace this as proof of our servanthood in all honesty.
      Too bad that this very trait expected from us seemed to have faded away from this small group of the INC, thinking they could get away with it because they were pioneers inside the church & no one will ever suspect even if they played out a drama in public…How wrong they were.
      Akala nila maloloko nila ang relihiyong ito dahil sila ay mga tuso at marurunong? Akala nila ang abuloy ng iglesia ay perang pwede nilang pagkakitaan o negosyohin dahil ang isa ay nasa finance?
      “When your stomach is full, your heart speaks”, yes sirs, these two people involved are so much guilty of drawing first blood, really tainting the church with their greed and so lightning quick to point their finger away from them…this is pure unadulterated evil intending to hurt the leadership & image of the whole church & it’s administration to make it look like that something fishy is going on inside the church…
      this is public humiliation & public trial hurled towards the most respected figure within our church. Not to mention the power grab once they succeed. These are the worst people with their best plan to destabilize the whole church system. The greatest waste of a brilliant mind (borrowed text from a batman comics :-)
      As you can see, the heavens did not tolerate their kind of treachery.
      Isaias Samson was a minister for 40 yrs.& has been one of the members of the Sanggunian dealing with foreign & external affairs before he was expelled.
      Joy Yuson was also a minister for the longest time & held a very sensitive position as finance administrator for 20yrs. before he was expelled.
      Notice that they were first & foremost ministers of the INC, preachers & most knowledgeable of all spiritual & administrative rules & regulations practiced inside the church, including the proper procedure of reporting a misdeed & putting a discipline to an INC officer. And they are bound by this rule in the highest regard. And ministers are not exempted even if you are a relative or not. Wala po talagang palakasan dito and with this missing information to outsiders looking in, surely they will be deceived by their own opinion. Because this is purely an internal INC thing, as you have discovered yourselves of our next course of action. That is why we took offense when someone meddled in the middle of the INC’s due process of performing it’s right to discipline it’s own people.
      “May isang tatay na nakita ang anak na nagkamali, nang kaniyang papaluin para displinahin may isang taong pumasok sa pamamahay mo para sawayin ka at turuan ka kung ano ang tama o mali para sa anak mo?”
      That’s the simplest explanation there & the ones involved
      took longer time to realize or to admit that there is bad intention here to put our church & it’s leaders in a bad light–

      I thank Mr. Tiglao’s correct perspective of the untold story about the conflict. I hoped this will help change your view about us.

    • I just want to correct a typo omission in the line ” We vote as one but we are not gullible people”…sorry about that. Thank you.

  61. Wow, well said sir, that is indeed facts, never stated in all of the other medias out there… In just wondering… Is there any evidence that mr.samson was detained in a way that is against the inc policies?

    • Georgina M. Dioses on

      No sir, there was no evidence of his allegations. He forgot that church members are not stupid to realize what is happening inside the church.

    • The NBI which is directly under bruha de lima have already announced there was no case of detention and declared that the case was closed..but here comes bruhilda who under the instructions of ABNOY and boy pick up to continue with the investigation following the same procedures in jailing enrile, jinggoy and bong to pressure INC to vote for boy pick up or suffer the same fate as the three…..

  62. INC is not a cult! To really have an understanding about this church you must first hear and examine its doctrines, learn of its rules and regulations and other facts regarding this church, and feel the brotherhood being observe by the members. Ramon’s statement is bias and shows his ignorance about the INC.

    • Dear Sir,

      1.I’m curious to know your definition of a cult group?

      2. How do I know if a group is a cult or not? What are the signs?

      3. Is the INC a church of Man or God?

      Thank you very much.

    • your questions to INC really proves that you dont even know about it.. any of its doctrine and teachings.. even the law.. separation of church and state… questiong INC for it is a cult or not?? why dont you look into your religion first// why attack inc? somethings fishy

    • Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups – Revised:Checklist

      Janja Lalich, Ph.D. & Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.

      Compare these patterns to the situation you were in (or in which you, a family member, or friend is currently involved). This list may help you determine if there is cause for concern. Bear in mind that this list is not meant to be a “cult scale” or a definitive checklist to determine if a specific group is a cult. This is not so much a diagnostic instrument as it is an analytical tool.
      ‪ The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law.
      ‪ Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.
      ‪ Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).
      ‪ The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry—or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).
      ‪ The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members (for example, the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar—or the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).
      ‪ The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.
      ‪ The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations).
      ‪ The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members’ participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities).
      ‪ The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt iin order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.
      ‪ Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group.
      ‪ The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.
      ‪ The group is preoccupied with making money.
      ‪ Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities.
      ‪ Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.
      ‪ The most loyal members (the “true believers”) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group.

      This checklist will be published in the new book, Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias (Berkeley: Bay Tree Publishing, 2006). It was adapted from a checklist originally developed by Michael Langone.

