• Reasons


    no reason is needed for ‘loving’
    as I’ve grown to know you
    every moment turns to fleeting one

    i look for ways to follow you—
    and our rendezvous?
    a landscape in this head
    where anunsullied scene of
    togetherness unfolds

    under thin blanket swims belongingness
    we found what we’ve waited for years –
    for that long

    our eyes wrap each other
    with warmth
    notblistering skin and bones
    and unrestrained kisses which can’t help
    but figure the end of infinity

    strange time, stranger’s eyes,
    strange affection,
    unfathomable thoughts
    all this…
    for no reasons.

    * * *


    leaves are falling off branches
    a scenic view—
    daily routine off the road
    caffeine and temper
    everybody talks
    get out of hindsight
    fall: nothing
    but four-letter word


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