Rebels can opt for ‘balik –gobyerno’


Dear Sir,
If our government has good and better plans for our country in the New Year, we can surmise that the enemies of our government have also their plans, only, it is much different because it is the exact opposite.  They may continue with their programmed activities like the years past, and even in the midst of calamities like this year when they attacked soldiers who were doing relief work, and hijacked a truck of relief goods for the victims.

They are running close to 50 years and what good have they done?  I know that our armed forces and law-enforcers will continue keeping their good performance and be the shining examples for all others to follow.  It is also a national prayer that the CPP/NPA choose to retire, live peaceful lives and think of the benefits of doing “Balik-Gobyerno” act for their own good and the good of all.
Jose S. Severino, Jr.
Jaen, Nueva Ecija

Trials help us to rise
Dear Sir,
The year 2014 is something to hope for.  The year 2013 was marked with some unfortunate incidents that made us realize Filipinos that we are not alone in our problems that other countries, even of lesser wealth, would come to our aid.  And the majority of Filipinos who continue to help one another.

Let us tell ourselves that there are no losers here, for we all winners when it comes to endurance and survival.  Trials only accentuate our desire to rise above the situation, and we are victors in our own right.

Our nation’s life is difficult and it gets more difficult because of some politicians and officials who go the wrong way and to the wrong direction.  The road to “Daang Matuwid” had its humps and bumps, and will still be rocky, muddy and even congested.  But we can try cleaning up the mess, this is very true for Tacloban City, Bohol, Samar, Cebu and other provinces hit by the killer typhoon.

Meanwhile, we will continue to rely on the strength of our armed forces and police, and our individual strength to weather the storm, pass the road and see a brighter end, and there is no way but out of our present problems.

Mia Rose B. Tigue
Brgy. Bansalangin,
Pag-asa, QC


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