    • Yes INC is a CULT

      I RELIGIOUS Cult

      1. they do NOT encourage their members to READ the bible

      INC tells them what scripture means and they must follow what the ADMINISTRATION tells them or they will be expeled

      2. They claim ONLY they are a TRUE church today and that all NOT in it will NOT be saved

      3. They claim NO one was saved since the end of the 1st century church til 1914

      as TOTAL APOSTASY ruled through the CATHOLIC church

      ( which is TOTAL idiocy as GOD can save anyone anywhere anytime HE so desires!)

      4. They claim Felix Manalo is some LAST MESSENGER

      ( wheres the bible speaks of no such thing )

      5. Ask them about the one thief on the cross and if

      he was SAVED.. ask them who paid for his sins?

      If they say JESUS

      Then ask them to cite scripture that the thief was

      a WATER baptized member of the 1st century church.

      The FALSE doctrines go on and on.. and on…i

  63. Jeri Cabalquinto on

    Tama ka Mr. Bobi Tiglao, ginagawang lahat ng administrasyon ang paraan (pananakot at pagsampa ng mga kaso sa kalaban) upang ang kanilang manok na si Roxas ay suportahan ng INC sa 2016 Presidential Election at isama pa natin dito ang pagsampa ng kaso kay TESDA Chairman Joel Villanueva (Anak ni Jesus is Lord
    founder Eddie Villanueva ) ito’y isang paraan upang gipitin ang JIL Church na suportahan si Mar sa 2016…na nagyayari ngayon sa Iglesia ni Cristo.

  64. http://opinion.inquirer.net/88095/iglesia-nonsense

    After reading both articles and the threads related to this issue, if only the right people could take time to read my points:

    1.) EDSA rally last week is done.And so are the damages. I think narealize na ng INC na kasama sa organized rallies ang pag-advise sa public para iwas perwisyo sa commuters. So, tama na po sana ung Dinuguan jokes.

    2.) If Mr.Tiglao's sources were true (kapag may usok, may apoy), sana ma-realize ng INC na ung reason kung bakit sila nasa daan ay sila din ang may gawa. The country's last 3 presidents were endorsed by INC and won. 2016 Presidentiables are now doing everything in their power (including manipulation) para lang ma-minimize effect ng INC's bloc voting sa 2016 elections.

    3.) Realizing the effect and power of INC's bloc voting, i really hope and fervently pray na huwag sana si Binay ang inendorse nila among the presidentiables. Or better yet abolish bloc voting. Let the people support who they think could really help the country, hndi ung Iglesia lng. If trapo na naman na-endorse ng INC at nanalo, kawawa naman ang Pilipinas. Salat na naman sa mas maayos na edukasyon at serbisyong pangkalusugan ang mga Pilipino lalo na ang kabataang siya sanang pag-asa ng bayan.

    Sana ibang punto naman ang ipaglaban ng mamayang Pilipino sa threads. Ang epekto ng bloc voting sa pampublikong serbisyo para sa mamamayang Pilipino.

    • Jesse Las Marias on

      You just cannot tell the INC to abolish bloc voting. In the first place, did you try to understand why we vote as one? If you are ignorant of our basis for doing so, you cannot have a coherent basis for saying that.

      So, if you don’t, may I invite you to our worship service or to our doctrinal studies in any locale near your place (kung nasa Manila ka iimbithan kita dito sa amin sa V. Luna). You will hear our solid basis with the Bible as reference. Other religions tried to imitate us but they could not. Why? Because theirs is not based on Biblical precepts but on the mere whim and caprices of their leaders. Leader nga nila na kumandidato hindi pa nila ibinoto.

    • sir, isa po akong INC. ito po ang tunay na dahilan kaya kami nag bloc voting. una hindi ito para sa kapakanan ng kahit sinong politiko na mapag desisyonan ng aming pamunuan na pagkaisahan. para po sa kabatiran ng lahat, bawat miyembro ng inc ang aming isipan pagdating sa mga politiko ay “parepareha lng yan!” mga corrupt. pero bilang mamamayang pilipino bumoboto kami dahil obligasyon po namin iyon sa bansa… subalit sa pag sasagwa po namin niyon ay isinasaalang-ala po namin ang aming paniniwala at pananampalataya sa pag-kakaisa. bagay na mahirap intindihin ng hindi INC dahil hindi po nila nababatid ang aming pinagsasaligang biblikal ukol po dito at maging ang ukol po sa pagpapasakop sa aming namamahala. hindi po ito official statement ng INC pero sa aking pagmamasid at karanasan, ang isa sa ikinokonsidera ng aming pamunuan ay ang usapin sa pag hihiwalay ng church and state. kung paano iginagalang ng mga kumakandidato ang ukol sa importanteng bagay na ito.

