• Rebels are always rebels!


    WHAT a senseless killing! How can you justify killing 49 policemen who are in pursuit of terrorists that want to create havoc in our country? It chills my bones upon hearing this barbaric, massive and unfortunate Mamasapano incident. I felt so much pain and wondered why this is happening.

    There’s a lot of rebels and I do understand why do they have to rebel but I do not understand why they have to kill their fellow Filipino just for their own sake. If these people are really for peace in Mindanao, commonly they would understand why the PNP’s were in their community. What may they have defended is not the Peace Talks but rather those bad elements that were hiding in their community which they are also very much aware of. Rebels are rebels. They never change. They even unite with other rebels to hide their mistakes, as they called BIFFs for reinforcement. The loved violence and they love to kill as their culture continues teaching them how to use weapons and how to kill heartlessly.

    However, these innocent policemen were just following orders. As part of their sworn duty to our country they just took a stand by their responsibility and yet how sad to note that many of us put the blame on them for not informing the MILF they were coming. Though they may gave been just confident enough that these MILF fighters would not ambush them or fight them back or they may have lacked proper coordination or it was just a mis-encounter, but for the families and friends left by this fallen fellows, there’s no sweeter words than to hear and see justice for their love ones. Yet justice so elusive, but one continues to be hopeful.

    Grace Anne Luna


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