• Rebel surrenders to 29th Infantry Battalion in Agusan del Norte


    A New People’s Army (NPA) fighter surrendered to troopers of the 29th Infantry Battalion in Agusan del Norte last Saturday, Feb. 15.

    Belated reports from Lt. Col. Adonis Ariel Orio, the unit commander, identified the surrenderee as Marlon Iligan, 29, and a member of Sentro de Grabidad 21 of Guerrilla Front 21, North Eastern Mindanao Regional Committee.

    The surrenderee also handed over one AR-18 Armalite rifle and one M-4 Bushmaster automatic weapon.

    “I got tired of this worthless operations. The years of fighting with them made us hopeful that they will help our tribe in our situation. Instead of helping us, they deceived us and made us member of their armed group,” Iligan said in Manobo.

    Orio said that the surrender of Iligan only manifest that the rebels in his area are experiencing both combat fatigue and social pressures.

    Iligan will receive monetary support from the firearms remuneration program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the “AFP Guns for Peace Program.”

    “This money that shall be given to him is not a reward but is a financial support intended for his new life when he gets back to his family and reintegrated in their community,” Orio added. PNA


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