      sa usapin naman ng katiwalian di umano, ang masasabi ko lang po, ang pamamahala sa iglesia ay di po tulad ng ating gobyerno. wala pong lugar sa INC na kunsintihin ang may kamalian, kaya nga po may pag didisiplina, may pag sususpinde at kung kelangan po itiwalag itinitiwalag.. ang lahat po ng iyan ay panuntunan, doktrina na alam ng bawat kaanib bago palang umanib sa INC. gusto ko pong bigyang diin na ang pag papatupad ng mga disiplina sa INC ay pantay pantay. kung paano sa ordinaryong kaanib, ganun din sa pinaka taas. kaya nga po kung napansin at alam na po ninyo, kahit mga dating may posisyon sa INC at ang iba pa nga ay kadugo ng namamahala sa INC ay ipinatupad ang mga disiplina. sa madaling sabi, pantay pantay sa amin, pag nagkamali may disiplina, at iyan naman ay dumaraan naman sa masusing imbistigasyon. yan po ang proseso.

      alam po ng bawat INC ang dahilan kung bakit natiwalag ang mga taong ito na lumalapit ngayon sa gobyerno. malinaw sa amin ang naging malaking kasalanan nila sa INC at sa mga tahasan nilang paglabag sa mga tuntuning pinaiiral po ng INC -kaya nga sila itiniwalag.

    • If talagang sinasabi mo na biblical ang pagboto niyo sa presidente at di namin maiintindihan kung bakit bloc voting kayo.. ang tanong ko bakit palpak ang last 3 presidents natin? Diba biblical so dapat may sign na matino ang binoboto niyo.

      Pres Erap – Palpak,
      Pres Arroyo – Palpak
      Pres Aquino (though para sakin personally hindi palpak pero cge) – Palpak

    • Netizen said:

      Pres Erap – Palpak,
      Pres Arroyo – Palpak
      Pres Aquino (though para sakin personally hindi palpak pero cge) – Palpak

      Just to win an argument he willingly admitted that he needs to break his own opinion. SI Aquino ginawa na lang na palpak.

      However, non sequitur ang argument mo because wala ka ring basis na kung nanalo ang ibang presidente na di namin binoto, eh hindi sila palpak. kung meron kang makuhang studies and statistics to prove such, then pag-usapan natin ang theory mo sa kapalpakan.

    • sino sino b yang mga politikong ibinibuto ng inc?dib mga katoliko halos lahat yan bakit kami ang sinisisi nyo kung iboto man namin sila di ba dapat sila yang turuan ng simbahan nyo n umayos wag corrupt?tapos palalabasin nyo n bumoto kami sa corrupt e di b myembro nyo sila?sinusunod lang namin ang diyos n sa lahat ng bagay ay magkaisa kami..tapos kayo ang galit?kayo itong sigaw ng sigaw na magkaisa di nyo naman ginagawa…fair b kayo nyan?paki eksplika nga?

    • I have read the threads and there people saying “because you dont know our doctrines”… Then why not let us know? Why hide? Is there something you fear? Why not expose your doctrines? If you are really a follower of Jesus you should never tell people that you will be the only ones that will be saved. You must help others to be saved too… Tapos ngayon sasabihin nyo na “Eh di sumali kayo sa Iglesia para maligtas?” Wahhhhh! Are you really living your doctrines according to the Bible’s teaching? I doubt.

    • @rea buti kapa alam mo na trapo pala ang binoboto ng inc. kasi kaming mga inc hindi namin alam yon. ang ginawa naming pag boto ay batas na ipinatutupad ng bansang pilipinas. bilang kaanib sa isang relihiyon kami ay nagkakaisa sa puso, salita at sa gawa. kami mga inc ay isang bagong tao. hindi kami marami isa lang, yun ang nakasulat sa biblia. kung wala kang alam sa nakasulat sa biblia ay di magbasa ka baka ipagkaloob sa iyo ang pagkaunawa. sabi mo sa aming inc trapo ang politico na binoboto namin, ibig sabihin gusto mo na makinig kami sa iyo kung sino ang iboto namin. bakit nakakatiyak ka ba na ang gusto mo di rin trapo. baka ikaw mas malala kapa sa trapo na pinagduduhan mo.

    • Neljan, why would God unite the INC into voting for those corrupt Catholic candidates? Why don’t you unite to field an upright INC candidate instead?

    • “Realizing the effect and power of INC’s bloc voting, i really hope and fervently pray na huwag sana si Binay ang inendorse nila among the presidentiables. Or better yet abolish bloc voting. Let the people support who they think could really help the country, hndi ung Iglesia lng. If trapo na naman na-endorse ng INC at nanalo, kawawa naman ang Pilipinas. Salat na naman sa mas maayos na edukasyon at serbisyong pangkalusugan ang mga Pilipino lalo na ang kabataang siya sanang pag-asa ng bayan.”

      ———sino ba gusto mo iboto? Magsuggest ka nga? isa ka rin ata sa sigaw ng sigaw ng pagbabago, wala namang mai-offer na suggestion………

  65. Editorial ba to? More like a propaganda exposing some sort of high-level conspiracy.
    Granted there’s a conspiracy, it still doesn’t justify the reasoning of our INC brothers and sisters doing what they did. Their logic is beyond comprehension, devoid of any legal understanding, lest common sense

    • It’s your opinion, but these people have their own, and it boils down to a numbers game just like in the impeachment of ABNOY in congress, where the majority just say we have the numbers so shut the f..ck up….

    • @banong your comment “It’s your opinion, but these people have their own, and it boils down to a numbers game just like in the impeachment of ABNOY in congress, where the majority just say we have the numbers so shut the f..ck up….”

      – This reasoning just discredited all the points in your write up. John Humarang raised the issue about proper ways to lobby your fight and you are talking about numbers? Majority becomes right??? Regardless of reason??? Do you want to delete your post and pretend like you did not write anything? Nahiya ka ba sa sarili mo? I guess di mo marealize na nakakahiya comment mo so Im sure di mo naintindihan yung poing na “mahiya ka sa sarili mo”

  66. well, this is what you get when you use your bloc voting power, you reap what you sow. now you know that bloc voting will not always lead to a good result. this is your power and now your weakness, INC.

    • nye! inggitero lang ang peg? kahit na anong pagpapanggap pa na matalino kayo mag-isip, hinding hindi kayo magkakaroon ng unity. YAN ANG TANDAAN MO!

    • Why doesn’t INC nominate one of their high-profile brothers or sisters as a presidential aspirant in 2016? Is it against their teachings?

    • To Mr. Tiglao,
      Thank you for posting this…Saludo po ako sa mga Journalist na kagaya nyo. Hindi po kagaya ng iba that keeps on posting partial writings just for the sake of rating dahil alam nila na kapag masama ang balita kakagatin ng tao…Without even knowing the facts basta lang may maibalita…Madalas ang mga witer na ito ay sini-sensationalize ang mga balita para ang madivert ang atensyon ng mga tao from real issues…

  67. Just as usual, De Lima overly sensationalized the INC internal feud to bolster her planned senatorial ambitions. This publicity hound thirst for public attention but instead reaped this raging firestorm. Like BS Aquino’s mindset, she failed to comprehend the implications of her planned initiatives. We can recall her highly publicized actions against the GMA cases; the PDAF/DAP cases in cooperation of her ward Benhur Luy and many more. Now, this INC case filed by Mr. Samson. The key that will finally blow her death kneel might be her patent inaction in the filing of criminal and civil suits against those responsible(Purisima, et. al.) in the Mamasapano SAF massacre.

  68. Then why are they so afraid? Why don’t they just let the Government investigate and not choose Mar Roxas and his Running Mates on 2016 elections?

  69. Yet another excuse to add to the growing excuses from this organization. INC has made itself a force to contend with as they arrogantly boast. So why would they remotely be concerned about Roxas or Aquino’s actions to get majority votes for the upcoming elections? They are untouchable so they say. For the record they have claimed these reason for the nuisance they caused on the common people: fast tracking the illegal detention case, separation of church and state, saf44, and now you say fear of intervention from Roxas. How about INC simply comply to the rule of law that compels everyone else in this (still) democratic country?

    • http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/529250/news/nation/nbi-says-iglesia-ni-cristo-abduction-case-closed

      The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Monday said it has already “closed” its investigation on the alleged abduction of ministers of Iglesia ni Cristo.

      Manuel Eduarte, chief of the NBI Anti-Organized Transnational Crime Division, said the bureau decided to end its probe on the abduction claims after coordinating with the religious organization’s central office in Quezon City and after visiting an INC compound in Tandang Sora, where Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo was holed up.

      Manalo, an estranged brother of Eduardo – the current executive minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo, and their mother Christina “Tenny” Manalo were earlier expelled from the religious group after exposing alleged threats to their lives and abduction of INC ministers.

      “Per report of my men… [they] reported to us that they were not able to prove the allegation of abduction,” said Eduarte, adding that NBI agents were unable to enter the premises of the Manalo compound in Tandang Sora.

      “They tried knocking [on] the gate, which was locked. They were not given entry. So no information was gathered and they were told there’s no such thing such as an abduction inside the premises of the INC,” the NBI official said.

      Eduarte said his men also coordinated with the legal office of the INC head office along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. He said the INC central office denied the existence of any abduction.

      “Considering that they (NBI agents) felt somewhere, there was a squabble within, they did not bother to look into allegations regarding anomalies at said religious group. So for us, it is considered closed already,” said Eduarte.

      He, however, clarified that he was still “in the process of awaiting further information from the grounds.”

      The blog site “Iglesia Ni Cristo – Silent No More,” run by a certain Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista, earlier claimed that nine of the organization’s ministers in different provinces were abducted and expelled from the group.

      Three of them were identified as Boyet Menorca of Sorsogon, Joven Sepillo of Tacloban, and Nolan Olarte of Cebu.

      Menorca, who turned out to be arrested and detained at the the Dasmariñas City Police Station, has been released from jail.

      Police said the criminal complaint against him has been dropped.

      On Thursday, people inside the Manalo house in Tandang Sora in Quezon City flashed messages that read: “Where are the missing ministers?”

      INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago had said in a press briefing earlier Thursday that the accusations against them were not true.

      Quezon City policemen on Thursday night trooped to an Iglesia ni Cristo compound in Tandang Sora to check reports of abduction or illegal detention. They were, however, barred from entering the house, although they later on declared that there was no abduction in the compound. —ALG, GMA News
      – See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/529250/news/nation/nbi-says-iglesia-ni-cristo-abduction-case-closed#sthash.EQmfPBIf.dpuf

  70. Roxas will win. He has A BAD accomplice, a genius in fund manipulation.He who has more money gets more votes. The gun loving society of Mindanao was bestowed with lots of money. He who gave more money, received more votes. Good luck.

  71. The government is very corrupt end of story, the politicians are playing games with people to fool them. And the innocent people are very easy to manipulate especially most Filipinos are not educated about scams. Look the streets the garbage we don’t even have proper recycling and no medication free especially if you are poor no money to pay your operation they don’t even help you. And especially the family birth control problem and not even free education. All of the government are very corrupt and the bias media ABS CBN and so on they don’t even focus on their accurate news. Cause they are very bias and scared to talk about INC issue. I don’t trust any politicians all are corrupt! More fun in the Philippines

  72. Cezannie Melchor on

    I have always suspected that the government led by the present president of the Philippines disliked the INC because of its BLOC voting, and for its beliefs that’s contrary to their Catholic faith. I am not surprise that they have tried to plan an evil scheme against the INC Sanggunian, and not a bit surprised that God is revealing their evil secret to try and control the INC. What they don’t understand is the Iglesia Ni Cristo belongs to Christ and God and when some one tries to sowe something evil against God’s Administration they are in fact fighting against Christ and God Himself. That’s why the INC will never be destroyed, toppled down, or manipulated by anyone especially by the most corrupt government in the whole world. Those who are outside of the church don’t know what I’m writing about, however, members know exactly what I mean, because we belong to that one body, one church, one faith, and worship one Lord Jesus Christ and one God the Father.

    • I am NOT in your CONGREGATION

      But I certainly know of your FALSE doctrines

      Do you even know what ONE FAITH means?

      Its referring to LORD JESUS

      as ONLY HE is FAITHFUL

      ONE FAITH has NOTHING to do with INC


      * Go ask your minister this question

      If there was NO TRUE earthly church or congregation for 1900+ years

      Did GOD show any MERCY on anyone who lived during this time?

      IF God saved anyone by ELECTING ho show MERCY to them

      **** WHO PAID for their SINS? ***

      Hint: we had 2 different INC ministers in our home

      1. One said :” NO ONE was SAVED”

      2. The other

      said ” they paid for their own sins ”

      by whats on their HEARTS

      Both answers are RIDICULOUS!!

  73. Tungkol lang ba talaga sa pag boto? Kahit ano pang sabihin niyo, they clearly violated the basic human rights. Is this guilt? Kaya ba kayo umaalma dahil totoo ang corruption na nangyayari sa INC?

    • ano ba sinasabi nila na “they clearly violated the basic human rights”? asan ang evidence? iyong alleged “illegal detention” na isinampa ng Samson’s camp,kung totoo iyon how come malaya silang nakalabas ng INC compound?

  74. Still doesn’t change the fact that the INC overreacted. Most people already have a dim of view of the INC for whatever reasons, but raising a mob just to block an investigation regardless of the DoJ’s intent just showed that they think above themselves.

    Need I remind that EVERYONE that Jesus himself submitted to authorities in spite of the fact that the defendant was completely innocent and the court judging was not one would call morally qualified.

    Humility that’s the keyword here folks and the INC’s actions shows a lack of it…..

  75. First i want to thank this article for a very careful and unbiased analysis.

    Second, for the people who doesnt get the learning why inc vote as bloc because its in the bible as part of our doctrines (if you want to know why, feel free to attend our service or ask a church minister instead of babbling why why why and chanting us harsh words)

    Now if they make issues on the traffic jam while its friday and payday – we apologize but since its our 1st time to do such, kindly understand us and respect us since its also our right kahit sa EDSA shrine pa yan (which by the way symbolizes poeple power unity not because of being catholic symbol alone).

    Now you all know we have necessary permits and continue to rally on edsa, pls instead of harassing more netizens of your unkind words, pls find an alternate route or use mrt. Like what we said, our rally will not last forever. (1st in 101 years)

    Thank you sir Tiglao and this article explains it all especially for the people who single mindedly comment on things they dont understand (what if this happens to them, will they get the same feelings why Us INCs are demonstrating)

    Again.. thank you for sir Tiglao

    • If this is biblical, why isn’t this done in the United States? INC members do not bloc vote in the United States because Obama threatened to take away tax breaks or non-profit status. So the church would prefer to go against the doctrines in order to save money?

  76. armando flores on

    Nasaan ang CBCP ng mga romano catolico? bakit di sila nag proprotesta vs. aquino’s abuses? Sagot: “Bayad na sila ng malacanang”.

  77. don’t endorse candidates…don’t lobby for gov’t. position…don’t ask money from politicians…don’t block legal proceedings…pay proper taxes like everyone else…respect the law, you are not exempt. “you have the right to believe and practice your religion as you wish (gov’t can’t get in the way with this) ….but your practice of religion cannot: violate criminal laws, offend public morals, and threaten people’s safety.” GANITO ANG “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.”

    • Teresita Mangrobang on

      Illiong, tell to the government officials what you have said, they have to stop first the corruption for they are the leader of the country of different denomination, CORRUPTION IS THE SICKNESS OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT, do you have medicine for this sickness of the government officials Mr. Illiong? none at all for we are in the 21st century, still the same is it not Mr. Illiong, never educate INC members about the LAW OF THE LAND or THE LAW OF GOD, for they are SMARTER THAN YOU ARE MR. ILLIONG…….

    • Wow. I am baffled. Are you saying that being an INC makes you more intelligent than anyone else? I wonder then, how come when people ask what you really are fighting for then no one could properly answer. If you really are intelligent as you say, how come you people won’t use your mind and do things for yourself not because you’re being told to by your ever so righteous ministers? This article is so biased, nonfactual and full of hearsay stories. INC definitely don’t understand “the separation of church and state”, I doubt they even know what they are rallying for and I definitely know THEY DON’T CARE FOR THE OTHERS WHO THEY ARE HASSLING WITH THEIR INEPT RALLYING”

    • You are a religious sect, not an interest/lobby group, for crying out loud. CORRUPTION IS AN EPIDEMIC IN YOUR CHURCH. And please do not hide behind your oh-so-terrifying rhetoric on how you are God’s chosen and we are all inferiors to your heavenly knowledge. INC members must be good thesis defenders, for you can nullify logic by mentioning a related passage in your references, therefore validating your own.

      i will gladly wait for that day that I am not part of your 144,000. And yes, I have read your publications and your bible. Not impressed.

      Oh, what happened to your sect’s South Dakota property? Any news on your new home? Hope you move there soon. You just help in patronage politics in this country.

    • @Praha, talagang hindi ka tatanggap ng kahit na anong paliwanag dahil halatang pakawala ka ni Soriano. Sabi nga ng ibang taga-ADD, sa paghuhukom pa kayo makakabawi.

  78. Enough Tinio! Walang detention na nangyari just a disciplinary action na alam naman ni Samson na ganun tlga at hindi sya nagrereklamo at tinatawag na detention ngayong sya ang may paglabag sinisigaw nya na kinulong sya.wow! Malaya nga silang nakakasamba. tumakas sya kahit di pa tapos imbestigasyon sa kanya kasi guilty sya. Yellow tactics at nagpagamit naman sya.

  79. The demonstrators have been invoking the separation of church and state, yet they involve themselves in so-called “bloc voting” every elections.

    They themselves created this mess, end of story.

    • Sumunod sa batas ng pamahalaan

      1 Pedro 2:13-14 “”KAYO’Y PASAKOP SA BAWAT PALATUNTUNAN NG TAO ALANG ALANG SA PANGINOON: maging sa hari, na kataastaasan; o sa mga gobernador, na sinugo niya sa paghihiganti sa nagsisigawa ng masama at sa kapurihan ng nagsisigawa ng mabuti.””

      Ayon sa ating Panginoong Jesucristo

      Mateo 22:21 “”Sinabi nila sa kaniya, kay Cesar. Nang magkagayo’y sinabi niya sa kanila, kaya’t IBIGAY NINYO KAY CESAR ANG SA KAY CESAR; at SA DIOS ANG SA DIOS.””

      Bakit ba nagkakaisa ang Iglesia maging hanggang sa pagboto?

      Filipos 2:2-3 “”Ay lubusin ninyo ang aking katuwaan, upang kayo’y MANGAGKAISA NG PAG-IISIP, mangagtaglay ng isa ring pag-ibig, na mangagkaisa ng akala, at isa lamang pag-iisip; Na HUWAG NINYONG GAWIN ANG ANOMAN SA PAMAMAGITAN NG PAGKAKAMPI-KAMPI o sa pamamagitan ng pagpapalo, kundi sa kababaan ng pag-iisip, na ipalagay ng bawat isa ang iba na lalong mabuti kay sa kaniyang sarili.””

      Nagkakaisa ang Iglesia maging sa pagboto dahil ayon sa talata huwag dapat GAWIN ANG ANOMAN sa pamamagitan ng pagkakampi-kampi.

      Ang pagboto

      Vote- “”…..expression of Judgement…””

      (Pagboto- “”…..isang pagpapahayag ng paghatol…””)

      (Webster’s New International Dictionary)

      Ayon sa mga apostol kung ginagawa natin ang paghatol ay dapat mangagkaisa ng lubos.

      1 Corinto 1:10 “” Subalit ipinamamanhik ko sa inyong lahat, mga kapatid, na alang-alang sa ating Panginoong JesuCristo ay mangagkaisa kayong lahat sa inyong sinasalita, at huwag ninyong itulot na magkaroon ng pagkakabahabahagi sa gitna ninyo, kundi MAGKAISA KAYONG LUBOS SA PAG-IISIP AT PAGHATOL.””

    • Webster’s Third New International Dictionary Pg 2295 states voting is “an experssion of judgement.” The bible says to be one in judgement (I Cor 1:10), therefore one the INC does bloc voting they are performing the doctrine of the Bible. Philippians 2:2-3 also states do not do anything in factions, therefore nothing should be done in division. Next time you should study the INC’s doctrine, you might get closer to God ;)

    • We are not violating the law of separation of the church and state when we practice unity in voting. Try to learn and examine first our biblical basis on this matter before giving any comment. In fact, this doctrine is one of the 25 doctrinal lessons that must be taught to and understood by everyone who joins this church.

    • Your understanding ( Mar Kurakot) regarding our unity in voting is a manifestation of your ignorance when it comes to biblical truth.

    • Pilosopolitics on

      okay lang naman sana ang bloc voting… Hayaan ang kabuuang myembro ang pumili ng iboboto. Gumawa ng mock elections na sasalihan ng mga myembrong kwalipikadong maghalal, kung sinong lalabas na mananalo eh di sya ang susuporthan ng pangkalahatan. Kung lahat ng myembro ay nakikinig at isinasapuso ang bawat doktrina at mga aral, eh di nararapat lang na sabihin na sila ay may kakayanan na kilatisin ang mga politiko kung sila ba ay nararapat na panghawakan ang responsibilidad na pamunuan ang ating bayan.

      Ahm, pwede po bang pakipaliwanag ang sistema ng bloc voting ng INC at pano nila pinipili ang mga kandiadtong susuportahan?


    • Cecilyn Guinto on

      JC CRUZ, ano nmn alam mo sa plano dun sa sinasabing ghost town sa USA na wala pang nakatayong INC establishment. me alam ka ba sa real estate? Ang lupa kung meron ka rin lng pambili eh bilhin muna habang d pa develop para mas mura. 2nd, nakita mo ba kung gaano kalawak ang Ciudad Victoria? Ang Ciudad Victoria ay hindi iisang tao lang ang me ari, bago pa man to napatayuan ng arena pinaglaanan at pinaplanuhan maigi pa ito ng IGlesia… The question is? Sino ka para questionin mo ang mga binibiling property ng IGLESIA, me hinandog ka ba duon…

  80. Thank you for taking the courage to write this…May you also share this to other media outlets.

  81. Back off Mr. Tiglao ! A law applies to all or no law at all, as what former Manila mayor, Fred “Dirty Harry” Lim use to say. It’ s the right of the state to apply the law and protect its citizens. INC’s former editor, Mr. Samson filed a very serious complaint against INC sanggunian, and naturally de Lima will do her job. Enough said, intiende Mr. Tiglao??

    • So I guess you would also agree with the INC that De Lima has not done “her job” with the SAF 44 then?

    • this article does not discredit the allegations against INC. It only exposes how politics is involved in case filed. Mr. Samson’s intent may be noble, but the administration’s surely is not.

    • doing her job??? Serious complaint???

      Isaias Samson,
      Claimed there are around 10 other ministers who were abducted.
      “Kung sa akin, nagawa nila iyon, bakit hindi nila magagawa doon sa kasama kong ministro at tsaka mga manggagawa. Ang alam ko na ang kanilang ginawa ay illegal detention. At ganoon din ang ginawa nila sa iba. Meron pang kidnapping iyan. Merong grave threat diyan at kung anu-ano pa,”


      Ung isa sa sinasabi nyang nadukot na ministro kasama namin sa EDSA si KA ARNEL.. DAPAT BANG PANIWALAAN ANG SINUNGALING NA YAN…




    • Alam mo Mr. Tinio, kung yang si Samson ay ika nga ay “held against his will” by the INC, at sa Central compund pa, papaano naman siya makakaalis doon ng ganun ganon na lang? Sabi niya ay may sumusubaybay pa sa kaniya?!! Mag-isip ka nga!!! Compund ng INC yun! Kung talagang dini detain yan paano makalalabas yan?!! Nakuha mo? Binilanggo mo na nga tapos hahayaan mo na lang silang magpunta sa kapilya para sumamba ng buong pamilya?!! Naman TINIO!!! Pwede namang pasambahing isa-isa sa magkakahiwalay na oras, di ba?

  82. Finally, someone posted an article that didn’t focus on the trash people left behind, the heavy traffic, and the inconvenience it is causing the people. The best article I’ve read so far that explains it well. The writer saw what is really going on that other media companies are not seeing, purposely ignoring, or just afraid of reporting.

    Thank you, sir.

    • Well you can’t argue to the fact that it DID left a lot of trash lying around. That it DID cause heavy traffic and a LOT of inconvenience to other people. What the INC members fail to understand is that people are angry because they were caught off-guard. They fail to see that non-INC members will actually let them be – even support their cause – if only they were given prior notice.

    • Alfred, sorry about that… but do you reckon would Edsa be traffic free even without mass of people assembling therein?

  83. It’s not what’s behind but who’s behind all these. Who else if not the corrupt INC ministers who want to escape prosecution.

    • The accused leaders must have staged this rally to pressure De Lima from crimes they commited to not imverstigate it….the damb followers which can’t understand basic analysis follows them…….dismantle this cult.

    • The accusation that some of our ministers are corrupt will remain an accusation until there’s concrete evidence :) The next time you say it, in posts, comments, or messages, please attach links of credible sources containing concrete evidence. Yung may katotohanang ebidensiya ha, hindi yung walang sense :)

    • Teresita Mangrobang on

      INC still stands until now for 101 years, from humble beginning, poor members who sacrifice so much, that gives their very best to live in a righteous way & believed what is TRUE based in the BIBLE, is this the meaning of cult? whoever believed that this is cult is the dumbest person ever existed on this earth.

    • Tumpak! Kinalabutan ang mga mastermind ng Samson illegbal detention na baka sila ma-Janet kalaboso.

  84. I strongly believe now that Leila De Lima is taking too much heat on INC, Pnoy and Mar Roxas is not lifting any finger to defuse it is short of saying they want a bloody confrontation to escalate so they can justify declaration of martial law and could lead to postpone the election next year until the people to obey that only Mar Roxas should be voted. It was a calculated risk at first when Pnoy ordered De Lima to attacked the INC so they will agree to terms to be dictated by Pnoy in the election next year. But the De Lima forgot that there several state prosecutors and NBI who are members of INC. Her move was telegraph to the letter to INC and led to massive protest. But knowing the spoiled brat character of Pnoy and Mar the due decided to continue to attacked on the INC instead of defusing because they know they will take big time hit including the Liberal Party. Now their move is to escalate the attacked this coming week and probably they can impose martial law. But there could be a backlash here because there are members of INC in military and police who may defy orders to a violent confrontation. Even the CBCP will not allow it to happen and it could turn the tables on Mar and Pnoy which could lead to their early exit before the election.

    • To Johnny Ramos: It is well thought out. I think so too that the administration really aimed to impose Martial Law, however, the INC Leaders are aware of that hence a prompt action/response has been done.

  85. It is about time they break up the political clout of the INC. Our politicians have been beholden too long to a religious sect that is political in the extreme and would eventually if not already have the final say on who wins elections in this poor nation. And they talk of separation of church and state? For your information I am not affiliated with any political party and as a Taclobanon would never dream of voting for Roxas.

    • correct ka dyan!! Also , separation of the state and church do not mean that the government cannot investigate offenses committed internally by members of the church. ANO ANG DAPAT IKATAKOT, KUNG WALANG DAPAT NAKATAGONG NAKAKATAKOT?

  86. mikhail hieronymus on

    I can not comprehend what the hell is going on or what is behind to all these EDSA demonstration or rally as people call it. All I know and I could see is the hardship of the population who are honestly trying to make a living as a result of this rally.

    These rallies or demonstration at EDSA and elsewhere makes the living of ordinary people a living Hell. Have we not suffered enough from this administration for so long. Please settle your differences, but do not involve the ordinary Juan dela Cruz. We want to live in peace.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience.Kindly understand our position.We just like to voice out our
      religious rights.Whatever is the intention of De Lima ( and the people behind her if there is any )our is plea is respect us.Problems in other religions have arisen in the past but I have never seen nor heard that the government made any move to mingle or get involved.Why… in IGLESIA NI CRISTO. ?IF I am not mistaken, I can sense a blackmail.Whatever happened , this is the stand of the IGLESIA ni CRISTO. .IGLESIA NI CRISTO is owned by GOD.This is the only Church founded by God. We are serving God not man.God has reason for everything Remember – ang lihim ay sa DIOS-We place everything in the hands of GOD. Our faith is-GOD is with us.We
      are IGLESIA NI CRISTO till the end. We will always be united. We will always support
      Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

    • i just hope that the incident happened to their kapatid will not happen to them or to any member/s of their family/ies. and if in any case, would’nt they file a case against the perpetrator against their person/s? will they just let the perpetrator be on the loose because they belong to one religious group and apply the separation of the church and state policy? if this is the case, let’s abolish the department of justice and the prosecution offices or shall i say, we do not need lawyers, lawmakers, etc. patawaran na lang kasi parehas lang naman tayo ng relihiyon? just asking….

    • Cecilyn Guinto on

      Sa mga hindi makaintindi, dapat nyo munang malaman ang anggulo ng motibo ng pagsampa ng kaso ni Samson, hindi dhil sa illegally detain sha kung di me mas malalim pa sha dun binabalak laban sa Iglesia ni Cristo at mga Tagapamahala nito, desperado na lng sha kaya ginamit nya ang DOJ at ginagamit din sha ng mga ito para mapakialaman ang Iglesia.

      Hindi nyo ba napapanuod sa tv na ung ginawa nilang panghihimagsik sa IGlesia. Gusto nilang sirain ang pamamahala, dhil gusto nilang sila ang pumalit dto. Dahil hindi siya nagtagumpay, ung gobyerno ngaun ang nilalapitan nila.